Aquarius Tarot Horoscope


You can learn even more about your zodiac sign and horoscope by combining tarot cards with your horoscope, and Aquarius tarot horoscopes are no different. Though at first glance the two don’t look as though they go together, experienced astrologers and tarot card readers know that they complement one another excellently. When you learn to read them together you’ll gain additional insight that can help you in the future.

Aquarius Tarot Horoscope

Air signs, like Aquarius, are changeable and versatile, full of intelligence though it can be hard to hold them down. Though they are charming, they can be fickle-natured. Those who are Aquarius and Air signs should be careful to avoid this trait and instead focus on developing their communication and mental clarity. When focused on the positive, the Aquarius can change the world.

The Major Arcana associated with Aquarius is The Star. The Age of Aquarius is meant to be an age of enlightenment – The Star heralds this strength in the sign bringing hope, power, and the strength to carry on even when life throws difficult challenges at you. The Star reminds you that you can manifest all that you need to be successful.

The minor arcana that work with Aquarius Tarot are:

King of Swords – Often seen as the male of the zodiac sign, the King of Swords encourages the male Aquarius reminds you to stay objective and use your intellect to tackle problems in your life. Try to avoid making decisions emotionally but remain focused on the issues and calm. You can encourage others to also be more reasonable and calm.

Knight of Cups – Considered the feminine Aquarius, the most feminine of the Knights, the Knight of Cups, is in touch with the emotional and intuitive parts of his mind. Attractive, charming and even seductive, unlike the King of Swords, the Knight acts on emotion and more often than not manifests success in all his endeavors. Where the King leads, the Knight encourages teamwork and support.

1st Decan: Five of Swords – In the first decan the five of swords warns that you are going to face conflict with others and this may lead to hostility. If you force a ‘win’ then you will hurt others and ultimately lose. You must decide if winning is worth losing all those you hold dear.

2nd Decan: Six of Swords – Out of the fires of conflict, a time of transition appears. Remember, transition forces you to leave the past behind and focus on the future. It may cause sadness but this is the way of life – we move into the future and are forced to leave things, people, and places behind despite the sadness we carry.

3rd Decan: Seven of Swords – This third decan is a period of difficulty. Something that you had hoped to hide is probably going to come out and you will have to face the consequences. The seven of swords warns that trying to escape without being found out will simply worsen the entire situation. However, once everything is over it may be a good idea to take a trip and get away to re-establish your independence and self-confidence.


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