Love Horoscope Reading for Scorpio, the Scorpion


Scorpio Love Horoscope:  A Stubborn Astrology Sign

A Scorpio love horoscope can be a difficult thing to write. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, yet they are stubborn and like to be in control, so they resist change. They are intensely emotional, determined, and forceful. Many people view them as a bundle of contradictions and give them a bad reputation. The truth is that Scorpio’s are excellent at hiding what is happening to them internally and they don’t often let people get close enough to know what is going on. It takes time, care, and effort to become close enough to a Scorpio that you truly get to know them. Some people, even friends and family who have known them their entire lives, will never truly get to see who a Scorpio is on the inside.

Reading A Relationship Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio

They match best with Water and Earth, but rarely with Air signs. Anyone that has loved a Fixed sign knows they have a lover for life and it rings true for Scorpio. This is not always a great thing. You can’t beat their passion and sex appeal but they need someone who accepts their intense emotionality. Scorpio can make some sparks and steam with Fire so long as everyone puts effort in. At the end of the day, Earth signs stabilize Scorpio’s intensity and Water signs just get you like no one else will.

A good Scorpio love horoscope will focus on the three transformations of the Scorpio, as well as the positive traits that can be learned when you spend time getting to know one. These people are fiercely protective and loyal, they will sacrifice everything for someone they care about. Quality means more than quantity for these folks and that means they often have few friends. The friends they have they hold on to tightly. Betray a Scorpio and they will never forgive nor will they forget. They will cut you out of their life and never look back. While you may never get to know the real Scorpio, rest assured they will learn everything there is to know about you. These are people who are adept at learning others secrets and researching all there is to know about them.

Falling in love with a Scorpio has its challenges, as a good Scorpio love horoscope will point out. Scorpios need to win, and will do so at any cost. Everything they do is a highly emotional and intense action, and that intensity is often mistaken for anger. They are drawn to go deeply into everything but need to remain balanced and in control. Because they hide so much of themselves and require their partners to figure them out, being in a relationship with a Scorpio can be a bit tricky. Their partner’s have to resist the urge to guess what the Scorpio is thinking and project their own worries about the relationship onto their Scorpio partner. They must learn to listen to the Scorpio, they don’t lie. They will tell you honestly and directly how they feel. Before jumping into a relationship with a Scorpio, we recommend you read up on the other sign’s compatibility ratings with them as well on this page.

The Good And The Bad Of Dating a Scorpio

Scorpios have a magnetism to them and they will transform their partners, exploring emotional and intimate heights that many of the other signs never even consider possible. They provide their partners with a feeling of accomplishment, as though they are the best man or woman they are capable of being. Remember though, if you betray a Scorpio they will cut you out of their life. Always be honest with them.

As a Water sign, Scorpios are best suited for other Water and Earth signs. They are most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces because these signs are more down to earth and relaxing for the Scorpio to be around.

Great: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Favorable: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Challenging: Aries, Gemini, Libra


Aries & Scorpio

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Scorpio is Water, Delicate balance so neither evaporates
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Scorpio is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS: Quincunx, Original odd couple

Overall: This is a beautiful match to watch unfold. At first sight this pair is the type that will wonder how they managed apart. Aries is a Cardinal Fire that loves power. Scorpio is a Fixed Water and loves it when Aries initiates. This is a balanced and passionate match. Aries is all passion, while Scorpio is a very sexual mate. They will never be short of loving as long as they have the room they need to grow. This is a smoking hot, feisty, love of good argument pairing. They have explosive fights, and then steamy makeup sex. As exciting as it is clandestine, they understand a need for privacy.

Positive: Fire plus water creates steam. They will never complain about the sex life. This is an extraordinary combination of emotional groundings and physical energy. Scorpio will love how Aries teaches them to let go of the little of things they are fixated upon. Aries truly explores the intuitive side of Scorpio that gives all the tips and secrets needed to pursue extraordinary success. Spy games anyone? This is a tricky combination with undeniable sex chemistry. This pairing is made of two dynamic, competitive, slow to trust, private people. Who will show their hand first? They are both slow to admit or jump into things. Passionate Mars as the ruling planet makes this matchup really hot.

Challenges: There is something to be said about too much of a good thing. Both have tempers that can flare and fizzle the love flame. Passion is bad for fights, which will arise. Aries needs independence and will easily feel smothered by Scorpio fixation and obsessions. Aries has a need for freedom with a desire to stray. Both of them can be very jealous, they will have problems if they don’t first have solid foundations with each other. They need true commitment to understand these differences which will prevent Scorpio’s manipulative and vindictive nature from coming out. They also need to curb Aries temper. The bedroom antics are the ties that bind. But make sure that the attraction goes deeper than that before you label it as a relationship. Fights can be epic because both think compromise is a weakness. Put your pride aside, learn when to surrender, and you will elevate each other to new creative and sensual highs for years to come.

Make it Work: This is a challenge oriented couple because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which represents power and Aries is ruled by Mars which represents war. This couple will always be fighting if they let that energy in. Both want to win and in those fights they need to remember how the other feels. One personality trait that both signs possess that will work very well for them is loyalty. When both draw from this trait in explosive moments  they can carry this for the long haul. Both signs need to win all the time. However, combined, they are a force to be reckoned with. Aries as energy and Scorpio as emotional leaders make a combination that can stand the test of time if they don’t put each other out.

Scorpio & Taurus

ELEMENT:  Taurus is Earth, Scorpio is Water, Harmonious blend for comfort
QUALITY:  Both are Fixed , Stubborn guardians
POLARITY:  Both are Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS:  Opposite, Soul twin match

Overall: In this relationship, both will enjoy the match immensely and intensely. There is little middle ground; it will either be amazing or anything but. This is because they are polar opposites with an abundance of love compatibility. They both want the same things and feel intensely. That is what works for and against them. There is a cosmic connection underneath this match. They keep attuned to each other over time. The strengths, when committed, balance the weaknesses. Overtime, they can strengthen even the opportunities. Opposites attract as their passion is ignited. These are two privacy seeking signs that prefer comforts of their own home. This can lead to isolation if they don’t force yourselves to get out from time to time. Sexy, even through mundane, since you both turn each other on with constructive criticism.

Positive: Taurus is Venus, which is love. Scorpio is Mars and Pluto, which is passion and power. This will be a stunning and sexy combination of two sensual zodiac signs. The intimacy between these lovers will be off the charts. Both are Fixed, so there is an intense loyalty. They both need honesty so they are also very real. They will nurture and compliment each other. Their strong emotional and cosmic connection can smooth wrinkles out. Opposites attract and burn with erotic charm. Like a pair of under the radar celebrities, your relationship often evolves in the most private of places. Scorpio and Taurus create a castle with a moat and crocodiles. You live powerful lives in the outside world and thus need to escape. There’s plenty of spicy stuff going on behind closed doors. They might be too insular as a couple. Sensual Taurus snaps sexy Scorpio out of the power games mode. This creates a safe space for vulnerability. Scorpio provides the security that quells Taurus’ abandonment issues. Both are music lovers and stellar cooks, which means great entertainers.

Challenges: Both are fixed, so their strong shadow sides have the potential to get ugly quick. They are the most emotionally intense pairing. Scorpio is already an emotional water sign, but when things are rough, emotions run even higher. When problems occur Taurus’ horns and Scorpio’s stingers clash. The wounds that result could take years to heal both. The tidal waves of emotions are possible and likely. Taurus could be moved by Scorpio’s dramatics and mysterious side. Scorpio is jealous of Taurus’ beauty and will have to rein it in. Both have a penchant for revenge. If someone does you wrong, then watch out; they don’t stop until the other person has paid. Hell hath no fury like Scorpio or Taurus scorned. Too much time in their bubble can breed contempt. If you don’t leave the nest every now and again, and nurture independent interests, you will turn on each other with constructive criticism. If you focus on the other’s flaws, let it be a sign that its time to separate from each other for a few hours.

Make it Work: The best part about a Taurus and Scorpio love match is the cosmic connection and high rating on love compatibility meter. This match is destined to do well even with problems. They need to work on their strengths and pullback on the weaknesses. Taurus has to deal with Scorpio drama and secrets, as well as accept it without taking it personal. Scorpio must tone down the accusations and have faith in the Taurus love. When Taurus can reassure and Scorpio gets it, joy and sparks are stuff legends are made of.

Scorpio & Gemini

ELEMENT: Gemini is Air, Scorpio is Water, Collision of head and heart
QUALITY: Gemini is Mutable, Scorpio is Fixed, Compromise to find sync
POLARITY: Gemini is Yang, Scorpio is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS: Quincunx, Original odd couple

Overall: On paper, this will be a rough road. Though they have some excellent long term potential. Mutable Air Gemini with Fixed Water Scorpio will have lots of differences in this relationship. Finding and focusing on the common ground and loving through the differences will be the key to success. If they can swing it, this couple can by envied by the crowd. Intense and dramatic. They love a good game of cat and mouse, always asking plenty of questions. Intellectually stimulating, since you both understand and share an unending quest for the truth.

Positive: Both want the same things, just have a different way of going about it. Scorpio is passionate and exciting and ready to try something new in the bedroom that Gemini will love. Scorpios emotional center will ground Gemini and bring new perspective to the relationship table. Gemini’s heart for chatting about everything will give Scorpio the security they need. Communication is important to both. The key to long term commitments in these relationships are identifying the differences between them and loving anyway. That is not easy for both. This relationship is full of intrigue, drama, and intensity. 20,000 questions but neither one of you is quick to give up answers. Mastermind Gemini meets Scorpio the Sleuth which results in a 007 adventure. You both immediately begin probing for clues. For most this would be an exhausting turn off, but for these two its an aphrodisiac. You tease each other with a cat and mouse that provides a hot vibe.

Challenges: Their arguments will take front and center. They will need to realize what they signed up for. If they are not careful, their arguments will lead to their demise. Gemini loves a good banter and can get too carried away. Scorpio is very needy and gets jealous emotionally. Gemini will have difficulty understanding this because they appreciate freedom. Gemini must accept it though to make it last. Gemini also errs on the controlling side which Scorpio doesn’t have the patience for. Long talks seeking forgiveness are likely. The buildup is the best part, so don’t stop playing games. Private Scorpio prefers the intensity of the behind closed doors encounter. Unrepentant Gemini is a flirt and party animal who wants to be out and about. If Scorpio’s jealousy and trust issues are provoked, then Gemini could be iced out. Scorpio, don’t turn off your sexy just because you’re committed or as revenge for twin’s flirtatious nature. Gemini sets up entertaining hobbies at home so you can enjoy domestic bliss your way while Scorpio lounges on couch.

Make it Work: They are not best for love, as they have lots of unique gifts that present differently. Scorpio’s loyalty is unmatched. Gemini forgives easily. As heated of a match as this can be, love and forgiveness will keep it going for as long as they want it to. Neither are short on gifts, which bodes well for them long term.

Scorpio & Cancer

ELEMENT: Both are Water, Sensitive and deep
QUALITY:  Cancer is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS: Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This is two water signs coming together. The love compatibility will be very high and both partners will even feel they’ve found their lost soul mates. This is an emotional union, one that has deep bonds, unshaking loyalty and trust, and an intensity that creates sparks in bedroom. Both signs are very intuitive, which bodes well for the long term success of the union. They read each other daily, without even expecting or thinking about it. Their sexual chemistry is very high and they will share a practical chemistry that stands test of time. This relationship is two kindred spirits that have met their match. These sensitive beings are both afraid to let their guard down, but feel safe with each other. This pair is full of nurturing and healing, since you allow each other to let your guard down.

Positive: This pairing is not without passion, so many will envy the sparks. They are dual water marked by deep love, strong loyalty, and an intuitive connection that is impossible to replicate in any other match. They want a long term love, this is a commonality that bodes well for the long term. Cancer craves security and Scorpio can give it because they can only do one love at a time. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and thus ruled by a love that nurtures and replenishes. Scorpio is intensely grateful. Scorpio is sexy and smoldering and adoring as Cancer needs. They are emotional soulmates and feel an instant kindred spirit connection with each other. Both are innately possessive, terrified of feeling vulnerable  and automatically suspicious of everyone you meet. Although you have the good sense to hide these qualities from most people, with each other you can actually fess up to your fears and find solace in one another arms. The nurturing vibes overflow between you, leading you to the happy family life you both crave.

Challenges: With all the emotions skittering about, tempers will flare. This is especially true here, they will have pretty emotional problems. Scorpio lashes out with intensity over the slightest grievance if caught in the wrong wind. Cancer feels mortally wounded over these moments and will carry a grudge. Cancer wants to dominate the relationship, which is difficult under the intense scrutiny of Scorpio. If there is one fixed sign that trumps Cardinals in leadership, it is the intensity of the Scorpio energy that can do it. Cancer will want to retreat on occasion but when both parties remember the soul and intuitive connection they share these moments will not last long with these two. Both have issues with emotional manipulation though. This is something that will need to be let go of in order to keep those tempers at bay. Jealously alert: this is two of the most possessive signs. When you tread over each other’s trust lines, look out. Both develop hardened outer shells to shield vulnerability; cracking through will be epic feat. Both are uber sensitive and discussions about feelings could become epic and endless. Give each other a get out of jail free card every now and again. Dropping a grudge is not a sign of weakness, it’s a necessity with two people who are as proud and power-obsessed as you both are.

Make it Work: When these two water signs match up it is going to be an emotional one indeed. Both parties are equally guilty when it comes to emotional manipulation at times. There is a deep passion and love at the base of this, so there are good intentions. For the match to be successful for the the long term, both parties will need to remember they are given intuitive feelers for a reason. Using their spidey sense bodes well for Cancer and Scorpio match, as they will be able to innately sense what their partner needs. If they tap into that deep well of love, then they will be able to meet those needs with considerable long term success in love.

Scorpio & Leo

ELEMENT:  Leo is Fire, Scorpio is Water, Delicate balance so neither evaporates
QUALITY: Both are Fixed, Stubborn guardians
POLARITY:  Leo is Yang, Scorpio is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: On paper, it will appear as though they don’t agree on anything. They can be highly compatible because they have common ground if they are willing to take time to explore. Both are Fixed so they are loyal and committed. They are intense in their own ways which creates an intense sexual chemistry that bodes well for union. Scorpio needs to pull back on their outside flirting. This will accomplish a new exciting and dynamic union. This relationship is magnetic and spicy. They are control freaks that love to have things their way, which can lead to epic power struggles. They are inspiring and assuring, since both understand each other’s highly confident personas.

Positive: Fixed Fire Leo with Fixed Water Scorpio means two Fixed energies in play, so they are both creative and intuitive. There are two areas of common ground that they can and should take advantage of when it comes to romance. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they love to glow with energy and optimism no matter where they go. Scorpio is attracted to that. Leo needs constant flattery and is not afraid to give it, which Scorpio is very very attracted to.  Leo finds Scorpio sexy in their mysterious side, Leo wants to figure out Scorpio secrets. Scorpio knows this, so they play Leo a little. In this way, however, there is some exciting sexual chemistry. They are both uniquely intuitive. The deeper intuition works well because they will understand what the other needs and meet quickly when arise. Celebrate those magnetic personalities!  You’ll have a spicy match on your hands that lasts for at least a season, if not a lifetime. Unfortunately, its all too easy for you to become threatened by the other’s projected confidence. You’ll need to remind yourselves of this daily. You don’t need to break each other down to ensure you won’t be left in lurch. Sex this good doesn’t come along every day. With Leo’s show stopping personality and Scorpio’s behind the scenes alchemy, you can blend talents into a money making hit that supports a family for generations to come.

Challenges: This Fixed pairing results in two very stubborn people. In many ways, this is what will keep them together. This is also what will create some rifts. Leo likes to flirt and it is mostly harmless. Scorpio has a very big problem with that. Scorpio has a tendency to be jealous and obsessive. They walk away from anything that doesn’t provide unabiding loyalty. Leo also needs a constant flattery and as much as this can work in love, Scorpio will tire of it if not getting fair share. Leo will need to learn and accept that with Scorpio it is all or nothing. There are power struggles ahead. Both need to feel like number one. The trouble is, neither sign is quick to give up control. Your different approaches to childrearing also cause consternation and often another battleground for control. Woosh! Since resolving conflicts on a daily basis is your idea of an aphrodiasic, go ahead and get hatched. Otherwise, you might be better off as business partners or just friends.

Make it Work: Since these are two Fixed sign energies, both need to learn how to give and take in this relationship. It is impossible to erase the stubborn side off of either one of these signs, so both need to compromise. Scorpio sees budging as a sign of weakness but would rather budge than lose the one they love. If Leo can gently show this to Scorpio they may realize they are on the same side. Underneath the power struggles is an intense sexual chemistry founded in deep intuition and loyalty. If both Leo and Scorpio remember this and embrace those traits, this is a love match that will be an envy of all in the crowd.

Scorpio & Virgo

ELEMENT:  Virgo is Earth, Scorpio is Water, Harmonious blend for comfort
QUALITY:  Virgo is Mutable, Scorpio is Fixed, Compromise to find sync
POLARITY: Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS:  Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: This is a high high ranking match. Mutable Earth Virgo and Fixed Water Scorpio come together on this one. As such, they both feel like they have found their long last friend. Sexy intense Scorpio is really appealing to Virgo. Virgo keeps it real, which is attractive to Scorpio. This relationship is spiritually stimulating. These two privacy seeking souls love to dive deep and that leads to fascinating conversation. They are detailed oriented since both understand each others analytical ways.

Positive: These are the best friends that could end up in a long and happy life together. They are a slow moving match because of Virgo, but Scorpio doesn’t have a problem with waiting for the love they believe in. This will bode well in the long term. Virgo has a gift of communication. Virgo loves a good mystery and analytical mind, which Scorpio has in spades. They are never short of anything to talk about. They are always working together to make their amazing bond even more so over time. There is a soulful entwining as they are reflective, spiritual and fascinated by tiny details of life. These signs tend to be private, you’ll enjoy discovering inner workings of each other’s minds. Both probe at a pace the other is comfy with; not too fast or slow. Communication and friendship are a basis for this connection. May not be a ‘rip clothes off’ attraction to each other, but there’s a sweet stability to your matchup that is its own brand of sexy. Instead of obsessing about when  the other will call or text, they can focus energies towards creating a meaningful life together. Home will be a comfy base camp for separate interests and easily coexisting. Elaborate dinner parties are your forte as a couple. If you have children, you will be patient and devoted parents who provide their kids with worldly, well rounded education.

Challenges: They seem literally made for each other. However, there are key differences that they will need to be careful of. Virgo is a stickler for details, which can come across as critical and cutting. Scorpio doesn’t like it, Virgo will realize this. Scorpio has a tendency to become obsessed and fixated on love. Virgo needs room to breathe. Scorpio’s obsessive nature will become a big turn off for Virgo unless Scorpio finds a way to give Virgo freedom without losing their mind to jealousy. Scorpio is so fixed and stubborn, Virgo may back off. This could get old for Virgo if Scorpio doesn’t make up for it. Obsession alert: two of most analytical signs in Zodiac. While might not fixate on each other, you can both get wicked tunnel vision when life goes awry. This could end up with playing therapist for each other, which will strain the connection. They have a shared need for control which could devolve into power struggles if you don’t mark your turf. If one of you wants dishes done just so, or shower scrubbed to pristine perfection, then make that your job. Critically holding each other to your impeccable standards is a recipe for nitpicking, total romance.

Make it Work: You can’t find a happier couple than when you mix Earth and Water. They adore each other but have forked tongues. Things can get a little critical, which is usually fun for Virgo but not Scorpio. Both need to pull back from that quality if they don’t want to bruise the other’s egos for good. They are deeply rooted in a devotion that is hard to forget. Scorpio wants to keep Virgo, Virgo is happy to adapt to Scorpio’s quirks. This will allow them to remain in bliss.

Scorpio & Libra

ELEMENT:  Libra is Air, Scorpio is Water, Collision of head and heart
QUALITY:  Libra is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Libra is Yang, Scorpio is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Semisextile, Cosmic combination

Overall: Fundamental differences in play with Libra and Scorpio. Both need to be committed to the end game if they want this match to make the long haul. This shared common ground will make for a firm foundation for a harmonious and sexually charged relationship. Cardinal Air Libra pairing with Fixed Water Scorpio. Both like to be in control, both bring very different intense energies to the table. Finding the balance to these differences will be key in turning the Libra and Scorpio love match into one destined for success. There is an intriguing connection that magnetizes these two polar opposites. These night owls both know how to have a good time, but the relationship could quickly fizzle out once you realize fundamental differences. Secretive Scorpio plays it cool while amorous Libra wears their heart on their sleeve, which leads to misunderstandings. They can thrive if they are willing to make some serious compromises for each other.

Positive: The good thing in this connection is both have the same fundamental basic needs in love. Both need a long term connection that makes them feel secure, balanced, at peace, and sexually charged. Both will work very hard to provide these fundamental basics for their partner. Libra will be very attracted at how Scorpio is fixed to the notion of making this relationship win at all costs. Scorpio will appreciate Libra’s rational approach to life and how hard Libra strives for harmony in world. Scorpio will be very attracted to Libra’s elegant charm. Libra in turn will feel enchanted by Scorpios sexual intensity and how it is always directed at them. Scorpio has unique way of knowing exactly how to make Libra feel special. Libra responds to Scorpio’s needs intuitively in turn to create a very balanced and complimentary relationship.  In this relationship, day meets night and intrigue begins. Sunny Libra is the Zodiac’s flowerchild and they wear their heart on their paisley-printed sleeve. Brooding Scorpio, the mystical spy, is clutching their top secret cards tightly against their black leather vest. Since you’re both night owls and music lovers you might meet on the dance floor or at a live concert. At first, Libra is flattered by Scorpio’s intense focus, its nice to find someone so interested in discovering who you are.

Challenges: These are intense signs in own rights, but affected by two different elements. This brings a lot of intense energy to table, which could lead to heated battles and a lot of drama. Libra’s Cardinal Air energy has tendency to lead with words and criticism first in an argument. Scorpio’s Fixed Water energy on the other hand can be emotionally draining as well. The best case scenario when Scorpio is upset is emotional manipulation, which Libra picks up on very quickly. Worst case for Libra is if Scorpio brings out the emotional stinger. This could lead to disaster in love because for either sign when its done, its done. Libra also finds the jealous side of Scorpio is on stifling side and Scorpio would prefer it if Libra was a little more affectionate. Both will need to work hard in this union to remember that true love means embracing all sides of the one they are infatuated with. The sexy tango falls out of step when conversational Libra inquires about Scorpio’s life. Scorpio’s cryptic answers and sarcastic remarks are simply not in Libra’s lexicon and it might feel like Scorpio is playing them for a fool. If Scorpio can drop the defensive posture, this can be a heavenly upward trek through romantic peaks and chart topping climaxes. Unfortunately, Libra’s flirtatious personality often provokes Scorpio’s jealousy and you two can get caught up in a modern day, ‘war of the roses’ before you ever start your ascent. Some major compromises will have to be made. Libra may have to tone down their innate social tendencies and private Scorpio will have to come out of that cave and mingle more often. Don’t expect to be each other’s everything if you want to keep making and enjoying beautiful music together.

Make it Work: There is intense drama over time due to the controlling personalities with completely different energies. They will need to work to find a way to balance and honor these qualities in each other, without damaging egos in the process. The good news is that in the end, both want the same thing and the same outcome. Libra’s gift of diplomacy and harmony may need to be exercised a little more often around Scorpio but Scorpio’s lavish passion and affection in return will make Libra more than appreciated. Both these signs unity is key to happiness in love and so both Libra and Scorpio will need to remember team work is critical to their romantic success.

Scorpio & Scorpio

ELEMENT:  Both are Water, Sensitive and deep
QUALITY: Both are Fixed, Stubborn guardians
POLARITY: Both are Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS: Conjunct, Twinning that needs separation

Overall: This is an intense pairing of two Fixed Water signs, but one that ranks high. Both of these Water signs are intensely psychic, so the relationship is based on the intuitive understanding of the needs of the other. The best things about Scorpios are maxed in this match, with loyalty, sexual passion, and deep abiding love for the world. The intense traits are offered in abundance. Unfortunately, the shadow side of Scorpio is amplified times two in this match, so the relationship has the potential for power struggle as well. If both remember to work to meet each others needs instead of obsessing about their own, this Karmic connection will create wells of love for generations. This pairing has an instant psychic connection that means the relationship moves fast. They are two soul stirring mystics that crave sex and intimacy, which could become isolating since they’ll never want to leave bedroom. They move quickly since both understand each other’s need for lifelong perma –bonding.

Positive: Both are committed to the same goals in love. They dream about the same things, and are deeply attracted to the sexual energy the other one gives off. Both are intuitive and almost instantly tapped into their partner’s needs almost from moment they meet. Scorpio has a tendency to become immediately obsessed with every new person they meet. If two Scorpios meet at the right time in their lives, they have a great likelihood to be obsessed with each other until death do them part. Both are loyal as the day is long and fight for each other until the end. Anyone that harms a loved one of a Scorpio is best to stand back. Both Scorpios are deeply attracted to each other as a result. This pairing is more solid than krazy glue! There is an unspoken safety in the arms of a fellow Scorpio. They don’t have to put on a happy face. They can fess up to their insecurities and don’t have to cover up their general scorn for the masses. They can just be their smoldering self, no explanations required and no questions asked. With a mutual ability to pick up psychic signals, you’ll share an unspoken connection that is damn near telepathic. You can pretty much skip the whole courtship song and dance to get right down to the favorite form of communication: sex. Foreplay in this pair is mindblowing as you study every inch of each other with obsessive fascination. You can stay up the whole night taking nude photos of each other and composing ironic yet soulful indie rock love ballads dedicated to each other. It is so easy to be together, they set up camp quickly in each other’s homes. Life together is a mystical journey that never grows boring.

Challenges: They are highly intense in love. Their shadow side is obsessive, jealous, and very controlling. This leads to a major power struggle in the union. With the infamous Scorpio stinger in play times two, power struggles could get ugly. They not only know how to sting, but feel deeply wounded when a stinger comes out. Once they are turned off, that person is dead to them. When one seriously wounds the other, there is no turning back. They are stubborn tempers with wild stingers. Fixed and obsessive natures are traits that are doubled in this relationship and this could lead to some problems. Go ahead and pack up their single lives, the uhaul may even be rented before you can plan the third date. You are 100% devoted to all you do, though children can interrupt sexual groove by becoming the sole focus of union. Because of this, you will need to try to strive for more balance as a couple. You are capable of lengthy periods of celibacy, but you’ll sacrifice your fundamental life force energy if you close up shop for too long. While its nice to feel so safe together, comfort has its limits.

Make it Work: This is an intense pairing of problems, both want the same thing in the end and that is usually the other person. This is one benefit of two Fixed signs coming together. It is very difficult to get a Fixed sign to change their mind about someone, especially when they are furious. In order for it to work, both need to put their intuitive feelers into their partner’s needs every single day. They need to feel secure in love and can get this for themselves by assuring their partner of the same security they crave. With two secure feeling Scorpios in the relationship, nothing can stop them from taking on the world.

Sagittarius & Scorpio

ELEMENT:  Scorpio is Water, Sagittarius is Fire, Delicate balance so neither evaporates
QUALITY: Scorpio is Fixed, Sagittarius is Mutable, Compromise to find sync
POLARITY:  Scorpio is Yin, Sagittarius is Yang, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Semisextile, Cosmic combination

Overall: There is a lot of energy and a lot of physical steam. This is a dynamic combination that has a lot of sexual chemistry, adnveture, and spontaneous bursts of affection. This is a pairing of the fixed water sign of Scorpio combining with the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. Water and fire can cancel each other out if this pair doesn’t stay on their toes. But Water and Fire also creates steam that will keep their energy fueled as long as Scorpio and Sagittarius want it. This is another match where no matter length, both will have a lot of fun in process. This relationship is an intense love/hate affair with plenty of cosmic chemistry. They are two spiritual warriors that can easily butt heads, but can also compliment each other when they play to their strengths. It is mever boring, since both understand each other’s need for truth and passion.

Positive: This is marked by a lot of energy and a lot of fun. This can be just for a good time or a long time. Scorpio will hold it close to their heart for sometime to come. Scorpio loves the sense of adventure Sagittarius brings to the table. Sagittarius is sexy and spontaneous. Scorpio learns lots of new things and sees lots of new places when Sagittarius is around. Scorpio is very attracted to that. Sagittarius loves the glamorous and mysterious life Scorpio seems to lead and is excited to learn about this intense new relationship in life. Sagittarius is very attracted to Scorpio’s sexual energy and will keep doing whatever they can to keep Scorpio on their toes. Scorpio really likes that and offers Sagittarius an emotional space to serve as an outlet for Sagittarius’ creativity. Scorpio really likes how flexible Sagittarius is and how Sagittarius lets Scorpio run the roost most of the time. Run for cover, this love/hate affair is never short on passion. Since pleasures of the flesh do rank high on ‘must haves’ for both signs, its worth it to see if true love exists beyond the obvious physical chemistry. Common ground is limited but it is there. They are both ambitious, hard working, creative and have a strange love for karaoke. Instead of trying to hit the same note, find a duet that harmonizes the disparate talents. Let Scorpio control the purse strings and ensure quality control standards are rigorously met. You also need to give Sagittarius a horn to toot big ideas to world.

Challenges: The difficult thing about this relationship is that both them often want different things in love. So as much as this relationship has a lot of spark, steam, and energy from the outside looking in, this may be one that is only meant for the long haul. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and needs a lot of freedom in relationships, even when committed to someone. This doesn’t bode well for Scorpio who is known to be jealous and possessive. The traits of Scorpio isn’t easy to just pull back from. Scorpio’s stinger may come out under the Sagittarius fire on occasion. At the same time, Sagittarius with their nature to not settle down, anywhere, could tire of Scorpio after a certain amount of time. This connection may literally begin with battle. The Archer sings arrows of truth, exposing Scorpio’s soft underbelly. In defense, Scorpio returns with poisonous sting that knocks cocky Sagittarius off their high horse. Ouch! Next thing you know, they are ripping each other’s clothes off and screwing. It might be the best sex either of you have ever had. You will soon be living a lifestyle of the rich and famous, even if you do so from separate residences. Having your own living quarters can be a saving grace for a long term arrangement, as this intense matchup will send you both scurrying for space time to time.

Make it Work: For the relationship to stand the test of time, it will be for both Scorpio and Sagittarius to always stay on same page with each other. Feelings can’t be hurt if Scorpio and Sagittarius are up front with each other from the beginning about what they want and expect out of love. Scorpio doesn’t need Sagittarius to want exactly what they want, they just need a partner that is upfront. If Sagittarius can be straight as an arrow with Scorpio, this pair will create a steamy connection that neither will forget.

Capricorn & Scorpio

ELEMENT: Scorpio is Water, Capricorn is Earth, Harmonious blend for comfort
QUALITY:  Scorpio is Fixed, Capricorn is Cardinal, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS:  Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: This pairing is one that is a loving and nourishing relationship and scores very high in the love compatibility by most expert counts. Fixed Water Scorpio is feeding and supporting Cardinal Earth Capricorn into abundance and prosperity that can only blossom. Both of these signs have an instinctive sense of what the other zodiac signs needs. This is a gift of talent, to provide just that at the right time. Scorpio is emotional and loving, and devoted to hard working Capricorn. Capricorn gives a grounded balance to Scorpio that is deeply appreciated. When the pair gets together the common version is often marriage, thus this nourishing relationship has all of potential to see just that. This is a complimentary match you don’t want to miss. They are two overachievers that both shoot for the moon, which means their busy schedule may not leave enough time left over for each other. This relationship is inspiring and secure, since both understand each other needs for tireless ambition.

Positive: This is the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio merging with Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. Water and Earth connection then is one that will spend a lot of time and energy nourishing each other. Scorpio is emotional and loving, and shows Capricorn the devotion and loyalty that Capricorn needs. Capricorn on the other hand is level headed and pragmatic and gives a balanced look to life that Scorpio appreciates. Scorpio of course has the sexual intensity that Capricorn is looking for. And if there is one sign that is flattered by the attention of loving Scorpio, it is Capricorn. Here Scorpio can show their jealous side and Capricorn is very flexible with it. The individuals in this match have differences, but they actually complement each other well and this bodes well for successful long term love. This is an obsessive and compulsive, but not disordered relationship. They are high flying super achievers who don’t rest until they have their stake in a claim to fame. The ‘have your secretary call mine’ is fine for work but not dates. You don’t want to Miss Match or miss out on anything. You will need to make extreme or extra time for one another, even if it means scheduling weekly, non negotiable date nights.

Challenges: One area of commonality that they share is a need to be the boss. Scorpio is a fixed sign and that means Scorpio has a need to control as much as possible in all areas and especially in love. As a Cardinal sign in mix, one that is used to being the boss, Capricorn will have a problem with this on occasion. Capricorn is also a hard worker and some say married to the job more than their mate. Obsessed Scorpio could take issue with this. Scorpio needs a lot of attention in order to feel validated and secure in the relationship. This could become too much drama for no drama Capricorn. Both will need to compromise. Whatever the goal, you devote yourselves whole heartedly to all you do, and a relationship is no exception to the rule. Unfortunately, the busy schedules may clash, making it tough to get the love affair off ground. Direct communication is not a forte here and neither of you likes to drop your guard. Scorpio can be mysterious and manipulative, while Capricorn can be cold and calculating. Capricorn will usually provide a stable enough base for Scorpio to feel safe opening up and showing emotion. Once they drop their guards, this is a rock solid union capable of producing adorable trust fund babies to shower with only the best. Just the way you both expect it.

Make it Work: These two are naturally high in love compatibility even before they first meet. They have the potential to nourish each other into abundance, so long as they don’t swallow the relationship up in their potential egos. Scorpio and Capricorn will need to find a way to give each other room in this relationship. Scorpio will need to not restrict Capricorn’s freedom on occasion. Capricorn likes jealous Scorpio, because they know its a sign that they will stick around. Too much water will drown Earth. Scorpio will need to be careful with this one. If both learn to use their traits and differences to balance each other, this relationship is one that will start slowly, but blossom into something beautiful over time.

Aquarius & Scorpio

ELEMENT:  Scorpio is Water, Aquarius is Air, Collision of head and heart
QUALITY:  Both are Fixed, Stubborn guardians
POLARITY:  Scorpio is Yin, Aquarius is Yang, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: This pair is one that has more differences than common ground, but those wanting to make this love compatibility work will find a way. This is Fixed Water Scorpio with Fixed Air Aquarius. This is two very intense energies coming together and from different elements at that. Wind and Water aren’t necessarily the most compatible. Both Scorpio and Aquarius share a vision of the world at large that brings lovely energy to union. If both are able to put their stubborn sides aside, they will find shared visions that merge into a beautiful thing for as long as they want it to be. At that point, it is as though the missing link has been discovered. These are two polar opposites that don’t necessarily make the most sense at first glance. They can strike a balance if they can cultivate trust and open themselves up to each other’s very different ways. It is never boring since you both understand each other’s need for soul stirring connections.

Positive: This pairing brings a different energy into the game of love compatibility. On paper, Scorpio and Aquarius have many differences that don’t seem to blend well. When they come together in real life, their energies are refreshing to the other. As a Fixed Air sign, Aquarius is a big thinker that is very intelligent and likes to explore philosophical conversation. Scorpio often is very smart so they find this sexy in Aquarius. Fixed signs are very loyal, so once they set their eyes on each other, it will be difficult for either to waver. Scorpio has an open and emotional side to them that Aquarius is unaccustomed to but appreciates because it brings new perspective. Aquarius on the other hand brings a wit and conversation to table that is very stimulating to Scorpio. Scorpio will spend many nights being unable to sleep over the little things that Aquarius injects into the relationship. This is a strange brew that bubbles with chemistry. Intense, emotional Scorpio and cool, logical Aquarius don’t make much sense on paper. In real time, however, they have a natural affinity that warms the soul. As a couple, you are the missing link for one another. Talented Scorpio shows Aquarius settling down can be an act of creativity. Gregarious Aquarius helps Scorpio drop their defensive shield and become more open to strangers. Both are control freaks in their own way, which is fine provided they don’t turn that energy onto each other.

Challenges: They will be able to share a vision in terms of long term love and intellectual conversation, but both also share a stubborn and jealous streak. As a result, their relationship could come in harms way if neither is willing to budge from an opinion or a fight. Aquarius approaches love problems in a different way than Scorpio. They don’t understand Scorpios need for displays. This frustrates Scorpio, who needs attention and affection to feel secure in relationships. If Scorpio doesn’t see enough of it from Aquarius, minds will spiral into the worst case scenario. Aquarius finds this too much sometimes and might even feel stifled. Scorpio on the other hand doesn’t understand why Aquarius doesn’t emote more. Criticism is quick from Aquarius and wounds sensitive Scorpio. Scorpios stinger on the other hand might leave permanent wounds with Aquarius if Scorpio isn’t careful. If Scorpio tries to restrict Aquarius’ socializing or gets jealous of Aquarius’ 1000 Facebook Friends, the relationship status could go from ‘its complicated’ to ‘its over.’ For Aquarius, friends aren’t just friends, they are extended family. Cutting off from them is a no go. Conversely, Scorpio’s seductive conversational style can provoke jealously in Aquarius. The Waterbearer should not fling accusations of cheating without proof, of which there is probably none (even if they did drift). Questioning Scorpio’s loyalty is an ultimate offense and can break your bond for good. In light of your drastically different social styles, make an extra effort to communicate about your fears before they blaze out of control. This relationship does require a lot of reassurances to keep insecurities at bay, but its certainly never going to be boring.

Make it Work: Both are straight shooters and really appreciate that trait in other partner. As a result, this pair is committed to making it work. Straight shooting conversation will be a way to work around it. Scorpio will need to pull back on possessive side, and not take everything so personally on occasion. Aquarius as well has same problem but needs to learn to emote more and be practical less. Especially when it comes to conversations of the heart. When both are able to put their shared vision on table when having these heart to hearts, theirs is a love that will last many generations, because that’s what they both want.

Pisces & Scorpio

ELEMENT:  Both are Water, Sensitive and deep
QUALITY:  Scorpio is Fixed, Pisces is Mutable, Compromise to find sync
POLARITY: Both are Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS:  Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This is one of the most cosmic connections. Saying their compatibility ranking is high on the love charts is an understatement of epic proportions for many reasons. They share many karmic connections. One of the biggest reasons in play is the dual Water sign nature of the relationship. They share a deep and emotional connection that will forever mark their souls. Even if their love doesn’t last, they will probably always be in each others lives. That’s how deep and intense the connection is. This relationship is mystical, creative, and exhilarating. They are two secretive signs that may also live double lives, which will require raw honesty and vulnerability if the relationship is to thrive. This relationship is magnetic, since both understand each other’s need for intimate, soul-stirring connection.

Positive: The good things about this connection are numerous and intense. This is a Mutable Water Pisces and Fixed Water Scorpio pairing. There is lots of Water which means love in the universe, flowing between these two signs. Water signs as well are very intuitive, some to the point of being psychic, so this romance is one where both understand each other well. Almost too well, as they understand each other to the point of being able to finish each other’s sentences and complete each others thoughts, even as early as first date in some cases. Pisces and Scorpio are good for each other when it comes to meeting each others needs. Since Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, that means there are four planets running the romance, which can only mean good things. This is a very good sign that there is a soul mate connection here, since this is a bond that is almost unbreakable, at least in a single lifetime. Many Pisces and Scorpio matches frequently report feeling like they found their soul mate or twin flame. Because that intuitive feeling that happens early on is so intense, its impossible to ignore or pretend it is not happening. Drama, intrigue, espionage, marriage? Attraction becomes addiction quickly, although not necessarily an unhealthy one. Two steppers have a saying that applies well to this union: ‘only as sick as your secrets.’ Although they may live together for years, it is shockingly easy for you both to bury your heads in the sand, or worse yet, hide double lives from each other. Instead of opening up about your fears or insecurities, you can easily escape into shared interests and these will be plentiful. You are both capable of becoming powerful healers, mystics, and creative geniuses, but the success of your union requires a naked honesty that you’ll each find exhilarating and terrifying. On the other side of that rainbow is a pot of gold: you’re capable of creating a gorgeous home together, filled with pets and even a genius kid or two.

Challenges: A karmic connection doesn’t mean the relationship is perfect all time, in fact, its the opposite. The more destined the connection, the greater chance they have to be tested. With this much emotional undercurrent in love, these will surely be true tests. As much as they have similarities, they also have some fundamental differences that can break bonds. Scorpio is Fixed, which reads as jealousy and obsessive to many of Scorpio’s partners. Pisces is the opposite, since being a Mutable sign means they are known to be a bit of a wanderer. The last thing Pisces wants is to commit, even to someone as amazing as Scorpio. In some cases Pisces would rather lose than commit. As beautiful as it can be, there is not an easy road ahead. Both of you have a sneaky streak which may intensify when you fall for one another. Should you form any sort of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ pact, your relationship is basically doomed. Confess your so called sins quickly and your relationship can reach the depths of intimacy while elevating you both into an inspiring state of high consciousness.

Make it Work: Pisces likes to think that there is always one more chance to meet romance, but there is not anyone better than Scorpio for Pisces. This relationship holds a powerful connection, no real advice is needed to keep them together. The bond becomes unbreakable and even if they part ways, they are almost always able to find a way back to each other. There are some things they can do to ensure they never have to suffer pain. Scorpio doesn’t need any reminders on how necessary it is to pull back on jealousy, but freedom is what Pisces needs and what will keep them close. If Scorpio wants commitment, Pisces needs to give in.



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