Numerology of Jesus Christ


Happy Christmas for one and all !  On the eve of this Christmas, i wish everyone to have a blissful and peaceful life. As today is X-mas, i wanted to share the numerology of Jesus Christ. Well 25th is been celebrated as Christs birthday and this number 25 is no ordinary number. 25 is known for its great spiritual significance. Not only Christ was born on 25, but also the Hindu God Sri Krishna, and many spiritual gurus. Number 7 is called spiritual number in numerology (7,16,25) that’s why people associated with this number have great psychic powers and medium, these people can just perform miracles with their amazing spiritual powers. ( Note: Jesus and Krishna have made miracles during their times) Not only Jesus but even a common man/woman born on 7,16,25 (especially 25) have great medium for spiritual energy and are generally very religious in nature. Jesus’s birthday as X-mas is celebrated on 25th  Dec as well as 7th Jan in some parts. Note 7 here, which i said about earlier. Now lets compare the name of Jesus and Krishna for more deeper truths of spirituality and numerology.

Numerology Analysis of Jesus Christ

Jesus name in Greek is Iesous (This is the name he was actually called by people)

And here we have hindu god Krishna.

Now Iesous (1+5+3+7+6+3) = 25=7

Krssna(sanskrit)(2+2+3+3+5+1) =16=7

Their name too comes 7 for both  the enlightened persons.


    • Thanks Ben, the link you provided was great, lots of information there. thanks again… i have done a lot of research on life of christ and ill soon publish in my blog as a series of chapters


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