Attraction Spells – Bring Some Love in to Your Life!


Attraction spells are an attractive way to bring love into your life, but what many people don’t realize is that an attraction spell isn’t the same thing as a love spell, and that attraction spells are not limited to trying to bring more love into your life! Attraction spells can be used for anything from bringing a new person into your life to bringing more money into your home or even just bringing more positivity into your life. Plus, attraction spells are about just that, attraction. They are about connection and charisma, about putting yourself in the position of receiving the blessings the world has to offer you. Love spells are about putting yourself in the position to let love come into your life, and most likely this love is romantic love. Love spells are all about the person, though both spells are absolutely not about forcing connections to happen, but instead about encouraging the energy around you to allow those things to happen.

Attraction Spells – Bring Some Love in to Your Life!

How do Attraction Spells work?

Always be careful when casting these sorts of spells. Attraction spells and love spells that are cast with the intention of owning or possessing are made out of dangerous desires and chances are they won’t work anyway! Remember, each of us has free will. A spell that attempts to over-ride that should never work, and if it does work it means any relationship that comes from it will be sickly and unhealthy. Spells should always be cast with the intention of stirring positive energy toward positive outcomes for everyone involved, not just the caster.  You can read more about attraction spells in this article:

There are four major areas that attraction spells are generally geared towards, love, money, success and health. Each of these areas should be approached with a positive thought in mind.

Attracting Love:
I am a loving and wonderful person who deserves and wonderful and loving person and I will attract love and joy into my life.

Attracting Money:
Money comes to me easily, and in abundance. I attract money.

Attracting Success:
I deserve success, I attract success, I am passionate, I am powerful, and I am inspired.

Attracting Health:
I love my body, I am at one with my mind and my spirit is joyful. I am completely healthy.

Positive affirmations like these often will work as a spell all on their own, but they also help to get you in the right frame of mind for spell casting. Remember, you want to send positive energy out when casting so that you get positivity in return! A spell requires lots of meditation and concentration, thinking positive, affirming thoughts during meditation before casting a spell will help bring your mind, spirit and energy in-line and make the spell more effective.

Love spells are used to attract people into your life with the intention of loving and being loved. A simple love attraction spell is to write the name of the person you like on a piece of paper. Fold it towards you three times. Each time you make a fold, kiss the paper once. Hide the paper under your mattress. Don’t be surprised if you start getting noticed by the person you like soon after!

Money spells are cast with the intention of increasing wealth. In addition to speaking the affirmation for attracting money, you can try one of two different spells: The first spell requires you to carve the amount of money you would like on a green candle. Place the candle on a small plate and surround it with some coins, then sprinkle with nutmeg and light. Allow the candle to burn out on its own. The second spell has you put eight coins and eight young green leaves together in a small pouch. Recite the phrase, “Money grows on trees and riches come to me” eight times, then carry the bag around with you, on your person, for eight days!

Health spells are either for attracting good health or preventing poor health. To prevent illness, take a clove of garlic and bruise it with your hand then rub it over your whole body from head to toe. Afterwards, be sure to dispose of the garlic clove in water that flows away from your home.

Attracting success appeals to lots of people. One of the most effective success spells has you place four aces from a new deck of cards on a plate. Cover the cards with breadcrumbs and sugar, then take seven coins or metal charms and hold each one. Think of what you desire as you hold them, then place them on the plate. Put a silver candle on top of everything and allow it to burn out on its own.


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