The Difference Between a Wizard and Magician


A wizard historically has been identified as a magician; wizards are people who were believed to more likely engage in high magic rather than low magic. High magic was more complex with ceremonies and expensive relics where low magic was simpler. Together with witches, warlocks and sorcerers, wizards are the practitioners of magic, able to manipulate metaphysical energy and bend it to their will. Wizards are considered by some to be second in power only to sorcerers; talented and limited only by their own morals and beliefs.

What is a Wizard?

Wizards are considered a mix of magic and science. These are the people who have been found over the centuries who seek to understand the world beyond what we see and then use it to affect the world we are able to live, breathe and feel in. Many wizards explore the aspects of alchemy to this end. They use their magic and their understanding of the world through science and mathematics to try and effect lasting changes. They use their knowledge of the metaphysical attributes of the universe to change the nature of things that are here in our plain of existence. Many have laboratories filled with experiments. Some wizards are even former witches or warlocks, using their own spells to try and manipulate magic and bring about the changes that they want to see. As they advance, many wizards will move away from spells that invoke the power of gods and goddesses and instead tap into their own powers. Wizards are those people who are truly beginning to touch the edges of humanities god-hood and develop it for their own ends.

What powers do they possess?

Understanding the power of the individual is a key part of becoming a wizard. To truly develop your skills beyond the dependence of the witches and warlocks, you must begin to tap into your own cosmic strength. Those who are seeking to move into the realm of wizards will want to engage in practices such as spiritual meditation, learning to accept each and every part of themselves and to truly unlock the powers they have been granted by the universe. Where a witch or warlock is reliant on the benevolence of a god or goddess, or even the will of the universe, the wizard understands that he or she can become equal to gods and goddesses if only they can harness their own power. Because of this, they work on connecting to their own abilities and strengths and move away from their connection to deities.

Are they old men with beards?

Historically, wizards have been portrayed as old men with flowing beards locked in towers practicing their eccentricities, however modern wizards prefer to be a part of the larger world, using their abilities to bring about positive change. They seek not to change the world for their own benefit as that is beneath them, and therefore do not attempt to shock and awe those around them with ‘magic’, but instead to help others understand that what they perceive as magic is simply the response of the world around them. The real ‘magic’ is what cannot be seen, the miraculous effect is simply a by-product.


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