Light a ghee lamp to become rich


Ghee Lamp – A Symbol of Richness

The above picture is a single threaded mud lamp filled with ghee. Usually this sort of single flame ghee lamps are lighted in temple as an offering to Gods and also in their houses during certain festivals such as diwali and during krittika day. But most people don’t know the scientific reason behind lamp lighting.

In India, lamps are lighted using various agents such as Ghee, Oil, Oil made of 9 great grains (navdhanya). Oil made of nine grains (navdhanya) when used for lighting a lamp creates an Aura in the place which protects the person against malefic planetary rays as well as negative energies. The smoke that comes from the lamp when inhaled channels ones energy centers and increases their bio magnetic field. That is the reason people used to light lamp in their house on early morning sunrise and during sunset.

When you light a lamp filled with oil made of sesame seeds, then it creates an energy field which protects you from Saturn’s harmful rays and increases the iron content in your body. This lamp should be lighted at home only on Saturdays and not on other days.

Ghee stands above the rest of other agents when it comes to offering supreme grace to a person. The combination of ghee and fire and resulting energy field that produces is of extremely high spiritual energy. It creates a spiritual yantra at a place it is lighted and acts as a great talisman.

When you light a single thread ghee lamp (first picture) in your house, then the house and its members are blessed with spiritual power, wisdom and peacefulness.

Whereas, five threaded ghee lamp (picture below) creates a special aura which is the aura of Kubera – the god of wealth, and makes that place is rich and abundant in wealth, luxury, fame and power. This is also a spiritual energy which makes one enjoy all worldly comforts.

When you light such a ghee lamp daily at home, early morning before sunrise and also after sun set, then the house is abundantly showered with wealth and prosperity. You should allow the lamp to light for atleast one hour and then you can put off the flame using a flower or soft thread. Flower is the best one to put off flame in lamp, one should never blow air and put off the flame as it will create great misfortune to that person.

When you blow air and put off a flame or fire, the prana from your mouth reacts with fire (Agni) tattva (element) thereby creating Abana Vayu or Abana Wind, this when enters your throat affects your thyroid gland which is responsible for 90 percent of illness in our body. So flame should be put off using a flower or a leaf that is fallen or soft object but not through blowing air from mouth or any way.

Before you put off the light using flower, say three times AUM Shanti or AMEN or Shalom, all means same. Say it by heart and not through vocal.

Make sure the ghee lamp faces east direction, which means it should be placed in west side of the room and sees the eastern face. It should never be facing south or west.

Lighting lamp is considered auspicious in all religions, but there is significant meaning in it and we should make use of it. People who want to improve financial status can light a five threaded ghee lamp at home daily and see the difference to themselves.

Instead of lighting ghee lamps at temple or church, light one at your home and make it auspicious. The saints said to light a lamp in the abode of God, and temple is not the only abode of God; your own house is abode of God, your body is abode of God; so light it for you.


  1. 1.Is it ok to mix Ghee with Gingelly oil and light the lamp?
    2. It is said that when lighting a lamp, one should light it on two sides, one towards east and one towards west. We should not light lamp towards only one side or three sides. 5 sides is the best way to light a lamp. What is your opinion on this?

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the post. Our small temple in the house is on the North-east corner. Can i light the 5 threaded ghee lamp in that position as the temple is located in the north-east corner of the house. Please let me know

    Vishhal K Modi

  3. West direction is good. Only south which is direction of Lord Yama is bad. When somebody passes on until the body is removed they light lamps facing south.

  4. You have not given the scientific reason for lightning the ghee lamp over oil lamp.
    only spiritual reason is given. can anybody?

    Nowadays people trust scientific reason over spiritual..

  5. Guruji, astrologer suggested me to light 5 wick lamp and put it off softly with flower petals after chanting mantra meditation.
    But i still doubt is it allowed to put off the lamp or it should be allowed to cool down by its own after oil is over .please clear my doubt.


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