Jyotish Astrology – Mapping Your Karma


Jyotish astrology is a mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that comes from the Vedic traditions in India. It describes the planets at the time of our birth and gives us clues as to our life journey. Jyotish carefully evaluates the placement of the planets at the time of birth to help identify strengths and challenges in our life so that we can reach our full potential. It even offers practical advice on how to handle areas of difficulty in our life so that we can manifest our destiny and be successful, happy and harmonious at all levels of living.

How does Jyotish Astrology differ from Western Astrology?

Jyotish and Western zodiac share the same signs, however because Jyotish is based in Vedic traditions they use the sidereal zodiac which is different than the tropical zodiac. With sidereal, the precession of equinoxes is not observed and so your sun sign in Jyotish astrology will not be the same as it would be in Western astrology. It’s okay though! Jyotish astrology also places the major focus on the ascendant sign, not the sun sign. This, in general, leads to a more specific reading because it doesn’t rely solely on one aspect, but on a few. You can read more about these other aspects on this page: https://astronlogia.com/astrology-explained/.

Is it better?

Many people feel that Jyotish astrology is “better” than Western astrology. It is certainly true that in most cases you will receive a more in-depth look at who you are with Jyotish astrology, but both systems have their benefits. Here are some of the reasons that people believe Jyotish astrology is better:

Jyotish astrology is a complete map of your karma. Because of the difference in zodiac and the focus on the ascendant instead of the sun sign, Jyotish astrology gives more than simply a natal breakdown of who you are. It gives you a complete map of your karma including what you are meant to learn and why you are who you are.

Jyotish is more in-depth than a Western natal chart. Because it is based on the Vedic traditions, it looks at not just alignments but also lunar constellations, planetary cycles and divisional charts which gives it a chance to be significantly more in-depth.

A Jyotish chart outlines areas of your life where you can expect there to be trouble which gives you a much needed heads up. It can help you work on areas where you will need to develop your skills so you can handle life’s bumps.

Those who use Jyotish astrology over Western astrology firmly believe that it helps you understand your purpose in life so that you can fully realize yourself and be able to find happiness more quickly and easily than the others who wander miserable and alone. Jyotish and Vedic astrology have been used for centuries in countries like India to help the people plan out every aspect of their lives from career to marriage. Practitioners feel that their successes are obvious and their track record speaks for itself. Jyotish astrology certainly gives a more in-depth look at the person and their path and is worth looking into.


  1. Dear Astrnolgia
    western or vedic , which is right zodiac? My request is prepare a chart for correct zodiac with dates

    • Both are different school of Astrology. The people who follow the Vedic system will certainly say their system is better than western and the western will have same opinion about their system. The truth is that it is very difficult to pinpoint which is much better system. The Western system is good for character and personality analysis, whereas the Vedic is much more accurate for life predictions.


      Navneet Khanna


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