Divination And Scrying


Divination is a tool for self-exploration as well as method of telling the future. It can also be used to explain what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future. You can also use divination to get in touch with people who may have passed on in order to get information from them. There are two main types of divination: direct or natural. There are many, many different ways to practice divination, but this article is going to look at the five popular forms of divination!

Five Forms of Divination

Tarot – Tarot and tarot cards are one of the most popular forms of divination; they’re something everyone has heard of! Anyone is capable of using a deck of tarot cards, and beginner decks often come with a book of explanation to help beginners learn what the cards mean. Many people will avoid reading the cards in reverse because they feel the reverse cards are only negative, but many professional readers will include reverse readings because they believe that it helps to give a full, rounded reading. Just as life is not all positives, so should a tarot reading include both the good and the bad.

I Ching – I Ching is one of the oldest methods of divination still practiced in the world. It comes in two forms, the yarrow stick or the coin form. The coin reading is considered much easier and less tedious to learn, though back in older times the coins were only useable by the rich and many peasants learned to divine with I Ching through the yarrow stick method. I Ching is based on the principle that no change is random, that all change follows a cycle and even death is not an ending simply the end of one cycle and the start of a new one.

Runes – Runes began as an ancient Germanic writing system, but they were always considered magical by the people who used them. Each rune has a single image inscribed or printed on it, and the preferred medium for runes is wood. Runes are kept in a pound and tossed or laid out like tarot cards in a pattern and then the resulting runes are read from! You can buy your own runes, but many rune readers prefer to make their own runes as they feel it provides them with more accurate results.

Scrying – Whether performed with a crystal ball or a mirror, scrying is a great way for a beginner to work on learning divination. If you choose to practice scrying with a crystal ball then be sure to purchase it in person. These balls aren’t made out of glass, but crystal and some diviners prefer to use a completely clear one while others prefer one that is cloudy. Being able to go out and touch the crystal, to feel its vibrations yourself will help you be a better scryer because you will have a stronger connection to your crystal ball.

Lithomancy – Lithomancy is another ancient form of divination, used for so long we don’t even know its origins any longer. It uses thirteen stones, six for the major topics of life: new, luck, magic, health, life and love and 7 for the primary signs of astrology: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Gather the stones together, drop them, and note the way in which they land!


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