Magic is the use of symbols and ritual to affect supernatural forces. The word magic has a number of meanings and there is no one explanation or definition of how it can be used. Magic has been used as far back as the Persians and has even older roots stretching back to the courts of the Egyptian pharaohs. It began to garner its negative reputation during the time of the ancient Greeks and was used to describe religious rituals that were considered dangerous. From there it was adopted into a Latin word that was used to describe association with demons. The word experienced something of a renaissance in the Middle Ages, but this simply served to confuse the uses and roots of magic even more, leading to a dichotomy in belief between the idea that magic was demonic or that magic was nature based and therefore natural. In the more modern era, magic is viewed as a force that can be used to affect the world around the magic user via their willpower and desire.

Because magic in the modern era is predominantly viewed as a natural phenomenon, it is believed that anyone is able to use it, to connect to nature and affect the world around them. If all of nature is made of energy, then everything in the world is connected. Learning magic is learning to control and manipulate these connections, to manipulate the threads of energy that connect us all in order to change the reality of the world around us. By manipulating things on a level beyond even then atomic, we are able to bring about true change. Change that is beyond even the molecular level.

Learning how to control magic, however, can be challenging. It requires concentration, focus and determination. You must begin by teaching yourself visualizations skills and perfecting them. You have to train your mind to see the world beyond the physical. You need to see the spiritual, the very threads of energy. The idea of “As above, so below” is crucial in training yourself to visual the world beyond sight. Remember that everything you see, must also be everything you cannot see. Magic should only be used to create positivity and harmony in the world. Remember, when you use magic you are affecting the very threads of the world. You are changing the world. If you change it for the better, then you are doing something to help heal the world. If you change it for the worse, then you are simply helping the darkness and wickedness of the world to thrive.

Three Basic Magic Parts

Magic has three basic parts: the desire, the form, and the manifestation. The desire is what you want, it answers the question ‘Why do I want to use magic?’. The form is the way in which you will use magic to achieve your desire. It answers the question, ‘How will I use magic?’. Lastly, manifestation is the way in which the desire is fulfilled, it answers the question ‘What will the outcome be?’.

There are ten basic tenets of magic that a magic user must keep in mind when considering its use:

  • 1. What one gives one also receives (As above, so below)
    2. Magic flows through thought and through emotion.
    3. My thoughts and emotions create.
    4. The energy of magic is the direct result of cause and effect.
    5. Things that seem contradictory are actually complimentary (two pieces of the puzzle).
    6. My magical energy is directed by my will.
    7. My magical energy, like all energy, will take the shortest path to its destination.
    8. Because my thoughts and emotions can create, all creation is affected by my thought and emotion.
    9. Thoughts and emotions are the voices of Spirits.
    10. Magic will work in silence.

There are many rituals, symbols and principles that can be involved in the use of magic. Magic will work in silence but words, both spoken and unspoken, are powerful and useful in using and guiding our magical energy. In fact, many consider these words to be at least as important, if not more so, than any symbolism or ritual gestures. Most language used for magic ritual is found in the form of spells, songs, blessings and chants. These often contain archaic word usages in attempts to purify the language and bring about a greater truth in the language that the magic will respond to more readily.


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