Triple Eclipse – Is it the beginning of Great Fall


Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the century on July 22nd 2009

This month July 22nd  we are going to experience the longest total solar eclipse of the century, and mostly in parts of South East Asia the eclipse can be seen in totality. well, there are many news and predictions going rounds these days about the most talked about cosmic event of this year. These can be viewed as both in astronomical as well as astrological view.

Apart from this total solar eclipse on July 22nd, already a lunar eclipse passed on July 7th, and another is coming on august 6th. Thus there are three eclipses in a span of one month. Well, last time when this triple eclipse occurred, the Hindu mythology says it was the beginning of great war of mahabharath and also the world witnessed world wars. Though initially one can brush aside as mere coincidences, there is a larger truth in this triple eclipse.

Apart from triple eclipse, there is another strong reason for people to fear about the outbreak of another major war among world nations. The reason being planet Saturn is moving to zodiac Virgo from Leo. This position of Saturn moving into zodiac sign virgo is never a good sign for world economies and environment. From September, Saturn moves into zodiac Virgo, it creates political tension in the world. Many astrologers assert there may be an outbreak of war when Saturn moves into Virgo as discussed here.

As these things surface, lets see whats the implications of solar eclipse on this month 22nd. Solar eclipse is a cosmic event which occurs when the moon stands between sun and earth and observe the rays of sun coming into earth. Solar eclipse in astrology are termed as a dark event which is prone to affect all human forms in this earth. During solar eclipse, the very source of sun light which is essential for any living organism is forbidden and the rays emitted by moon to the earth after its contact to the sun are considered as hazardous and are said to affect the mental development or evolution of  living organism.

Contrary to this, many ancient astrologers say that solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new thing in ones life, One way of interpreting this would be there cant be a new beginning without an end to the already present. evolution occurs when there the nature of the already existing one gets disturbed or destroyed.

Some theories say that there might be natural disasters on july 22nd, this cannot be concretely accepted at the same time cannot be ignored too, reason being there have been many eclipses past but not resulted in natural calamity, but this one being different as not only being the longest eclipse but also the second successive eclipse in just two weeks of time.  Mostly, the effect of an eclipse can be found atleast three of four months in advance in the mental state of living beings and also in oceans, air, fire,earth,sky which constitiutes the five elements of earth.

Thats why the ancient civilizations like mayans calculated the occurence of solar and lunar eclipse for many thousand years, so that they can prepare mentally as well as avoid travelling in sea or in earth  road) as accidents may shown as symptoms of eclipse before it even began to occur.

This is evident in recent air and sea accidents,  almost three major air accidents have happened in past three months. Various sea accidents have occured in the scandinavian regions, and the percentage of road accidents have increased several folds compared to the last 10 years.

Perhaps, man has some way or either failed to acknowledge the relation of cosmic significance in living beings.

Even the general fortune, mental stability, and health of a person would have actually experienced on a lesser side compared to the pre-eclipse period i.e. 5 months before eclipse. The affects of eclipse which is called post eclipse period may lasts upto twenty or thrity years. It depends upon the intensity and the magnitude of eclipse.

Since we are going to experience triple eclipse, the intensity is very much visible in cosmos for the last four months and will be visible after eclipse for at least thirty years, these are the times where the possibility of great natural disasters and wars are expected. This disasters wont necessarily happen on the day of eclipse but due to their intensity they can happen within this span of time.

Having said that, there is no need for people of the consequences, there are also good things which can be done during eclipse like praying, offering prayers, worship, and the best would be Meditation. As the power of these things multiply thousand folds during eclipse.

Things to avoid would be eating, one should not eat anything before 5 hours of commencement of eclipse as indigestion may happen and result in poison of organs.

Pray and meditate on these eclipse days and that would be my advice.


  1. Hi,
    what do you mean by these lines??

    Things to avoid would be eating, one should not eat anything before 5 hours of commencement of eclipse as indigestion may happen and result in poison of organs.

    Taianna Camarado

    • Means, one should not take anything solid at least four hours before the eclipse, cos as the sun rays are blocked by the lunar rays, digestion will not happen till eclipse is over, and this may poison our body due to hazardous rays that results in solar eclipse. One can take liquid food.

    • Yeah, this month both the date and lifepath are same. Thats great of you to enlighten our blog readers about the significance of the month. Specially 26th June. Where one must be little careful while driving and avoid travelling long distances.

    • yes very interesting! and JULY(7th month +22 day= 29,which reduces to 11) in 2009 year which reduces to 11. We have 11:11 Which is a sign of spiritual awakening on planet earth and all her peoples.

  2. Hi Saravana!
    I tried to subscribe to your blog but it says "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled". is it some technical error? I have sent in my request for you to analyze my horoscope and that is why I thought would let you know the problem.

    • Anu,

      Thanks for letting me know about the problem, i have rectified it and now you ll be able to subscribe, I ll give you the report in a week, As i am getting so many requests i am finding hard these days.. But i ll hopefully give you in a weeks time.

  3. Natural calamity means natural disaster which is caused by nature. Every year many country falls victim to various natural calamities. They are flood, earthquakes & many other natural calamities. The effects of the natural calamities beggar description. They leave a vast trail of devastation. The affected people & animals suffer untold sufferings. They cause heavy damage to our life & properties. Houses are destroyed, cattle are washed away, crops are greatly damaged and trees are uprooted. Thousands of people and other animals remain without food for many days. The after effect of some natural calamities are more serious. Famine breaks out. Many people & animals die for want of food. The prices are all necessary things go up. Many dangerous diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery etc. break out in an epidemic form. By raising public awareness and taking necessary precautionary measures and steps natural calamities can be prevented. The government and all the conscious citizens should come forward with concerted efforts to prevent natural calamities.


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