When do Planets stop influencing a person?


How to transcend oneself from planetary energies?

Living beings are constantly under the influence of energy manifestations of different kind. Among these infinite energy manifestations; nine planets, 27 constellations, luminaries and 12 zodiac signs forms the major energy influence on living beings on earth. These energy manifestations are prime dispositors of ones individual karma. All these energy manifestations works only for influencing a soul to manifest according to its karma. One should realize that as long as one is under these planetary influences, the wheel of life and death continues and suffering too becomes condition of a soul.

When do Planets stop influencing a person?

Our own body is nothing but a miniature mode of universe. The various planets, constellations, and stars present in the galaxy are also present in our own body as subtle energy centers. The crown of our head is the location of this most complex network of energy centers which encompasses the energy points of entire universe. All knowledge, wisdom, energy manifested right from the moment of creation of universe up to present moment is accessible via our network of energy channels presented in our crown of our head.

Activating Planets Energy

Until, one activates the energy centers of 9 planets, 27 constellations and 12 zodiac signs present in ones crown; one remains as ignorant and becomes vulnerable to law of cause and effect called Karma. Since, planets too is part of grand cosmic illusion, without transcending the zodiacal energy, one cannot reach higher planes of wisdom.

All inequalities, sufferings, delusions, discrimination are part of this illusion, and only by surpassing this basic energy centers, one will reach the yogi or spiritual state of existence – a state of pristine wisdom and reality.

There are fair number of people who are born already transcending this energy centers, and for them the influence of planets and constellations are no more, such are persons who are called Free-Spirits or Siddhas or Bodhisattvas. Since there is no bondage on the primary energy manifestations, they are born with choices and ability to architect their destiny at their own wish. For them, suffering or grief is something unheard of, as the soul is exalted and free from karmic bondage. At least, 9% of world population will fall into this category.

For rest of the people, life may continue to pose obstacles, struggles, challenges, and non peace of mind. They are also at the mercy of fellow living beings to enjoy peace and tranquility. Hence, the highest service one can render to universe is by transcending oneself from zodiacal energies.

Activating Zodiac Planet Energy

When people have activated the zodiacal energy points in them, then they are free from all sorts of suffering delivered by zodiacs as result of karma, further they move to higher energy planes like the Sirius star, the great bear and Pleiades. At this point, astrology or numerology will not work or influence a person; because the person has entered into higher energy points. Since numerology is also energy manifestation of planets, numbers will no longer influence that person.

The great goal of humanity should be focused in going beyond the energy manifestation of solar system. That is the only way, a suffering free manifestation of soul is possible. Great saints, yogi’s and siddhas are born for that purpose only.

Sadly, the opportunities or the knowledge and technique to activate the energy centers in our body is very scarce and was kept secret and confined to monastery for thousands of years. But in this age, many saints have come out from their comfort zone and willing to share and teach the practices to reach supreme energy planes.


  1. Oh My God! You are amazing!!! You have written something which has been on my mind but I had no words to express it. I agree with you on this topic and I wish I could meet with you and talk more in person.

  2. For 7 billion population, even 600 million siddhas are not enough to illuminate their ignorance. In Kailash Mansarovar alone 500 Buddhas permanently stay, if one buddha decided to attain Mahaparinirvana, then another Buddha arrives. Such is the beauty of that place. Even million siddhas cannot be compared to a Buddhahood. More over, 9 billion is in earthly realm, we have to consider other two existential realms too.


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