New Year 2012 Predictions


New Year 2012

New Year 2012 Predictions

Happy New year for all!

This is my first post in 2012, and obviously i want to brief about the state of affairs in the current year. There is a lot of buzz going about the year 2012, most noted is the december 21st speculation.

Lets see what the year 2012 astro/numerologically speaks !

This year is really special in many ways, and one of the most striking specialty of this year is the common ruling planet on both astrological as well as numerological way.

The year 2012, comes number 5 in numerology which is ruled by mercury, and Jan 1st 2012 falls on Virgo ascendant which is again ruled by mercury. Hence the year’s planet is mercury with life path 7.

To assess the overall auspiciousness of the year, many factors has to be considered. lets view the important factors and discover truth about 2012.

The year 2012 falls on Sunday, with Virgo as ascendant, moon in Pisces, exalted Saturn in ascendant (cusp-wise), malefic mars in the 12th house, mars has full aspect on moon (7th) and ascendant lord (3rd), in addition moon has full aspect on 1st house with Saturn. Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Moon are all malefics. Mars is adverse malefic for Virgo ascendant.

As per Numerology, its important to know traits of three major planets and its relationships.

  1. 2012 – the year, is ruled by mercury
  2. Life path comes number 7, which is ruled by Ketu or South node
  3. Day lord – Sunday is ruled by Sun

Last time the year was ruled by mercury was on 2003, but the day lord was Wednesday which was ruled by mercury, so the year was not bad.

This year 2012, Three major planets are Mercury-Sun-Ketu. The relationship between sun and mercury is neutral, and that of ketu and mercury is neutral. But Sun and Ketu are enemies.Since the day 1st belong to sun, and day lord being sunday with life path 7, the year is not meant to be fruitful or auspicious.

Astrologically, with most powerful Saturn being in ascendant, its quite clear that year will face great challenges and test of faith. Saturn will test ones real Self. The key points for this year are

  • People all over the world may face severe relationship problems, the concept of marriage will be at its ebb, and also divorce rates will be high.
  • Europe will continue to decline economically, England, France and Germany may face accidents or revolts.
  • America will recover partly from financial crisis, but part of america may face natural disasters like earth quake, and general happiness of people of america may fall very low
  • Israel – Palestinian relationship may escalate and cause instability in gulf region. The same goes for North Korea and South Korea
  • Industrial, Fire and Locomotive accidents may be at large, specially that involves Airplane. There is a risk of unprovoked aerial bombing
  • Exalted Saturn in Libra may severe the effects of disasters associated with Mars, as Saturn is in constellation of Mars.
  • Disasters will be of origin and Fire and Earth and not of water. Fire accidents, fire tragedies, wars, bombings will be predominant. Earth Quakes can occur in various places.
  • Global warming is issue of hour, the earth’s protective magnetic field is wearing out, and the year will witness harsh heat wave throughout world.
  • People of all over world will either open their eyes of wisdom or turn into extreme views/lunatic decisions.

The fertility of ones mind and application of ones wisdom and knowledge will be tested this year, there is a risk of great danger and disaster due to man’s folly rather than nature’s rage. The decision of quality of life of every individual will determine the overall good and evil of this year.

Wisdom is the need of the hour. And Universal love is the only antidote to prevent further damage we have already done.  Quest for wisdom and inner liberation can avert ones suffering this year. This will be the year of spiritual quest for people all over the world.



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