Wands – More Than A Fantasy Tool


Wands are more than just tools for fantasy enthusiasts or fans of wizarding school fiction. A wand is an important tool used by witches to channel the energy needed for a spell. They have been used for centuries. Wands vary in size or length, though most are between twelve and eighteen inches and are almost always made of ash or hawthorn wood, though they can be made out of any material the caster prefers. When making a wand you want it to be personal and comfortable; something that you connect with because it will be channeling your energy.

Choosing a Wand

When choosing a material for your wand it is important to understand what sort of qualities your wood choice naturally possesses. Bear in mind, however, that even if you are drawn to a wand made of a wood whose qualities are not something you are interested in, it is more important that you pick a wand you are drawn to rather than a set of qualities. A wand that connects with you and your energy will be much more effective than a wand with which you have no good connection.

Types of Wood Wands

Alder – connected to fire and water with natural self-protection, divination and healing properties
Apple – connected to love with youth, beauty and fertility properties
Ash – connected to water with protection and purification properties
Beech – connected to the feminine with the power to grant wishes and improve creativity and imagination
Cherry – a grounding wood that has creativity, prosperity and healing properties
Cedar – has healing and purification as well as protection properties
Eucalyptus – best for purification or exorcisms as it has cleansing properties
Holly – ideal for men and is a highly protective wood; best when paired with ivy
Ivy – ideal for women, should be paired with Holly; commonly used in handfasting ceremonies
Lilac – associated with Venus and has the ability to drive away evil
Oak – considered very lucky and also has healing, fertility and protection properties
Willow – a sacred wood that when worked under the moon will have even greater strength

Your wand is meant to be an extension of yourself. Much in the same way pointing a finger at someone is considered improper and rude, pointing a wand at someone should not be done carelessly. It is a tool used to channel your energy and should only be used for white or non-harmful magic. Remember, any tool that you use when practicing spell craft can maintain that energy until it is cleansed, and further, remember the rule of three: “Any energy you send out into the world will return threefold.”. You don’t want to use a wand to cast a dark or black magic spell just to have it come back, with the added strength of your wand, and hit you three times as hard as your intended victim.

If you choose to buy a wand that is already made rather than make one yourself, be sure you spend the time to cleanse it of all other energy before you use it so that it is connected with you and your intentions.


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