A Brief History on Celtic Astrology


Celtic astrology is based on the Druidic teachings of the Celtic Druids. The Druids believed the trees to be sacred as they symbolized life, death and renewal. Much like many other ancient cultures, they observed that children born during certain seasons and cycles developed similar qualities in their personalities. However, where many other cultures based their astrological calendars on the stars, the Druids linked them to the moon and based their calendar on the lunar year. The Celtic astrological calendar has thirteen signs that correspond to the thirteen lunar months, each with 28 days. December 23rd is the extra day and is known as Nameless Day. The most popular form of Celtic astrology is Celtic Tree astrology in which each of the months is tied to a tree. Each of the trees also corresponds to animals, colors, ogham or runes, and a gemstone.

What is the Celtic Astrology Tree?

Tree: Birch
Dates: December 24 – January 20
Animals: Eagle, Stag
Gems: Rock Crystal
Those who are born beneath the Birch are driven and often motivate others with their zeal and ambition. They are constantly pushing horizons. Druids believed this was because they constantly stretched for the light that was missing during the time of year in which they were born. They tend to be tough and resilient, natural-born leaders. They are most compatible with Vines and Willows.

Tree: Rowan
Dates: January 21 – February 17
Animals: Crane, Dragon
Gems: Peridot
Those born under the Rowan are the thinkers. They have high ideals and visionary minds, tending to be so orginal and creative that they lose the attention of others and come off as aloof. Despite their cool outward appearance, these folks are very passionate and are able to transform the people around them. They are most compatible with Ivy and Hawthorn.

Tree: Ash
Dates: February 18 – March 17
Animals: Seal, Seahorse, Seagull
Gems: Coral
Intuitive, imaginative and artistic, those born under the Ash are known as the enchanters. They have a tendency to be moody and withdrawn because they spend most of their time in a world of their own making. These folks rarely care what others think of them. They are most compatible with Willows and Reeds.

Tree: Alder
Dates: March 18 – April 14
Animals: Bear, Fox, Hawk
Gems: Ruby
Those born under the Alder are the trailblazers of the Celtic zodiac. They are movers and shakers, gaining loyal followers as they blaze a trail. They are charming, able to mingle with just about anyone. They are confident with lots of self-faith, motivated by action not by words. They are most compatible with Hawthorns, Oaks, and the Birch.

Tree: Willow
Dates: April 15 – May 12
Animals: Adder, Hare, Sea Snake
Gems: Moonstone
Willows are ruled by the moon and tend to be highly creative, intuitive and psychic, and very intelligent. They instinctively understand that people have their seasons and tend to be more patient as others work through the seasons of their life. They have lots of potential, but fear being seen as showy so they hold themselves back. They are most compatible with Birch and Ivy.

Tree: Hawthorn
Dates: May 13 – June 9
Animals: Bee, Owl
Gems: Topaz
Hawthorns are the illusionists, appearing to be one person on the outside when really they are someone else entirely. They are full of fiery passion and an unending creative flame, able to adjust to life and all its quirks without much struggle. They are curious, have an interest in most everything and are excellent listeners that tend to seek out others and help to solve their problems. They see the big picture and have amazing insight. They pair best with Ash and Rowan.

Tree: Oak
Dates: June 10 – July 7
Animals: Wren, Otter, Horse
Gems: Diamond
The Oak is one of the hardest trees and those under the Oak are known for their strength. They are protective champions of those who suffer. They are considered the gentle giant of the Celtic zodiac, always looking out for those who cannot protect themselves. They tend to have long, happy lives with large, full families. They are most compatible with Ash, Reed, and Ivy.

Tree: Holly
Dates: July 8 – August 4
Animals: Cat, Unicorn
Gems: Carnelian
Those born under the Holly are known for taking on leadership positions. Challenges don’t threaten them and they easily overcome obstacles while maintaining tact. They are rarely defeated, if they struggle with a challenge they will take a step back, reconsider and try again. They are most compatible with Ash and Elder.

Tree: Hazel
Dates: August 5 – September 1
Animals: Crane, Salmon
Gems: Amethyst
Those born under the Hazel are known for their intelligence and efficiency. They tend to thrive in academia, able to retain information and recall that information with amazing accuracy. Sometimes this makes them seem like a know-it-all. They tend to be perfectionists and love to make rules, though they don’t always play by them. They are most compatible with Hawthorn and Rowan.

Tree: Vine
Dates: September 2 – September 29
Animals: Lizard, Dog, Swan
Gems: Emerald
Vines are born on the autumnal equinox and tend to be very unpredictable. They see both sides of a story and often empathize with both parties making it hard for them to pick a side to support. They tend to be decisive only on the finer things of life such as food, music and art. They prefer luxury, and are charming and elegant with a level of class that easily wins others over. They are most compatible with Willows and Hazels.

Tree: Ivy
Dates: September 30 – October 27
Animals: Boar, Butterfly, Goose
Gems: Opal
Those born under the Ivy are known for their ability to overcome any challenge, and based on when they are born they frequently face challenges. Life is not easy for the Ivy, but they carry themselves with grace and perseverance. They tend to be soft spoken, though witty. Ivy are most compatible with Oak and Ash.

Tree: Reed
Dates: October 28 – November 24
Animals: Hound, Owl
Gems: Jasper
The Reeds are the keepers of secrets, digging until they discover the truth of any matter. They love a good story and will diligently listen to any gossip, legend or lore. They are excellent historians and love people because of the diversity of information they present. They are most compatible with other Reeds, Ash, and Oaks.

Tree: Elder
Dates: November 25 – December 23
Animals: Badger, Horse, Raven
Gems: Jet
The Elders tend to be a bit wild compared to the others. They are often seen as thrill-seekers in their younger years. Outsiders frequently misjudge them because of this, Elders are very deeply thoughtful and philosophical though this is often overtaken by their bluntness. They are most compatible with Alder and Holly.


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