Psychics have been in the world since its beginnings. Seer’s, clairvoyants, and oracles have been in our earliest writings from the ancient scrolls of the bible, to hieroglyphics in Egypt, to the writings of Greece. The word psychic wasn’t used until 1870 though they have existed far, far longer.

famous psychicsPsychics use ESP or extrasensory perception to connect with the world and discover information that is invisible to the untrained senses. Their abilities stretch beyond what one’s ears, eyes and nose can see to the invisible. A psychic is not a medium, however, though a medium is always a psychic. Both use ESP to see beyond the tangible world, but a medium can see beyond the now to the past, present and future.

About Psychics And Their Powers

A reading from a psychic involved them using clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition to help determine what is in your mind, what the situation is, and even what could happen in the future. Though the future is not fixed, and is always changing based on our decisions, a psychic is able to see a map and get a feel for the general direction in which your life is going.

Using a personals auric field or life force Psychics can access impressions of memories and feelings, however because they are not mediums, they cannot access the spiritual world. Psychic’s reading should always been taking as guidance and not fact simply because the future is fluid and your choices and decisions can always change its outcome. We are beings of free will and our future is rarely set in stone.

The Basics Of Psychic Abilities

Some of the most common psychic abilities are aura reading, clairvoyance, divination, dowsing, precognition, and telepathy. Aura reading occurs when a psychic uses their sixth sense, or ESP, to see the color of the aura or energy surrounding a persona, animal or object. They can pick up, based on the color of the aura whether there is something benevolent or malevolent present.

Clairvoyance is the ability that could also be referred to as remote viewing or psychic sight. It is when a psychic is able to see events, people or places in visions that are out of the range of normal eyesight. Telepathy is similar, allowing the psychic to communicate on another level mentally with a person. The two often go hand in hand with precognition which is the ability to discern what will happen in the future. It is more specific than divination as it is used to view the future of a specific event or moment in time, rather than something general.

Divination is the general term used to describe Psychics telling the future. It is a more general term in which a broad picture of the future is painted allowing the reader to give a positive or negative feeling about something that may happen, rather than a definitive answer to a question.

Lastly is dowsing. Dowsing is the psychic ability that is used to locate objects using a rock or stick. Many years ago it was most commonly used to find water so people could dig for wells, however the technique is still used and is used for more than just locating underground water.