Google’s Numerology


Google – The word which is familiar for billions of people, the word which rules the world of internet. Now lets analyze some numerology for google. Though i wont share personal details of its founders, I will only analyze the numerology of google. Now, before analyzing google’s numerology, let us analyze the numerology and some striking number’s of it’s founders! Google is founded by two person’s namely Sergey Mikhailovich Brin or Sergey Brin and Lawrence Edward Page or Larry Page.

Google’s Numerology

Lets us analyse the events of Sergey Brin first, he was born on August 21st 1973, which makes him 3 and 4 combination in numerology with 4 as lifepath. Now lets see some numerology for Larry page, he was born on March 26th 1973, which makes him 8 and 4 combination, a powerful combination! Note that both the founders share same life path ! Now lets see numerology for google, Google Inc was found on 4th september 1998, which is 4 and 4 combination in numerology. Now just relate the numerological relationship of Larry, Sergey and Google all the major events of their’s has life path 4. More over since both of them has same life path, they became close friends and founded Google on same lifepath number! Lets see numerology for word Google, Google comes 28 in numerology which as compound number 1. This is again very evident as 4’s best companion is number 1, 4 and 1 are iron and magnet in numerology. A 4 born person will get attracted to 1,4, and 8 related people and things and that’s lucky to them too. Now google is 1 in numerology which is extremely favorable for them. You can find out more about corporate numerology on our page over here (  ) if you’re interested, but for now let’s analyse their name’s.

First let me start with sergey, Sergey Mikhailovich Brin comes 68 in numerology which belongs to number 5 family! I have already said about the greatness of number 5.

Now lets see about Larry Page, Lawrence Edward Page comes 69 ! in numerology, 69 belongs to family of 6, and 33,51 and 69 are considered to numbers which can make a person the number 1 in their field, this is evident with Larry!. Also to add to surprise, was registered in 15/9/1997 which comes 6 and 5 combination. And the url of google http or www both the ways come to 6 when counted. That’s the magic of numbers !


  1. Dear Astronlogia,

    What about the numerology of “GOOGLE” itself, it totals to 28, which according to Chaldean numerology achieves amazing heights during the initial half of life and then one fine day has a major fall. Do you think that, that will happen to Google too ?


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