Love and Karma


The Importance of Love and Karma

Buenas Tardes! (Good evening in Spanish)  Well, these days i am learning spanish hence you would see more of this  sort in the coming days. lol 🙂  Today i like to share one of the most important idea and something which i personally like to convey to everyone. As the title of the blog suggests, its all about LOVE and KARMA. Karma means ” action” . Now most of you know the meaning of karma, and i am not going to stress on that. In this blog we are going to see what effect karma has in our life, and how can we erase the bad karma’s in our life through numerology, meditation and most importantly LOVE.

Every person born on this world as a result of some karma or action he has done in his previous life. When there is no more karma left for a person, then that person attains Moksha or Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness or The Wheel of Samsara is no more or in simple terms there is no rebirth. This is the concept in hinduism, buddhism and many more religious sect. When you born in this world, you attain a life (basic) based on your previous karma, if its good and benevolent then you are blessed with a great mind ( A Good Mind is the supreme gift of good karma, as Mind alone can tame one’s discrimination and know the path of wisdom). A good karma doesnt award one a rich life or the vice versa, its the fertile and clear mind that it awards.

We must remember, that all the causes of our problems, worries, and pain originate from our mind, If one has a wise mind, a clear mind, a mind which cannot discriminate, then that person can only suffer very very little compared to others. Still the suffering is there, but its very minimal. One cannot do anything about his past karma, or even if one doesnt believe in Karma theory also is fine for me. But one must clearly understand that their actions in present life is what determines their destiny, or their joy, or their sorrow, We (Our Mind) are the cause for our troubles. In numerology, a good name blesses a person with a fertile mind ! and makes him to take wise decisions and thus prevent himself from accumulating bad karma’s which results in sorrow.

There is a strong correlation between the universe and human being, Both are not different, the actions of an individual human influence the motion of his planetary positions and vice versa. Its mutually synonymous. Thus one can understand that a man has every potential to re-write his own destiny if he knows exactly the karma pattern of life. But to know about karma and karma pattern, one needs abundant wisdom, and that wisdom can be acquired by birth as a result of good karma in previous life, or still one can know it by living his life with full of LOVE and spirituality as we teach here

Love is the Best Medicine

Love is the only free medicine available to all kinds of living beings to cleanse off their karma’s. Rest everything has a cost or some qualification ( In this context i mean the qualification as spiritual, or good karma in last life or Numerology). We cant expect everyone to born with good karma, if so then this world will have only joy, merry and happiness. But life is of two extremes, thats the beauty of the creator. For those who are unfortunate not to carry good karmas in this life, they can either choose the science of numerology to reduce their karmic ill effects, or the universal path of LOVE.

Love is the best medicine to purify ones karma and ascend to the highest throne of God. Thats why all religions insist that LOVE IS GOD. Love knows no discrimination, and to kill discrimination means emptying ones karma, and emptying ones karma means relieving oneself from the wheel of samsara. Love without discrimination of anything will gift oneself the most divine powers and instincts. There is a way in numerology to clean ones karma and prevent oneself from accumulating further karma’s, this number is called 5. Its rightly called as the karmic reward. It makes the person wise and makes his life according to his choice. Only persons with name in 5 alone can live their life according to their own choice and can control their destiny to great extent as they are blessed with knowing their karma pattern.

But LOVE is the natural karmic reward to man and woman. He who dwells in the garden of LOVE knows no misery. Love each and everyone without expectation, without discrimination, and thou shall reach the highest state of human being.


  1. I know to love without expectation but to love without discrimination is still to come my way. Thanks for this bit of information.


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