Year 2009 Numerology Predictions


Happy New Year

I wish each and every one a happy and prosperous new year! This is my first post in this going to be fabulous new year. I am very much delighted in sharing my thoughts about numerology predictions in 2009 is gonna be. The year 2009 adds to 2 (11=1+1=2) which signifies moon, To start with, this year will be a complete contrast to year 2008, we have seen 2008 as quite aggressive, economically hurt, governments being toppled across globe, financial burden and terrorism which dominated the year 2008.

Year 2009 Numerology Predictions

Numerology Predictions in 2009

The beginning of 2009 will mark several changes in the history of mankind! As a major concern for world economy, the year 2009 will bring charm of luck to investors and industries across, which will mark the end of economic recession. The money flow will increase, and business men will gain huge profits this year. Money and sex will see new heights in the year 2009, The world population will increase like never before this year. In the political scenario, there will be power shift from men to women, women will capture powers and hold major position in government. As the rise of woman power increases this year, the world can witness great changes such as violence,brutality and wars will decrease, terrorism will pay its price.

Creative arts and talents will flourish, and creative artistes will be felicitated and recognized than ever before. The world will witness great number of lovers than last year, love will be the mantra of this year. The number of suicides due to love failure may also increase due to this reason, hence lovers are advised not to take such serious steps as life is more precious than anything. Once again, this year will be a year of surprises, a pleasant surprises……… Have a great year and Be Blissful!


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