Numerology Birth Number Meanings


One of the five ‘core numbers’ in numerology, your Birthday number reveals unique and special abilities that you have to offer the world. Plus, your numerology birth number is the easiest of all the birth numbers to figure out! You just look at what day you were born. It doesn’t matter if you were born on a single digit or double digit day. The day of your birth is your birth lucky number! It’s one of the few numbers in numerology that we don’t reduce down to single digits.

Numerology Birth Number Meanings

So what does your numerology birth number say about you? Well it depends!

If you were born on the following day of the month, your numerology birth numbers are…

On the 1st
Those born on the first are self -starters that aren’t afraid to try new things.

On the 2nd
If you’re born on the second of the month then you are naturally intuitive and can see all sides of a situation which gives you a great talent for finding solutions.

On the 3rd
Communication is the realm of those born on the third. Whether they are communicating through art or conversation they can easily inspire others to join them.

On the 4th
Fours are stable and rational. Everyone can rely on them to be hardworking and dependable both as friend, a lover or as a family member.

On the 5th
Adaptability is a key part of those born on the fifth and they find excitement in tackling sudden, new situations when life throws them a curve ball.

On the 6th
Self-sacrificing protectors are born on the sixth day of the month. They are givers of their hearts, natural nurturers with a talent for healing others.

On the 7th
The desire to understand the unseen, to learn all they can about the spiritual world is the gift of those born on the 7th.

On the 8th
Self-sufficient, capable, talented – those born on the 8th are known for their successes in everything they touch.

On the 9th
Compassion is the center of the heart of those born on the 9th. They will stand up for others and give themselves in service for those they care about.

On the 10th
The leadership skills of those born on the 10th are unmatched by anyone. You can come up with great ideas, handle all the details and lead others to success.

On the 11th
Others look to you for support and guidance because the intuition of those born on the 11th day of the month is strong. You can see and feel words that are unspoken and help others.

On the 12th
If you’re born on the 12th then you have a strong imagination that allows you to express your feelings and insights in ways others would never consider and can learn from.

On the 13th
Those born on the 13th are optimistic but practical, able to turn an idea into a reality with hard work.

On the 14th
The pragmatic person is born on the 14th. You look before you leap, never allowing a fanciful idea to pull you away from something you know deserves your time and attention.

On the 15th
You are open to the world, curious and social. You’ll meet people from all around the world, from cultures and countries you may never visit and yet you will touch each of them with your wisdom.

On the 16th
Intuitive and inquisitive, those born on the 16th you can read other peoples feelings and uncover important truths that you can put into words and share with them.

On the 17th
Independent, ambitious – if you’re born on the 17th then there is very little you can’t accomplish on your own.

On the 18th
Those born on the 18th may be independent, but they have learned that being open-minded and open-hearted allows them to leave the world in a better state and they can feel most fulfilled.

On the 19th
You are a risk taker, capable of working alone and being completely self-sufficient. Nothing will stand in your way – no risk is too great to achieve your goals.

On the 20th
Highly intuitive, you can relate to others on a special almost cosmic level helping to build harmonious relationships around you.

On the 21st
Naturally charming, those born on the 21st love social situations and have creative ways of communicating with those in their life.

On the 22nd
Determined, hardworking leaders, those born on the 22nd are powerful creators that can bring others together to achieve big goals.

On the 23rd
Optimistic and inspiring, you are ready for anything life can throw at you. ‘Zest for life’ is a phrase that those who meet you will always use to describe you.

On the 24th
Nurturer, provider, protector – if you’re born on the 24th then you know how to make and maintain stable relationships in your life.

On the 25th
Those born on the 25th have a highly inquisitive nature that wants to learn on both conscious and subconscious levels.

On the 26th
You want to succeed in types of work that benefit others if you’re lucky birth number is 26. You seem to know what people need and have the ability to come up with innovative solutions.

On the 27th
Open-minded, you take your tolerance and compassion and apply all this knowledge to making the world a better place.

On the 28th
You can bring people together and push them towards a goal that makes everyone’s life better. Knowing that working with others brings about great results is your special talent.

On the 29th
If you’re born on the 29th then you have the ability to see the ways everyone and everything is connected.

On the 30th
Great communicator, original thinker with a talent for using creativity and optimism to uplift those around you.

On the 31st
Both practical and imaginative, your mind can mix creative ideas with the organization to see your dreams become reality.


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