Mysticism – Learning How to Become One with God


Mysticism is generally understood to be direct knowledge of spiritual truth though that truth is loosely defined by the experience of the individual. Mysticism is not attached to any one faith or even a belief because you do not believe in mysticism, but are born a mystic! Mystics have a desperate need to help others, to guide them through the obstacles and struggles of life using their intuition and innate ability to see the right path for someone to take. You cannot learn to be a mystic, but are born with the ability. Since there is no firm definition of what a mystic is, and it isn’t a skill that can be taught or learned, how does one find out if they are a mystic? There are signs that all mystics generally share.

What’s the Mystic Experience?

Mystics all value experiences. These experiences help to develop their intuition and that intuition is crucial in helping them learn to trust themselves in any situation. They question the meaning of life, the purpose of existence, always striving to understand why things happen. They have a natural curiosity about every facet of the world, physical and spiritual, and need to learn everything they can about it. Because of this, a mystic is often very uncomfortable with uncertainty, they want the experience that is coming, they want to understand why it is happening, and they know that they will survive the experience. Every experience offers a chance to grow, and that growth is the most important thing in the world to a mystic. They rely on their intuition as much as all their other senses and knowledge. A mystic is able to function at 100% head and heart at all times. They live life by their own rules, and are uncomfortable in situations where spiritual experiences are constrained by ritual and tradition. Mystics believe that everyone has their own path to travel and a one-size-fits-all approach to the spiritual is not the way to travel it. They understand that no one person will change the world, and that we are all temporary, but that anyone can leave a mark. Love, however, can change everything and they do their best to show love and encourage others to do the same.  Read more about Mystics here:

Am I Mystic?

If you feel you are a mystic then you will want to hone your mystical powers. You will find that as a mystic your intuition opens you up to psychic abilities and you will want to work on them so that you can use them. Accept that having psychic abilities isn’t weird or wrong, it’s just a part of who you are. These abilities are tools that can be used to help you on your journey and like any workman you will want to practice with them until you can use them perfectly. You will also want to be aware that your mystic powers will bring you closer to the spiritual world and this means that you will have experiences that others will not. Accepting your abilities as a mystic and journeying along that path is important. You should not shun your mystical powers! They are what make you, you.


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