Minor Arcana Reversed – Swords


When the cards are reversed many people believe they are nothing more than bad omens, but a good tarot reading includes both the regular cards and the reversed cards. Reversed cards offer a deeper perspective and a chance to look more closely at what is happening in our lives.  Let’s take a look at the Minor Arcana Reversed Swords.

Minor Arcana Reversed Swords Tarot Cards and Meanings

Ace of Swords Reversed – This card is generally positive but also a warning to use your common sense and be careful about things that may not be what they seem.

Two of Swords Reversed – The two is a card about partnership and balance. It tells you that it may be time to commit to a deeper, more meaningful partnership but to be careful that you don’t allow it to unbalance your life.

Three of Swords Reversed – This card indicates that there will be some sort of painful disappointment coming, but that any pain you feel will not destroy you and healing will be right on its heels.

Four of Swords Reversed – This card is a warning that you or someone close to you is feeling exhausted and must take a break. Now is critical and you must rest before you collapse.

Five of Swords Reversed – The five indicates conflicts and power struggles you may be having and is telling you to pick and choose your battles carefully. Not every fight needs to be won. Figure out what matters most and let everything else go.

Six of Swords Reversed – This card is a warning to think before you speak, even though you may feel compelled to let others know, right now, how you are feeling about something. The way in which you communicate your thoughts is just as important as the thoughts themselves.

Seven of Swords Reversed – The seven is a warning not to cheat, it is telling you that you will, without a doubt, get caught. Think twice. If you find someone else cheating, this card says you must confront them in order to preserve your relationship.

Eight of Swords Reversed – This card is an affirmation that it is time to move forward and take steps towards your future that you have carefully planned and prepared for. Keep moving, ask for help if you need it, but trust yourself to have made the right choice.

Nine of Swords Reversed – The nine reminds you that though you may have worries worth worrying about, you cannot let that worry control your life. No problem persists forever. Be cautious, be reasonable in your doubts, and don’t let your worries get out of control.

Ten of Swords Reversed – This card is a card of balance. It is a sign that you have reached a clear and balanced perspective of life and must now carefully continue going forwards. It is a sign that the difficult time you may have just been through is over.

Page of Swords Reversed – This card may represent a person, younger than yourself, who has a problem crossing boundaries and putting their nose in your business. It is a reminder that it is good to draw boundaries and enforce them. It is also a warning that you can’t plan for everything, there will be unexpected events in life and you will just have to work through them one at a time

Knight of Swords Reversed – This card is a warning that someone or something may not be trustworthy and you should take steps to ensure that your information is safe and secure and that you are not surrounded by people who will steal your energy and ideas.

Queen of Swords Reversed – The reversed queen often symbolizes stumbling blocks that may be created by others or yourself. Look around you and at yourself to see if you are causing things to stop working.

King of Swords Reversed – The King is a final statement that no matter how hard you try sometimes you cannot change someone’s mind and you can only hope to achieve compromise with them. Being forceful with this person is not going to work, in fact it will probably make thing worse.


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