Sponsor a Meal Today for the Needy – Know Why?


Become a Millionaire By Sponsoring  A Meal

For some part of the world, this is quite the end of a day, nevertheless this post would be still useful for people who are lucky to read this post as soon as it is published – Sponsor a Meal Today.

The title of the post is quite hilarious, but that’s the day’s specialty. Some people have their own charity organization, and some people make it as a point to involve in charitable events as part of their lifestyle. The pleasure in doing a charity is immense and long lasting. Though charity is done mainly to be a part of social responsibility, there are some days where a mere sponsoring of a meal can shower wealth and riches thanks to the laws of Karma :).

Very few people in earth have the heart to indulge in charity, I always keep a special place in my heart for such souls. For rest of them, this is a chance to inculcate yourself to the world of do good’ers.

Sponsor a Meal Today

The constellation/nakshatra for today is Krittika (Indian Name) and the present month is Aadi. This particular day is called Aadi Krittika, meaning the day whose constellation is Krittika, the day is very auspicious for Lord of Mars. Today is auspicious for spiritual activities, but the major significance of the day is its power of charity. Aadi Krittika comes once in a year,  and during this year

“If any one sponsors a meal for the poor and needy on this day, then the lord of Mars blesses them with abundant riches !”

Its a proven thing for ages. There are millions of people out in street who rely on a single meal to survive, Just go them and sponsor a meal with all your love. Though there is a hidden agenda behind it, it will give auspicious results for you. Also, try to make it as a habit and make this world a better place.


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