The Number of Spirituality in Numerology


What makes people so drawn to religions?, what is which makes them to explore the world of spirituality? The answer can be found out easily when we analyze the persons who have strong affinity to religion and spirituality. Number 7 of spirituality in numerology is the answer to all human beings who are religious and spiritual in nature.

This number 7 has been mentioned in all the religious scriptures of the world, all religions embrace the infinite spiritual powers of number 7. Its esoteric in nature and symbolizes the highest realm of consciousness. Renouncal of pleasures and seeking of Summum Bonnum (Ultimate Liberation) is the meaning of this number 7. Let us analyze some most spiritual places of the world

  1. Kailash (2+1+1+3+1+3+5) = 16 = 7
  2. Mecca (4+5+3+3+1) = 16 = 7
  3. Kasi (2+1+3+1) = 7
  4. Bethelehem(2+5+4+5+5+3+5+5+5+4) = 43 = 7
  5. Bodha Gaya (2+7+4+5+3+1+1+1+1) = 43 = 7

And there are many more places in this world which comes number 7 in numerology, These places possess some great spiritual energies and are considered to be the epitome of their religions. Number 7 doesn’t relate to God, but it signifies cosmic consciousness and transformation into spiritual oneness.

That’s why majority of people born on number 7 or life path 7 have a average or miserable marriage life, as one has to someway or other renounce or pass the phase of marriage to attain awakening. Marriage is a bondage and it will always be a hindrance to one who wants to attain spiritual heights. If you notice people who work in abroad and separated from wife many years due to work reason will be mostly number 7 borns, as 7 makes them away from marriage and worldly affairs.


  1. hello,
    can you pl throw a light on 6 born with life path 7 and 2 born with life path 7.
    is it better to have name no compatible with birth no or life path no when it comes to nos 7,8 and 9?
    do you suggest 9 as name no for 7 born with life path 3 as well?
    how does the birth no and life path nos impact each other and name no?
    thank you,

  2. hi there

    in one post you mentioned to me how i was living my last life i am born on the 17 with lifepath 8. But here you say that from 8 then it leads us to 9 which is more evolved? what do you mean?

    • Last birth and evolving are different things, to make you understand easily, lets us consider this example, The order of evolvement (not physically but mentally, spiritually) is ANIMAL-MAN-SAINT-GOD, 80 % of humans in this world can be categorised as Animal in their spiritual evolvement, these people will born again unless they reach Saint Category. 10 % of humans belong to “Man Category” where their soul is now ready to take spiritual path but even they have to take atleast one final birth, 9 % percent belong to Saint category (8 borns belong to this one) they are very much evolved, and this is their last birth, from this birth they ll get liberation and be in oneness with God. Only 1 % of humans belong to God category, this can be either 7 or 9, They too have their last birth, but they are masters in this context. Jesus is a master (God Category) and John is a Saint . Both are enlighetend ones, but the order differs.

  3. i have been married for 30 years, i am 54, and i am very happily married. i feel i married my soulmate. i am born a 7 by birthname, and also a 7 by birthday (7/16/1955). i wonder why you say 7’s are miserable in marriage? yes i do love to be alone, but my husband is also sort of a loner, he is a 22 and an 11. (born 8/26/1923.) he is quite older than myself.

  4. i am sorry, i forgot to give you our website. we have build a world teaching together in these past 30 years. maybe that’s why we are so compatible? 🙂 thank you for your help. 🙂 Lindy

  5. Hi,

    Is marriage done for birth date 7 and destination date 2 and birth date 9 and destination date 4, can be 21.02.2011??? if its theipirai that is reducing moon period will it be ok?? or that also has significance or effect on marriage life??

  6. Hi, Actually its a love marriage cum arranged marriage, i dont
    understand Tara Palan and Kasara Yogam means… my father has
    discussed this with an astrologer, they too had confusion earlier
    and later they told it can be done in that lagnam.. If possible do
    reply to mail saravana…


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