Number 19 – The prince of heaven


Number 19 in numerology is one of the special number, because its so unique from the rest of the numbers. There is one distinct characteristic about this number, a beautiful one, which every person in this world longs to have. Number 19 comes under the family of number 1 in numerology. We know that number 1 is ruled by planet sun. Number 19 in numerology is called as ” The Rising Sun” which means that the sun never enters dusk, and the person with this name as 19 will always rise in their life. Another important name to this number 19 is Prince of Heaven.

Number 19 is called as the prince of heaven in many Vedic scriptures as well as The Ideal Lover. Number 19 is the ideal lover in numerology, this is the most unique aspect of this number. Person with name as 19 are the greatest lovers of the world, They love their partner more than anything, they are the ideal lovers and the most loyal, trustworthy, caring, and love their partner whatever it may come. They will not stop loving their lover’s till they die, the love is immortal in their life. Woman or Men with name 19 are the most lucky ones to be married or to be loved, as they consider their loved ones as the most important part in their life.

In this world of Infidelities and false love number 19 stands apart with purest love. Person with number 19 in their name will be blessed with beautiful life partner, great wealth, happy family, social status and high post in their job. They will look very young and tends to grow younger as their age goes high.


  1. hi,

    My name is Neera Pandey and my DOB is 19.10.73. I face a lot of problems in all my tasks. Currently I am facing extensive problems in my job and am eagerly looking out for a change. Kindly let me know when will I get a good job and what should I do to minimize me struggle in life?

    • No need to worry this happens in everybodys life. The down phase comes which needs struggle and you should have to courage to overcome this. I feel that the stars ahead are more soothing and you will get what you desire and deserve by March 2010.

  2. hello sir,
    please please please please help me my full name is navanshu that counts to 28 . and i am living greatest nightmare . i am loneliest guy in d world.
    my date of birth is 19/12/1987. that reflects that all will deceive me which exactly has happened. I am a collector of pain, sorrow, misery, self ego,loneliness. My age is 22 . what name should i keep for my future life.

  3. hye sir

    ma real name is umashankar(30)….n ma birhdate is 19.12.1991….sir few weeks ago i changed ma name to shankar haarish(37)….iz tat this name suit fr me sir…i realy need ur advice sir…….tq…

  4. hello my birth date is 2/19/1976 i want to know if the birth day is the same as the 19 name meaning and if not. i already go by the name angelycca ssmith, how can i change the spelling of angelycca ssmith to get the number 19 vibration? ooh i want that!!! holla at your girl cause i want to change it legally soon! tanx

  5. my birth dat is february 19, 1976 hello i want to know if the 19 birth meaning is the same as the name meaning, if not i go by the name angelycca ssmith how can i change the spelling to get the 19 vibration? i really want this vibration for love love love…. im feelin this so please holla at your girl. tanx

  6. am hapy to read positively on number 19 but as far as i know 2 people born on 19 who are very unlucky in love, one even married twice! and whatever is written above on 19 doesnt match at all, one’s partner even betrayed her. n she always said dat she is so unlucky in love…………………

  7. Hi I’m Usha Kiran- DOB: 19th March 1989. And I’m very much fascinated to know about my astrology and after I read this one, I felt very happy that I matched me Perfectly what I am. Especially being a good lover and handling emotions. And also regarding my career.

    Thanks for posting this Information ..!

    thanks & regards
    Usha Kiran V.

  8. Hi, my name is Anitra Jali, DOB 19/5/1973. I’ve gone through greatest challenges that life has put in front of me, would like your advise if changing my name to Annitra M J, would that be a good and positive change for future. Please advise. TQ

  9. this is siddharth mallik, i was born on 19/10/1989, i really love what i read here about no.19 , i want to know when will i meet my good looking lover , and also want to know about my career , wen do i get a good job

  10. Hello SIR, i’m speechless, i dont know how to thank you and your work. Mashallah!
    may god bless you. im curious about my name and dob!
    dob- 30/11/1985
    real name- Afzal khan Rasel
    after reading your posts, i decided to write my name as:- Afzaal K Rasel (hope u’ll reply)
    its difficult to change my certificate name, so can i use the name(new1) in sites, as sign, on papers etc.
    or advice me what to do please please please.
    email: [email protected]
    (plz keep the name private if possible)

  11. Your name number is 28, and its the number of failed relationships and disappointments. Name number 28 is the weakest in number 1 in numerology, moreover your life path is 8, name number 23 or 32 would best suit

    • Well, that could be a problem to change my name cause my parents are unbelievably closed minded about me having a different name to change my number. So anything I can do to have a different number but keep my original name some how???

  12. Hi. This is Bhaskar. My date of birth is 19-11-1983. very nice to hear about 19 from u. can u tell me some thing about me with my date of birth pls…

    Thanks & Regards

  13. my name is “A.AKILA”.my d.o.b is “19-04-1991”.without initial,value of my name is 8 i guess…By seeing the description of number 8 i  got scared.. can u help me by replying to this comment…plz..wat is the value of name? and description about that?

  14. Hello sir,

    I’m Nikhil from Delhi.. d.o.b 19 Jan 1986.. i just started my own business and i wont to be very successful business man of India..

  15. My dob is 19.12.1988.
    My parents are searching for bride for more than 1 year .when will we find it.

    Chnmay lakhote


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