The Moon


The Moon Tarot card displays a small pond at the bottom, a path through the middle and the moon waiting at the top. On one side of the path sit a tower and a dog, on the other side another tower and a wolf. The dog and his tower represent the good and the civilized. The wolf represents the wild and feral. The tower on the side of the wolf represents the forces of evil and the difficulties it can bring. The path represents the fine line between the conscious and subconscious. Along the path, crawling up out of the water of the pond, is a crawfish. The crawfish represents the person receiving the reading. The light of the moon offers clarity and understanding as we travel along this path, encouraging us to allow our intuition to guide us.

The Moon

Upright, the Moon tarot card represents our intuition and subconscious. With this comes some uncertainty and confusion. There are secrets, complexity, and illusions to confound and confuse us. This can cause anxiety and fear that we must work to resist. Let the negative energies go – this will allow the destructive energy to be turned to something useful.

In love the Moon tells you that things are complicated and not as they appear. It’s too easy to stumble into misunderstandings with others and you will have to take the time and energy to figure out what the intentions of your loved ones are. Plus, you have to spend time understanding your own emotions and desires. It is a warning that you may be struggling through a haze of history, preventing you from evaluating situations for what they are without the ghosts of the past. You must examine yourself and your motivations – be sure you are in the right place to be in a relationship.

In work, an upright Moon is a sign of uncertainty that you feel about your position. Are you where you want to be? There is confusion about goals, misunderstandings are everywhere, and you must be sure you can express yourself here as well.

The Moon Reversed Meaning

In reverse, the Moon tarot card reversed meaning is a sign of severe confusion and unhappiness. You feel as though you want to go forward, to make progress, but you cannot figure out the right way to go. It is a big, flashing sign telling you to stop and focus on dispelling anxiety and fear so they no longer stop you from making decisions. Believe in yourself and take a first brave step forward. Stop letting yourself be held back by the memories of the past. You can be successful. You can move forward.

In romance it is a warning that there is some sort of deception causing confusion and to rely on your intuition to guide you and help you make the right decision. The deception could be coming from you or your partner. Remember, just because someone is hiding something it doesn’t mean they intend to hurt you. Sometimes we hide information from those we love because we want to save them pain or fear or for other positive reasons. Remember to have compassion and understanding as you work with them.


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