Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords sits high on her throne, a stern look on her face as she gazes off into the distance. She is the queen of air, high above all others and no one is able to deceive her. Though she holds a sword pointed at the sky, her left hand extends as though offering a gift. For the Queen of Swords the gift she offers is clarity of judgment and flexibility of knowledge.

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords tarot card meaning is that of honesty and independence. She encourages us to live a principled and fair life, enables us to accept constructive criticism and remain objective about ourselves and those we care about. She is not swayed easily by emotion and wants the same for us. Often considered the most masculine of the queens, she focuses on the facts even as she offers compassion. All actions must carry a consequence, but there is still room for forgiveness and mercy in her eyes. She encourages frank communication but can be blunt and oftentimes that hurts others; she accepts this and encourages you to accept this as well. Frank speech leaves no room for confusion and all hurts can be overcome with time.

In relationships, the Queen of Swords tarot card encourages discernment. She doesn’t surround herself with the rabble, but only with those that can meet her standards. She is smart and perceptive, and the wrong type of person will see this as intimidating so she tries not to open her heart to them. While this card explains that you cannot ever expect grand romantic gestures from a partner the Queen represents, she is full of love and loyal to the end. If you are in a relationship then she is encouraging you to create some space for yourself in it. It may be time to readjust your boundaries with your partner so you both can grow.

Queen of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Queen of Swords is reversed you are thinking too much with your heart and not relying on your intellect. The Queen of Swords reversed tarot card meaning is a message that you must stop thinking so emotionally and instead work on becoming more objective again. Focus on the facts. Only once you have a clear, fact based picture in your head of a situation can you make a move forward. She is also a warning that you are becoming bitter and beginning to close yourself off to the world around you. While solitude is good you must be sure that you are not trying to hide from the world.

In relationships, a reversed Queen of Swords is a sign of a bitter and manipulative partner that is too critical and flat out cruel. This can be either you or your partner or even someone outside the relationship that is trying to cause problems. You must focus on letting negative thoughts and beliefs go. You have the experience needed to break-free of this trap and you must not let yourself be consumed by this negativity.


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