What Is The Best Zodiac Sign?


Zodiac compatibility is complicated. It tends to be human nature to want to declare something ‘the best’, but when it comes to people and personalities there is no ‘best’. The best zodiac sign compatibility depends entirely on the signs involved – not whether one sign or the other is ‘the best’. Likewise why worry about what is the best zodiac sign to have? You can’t change when you were born and why would you want to? The universal blessing and challenge is when we are born and what that means our strengths and weaknesses truly are. Every zodiac sign has strengths and they have weaknesses; each sign has another sign that they are most compatible with.

What Is The Best Zodiac Sign?

Best Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Aries and Scorpio
This pairing may seem like it makes no sense at first glance but look deeper. Aries loves a challenge; they’re known for courageously delving into unexplored territory while Scorpio are difficult to get to know because they keep so much hidden. Most signs lack the tenacity to keep working on a relationship with a Scorpio, but Aries will and by the time they’ve succeeded this pairing is a steadily burning flame of passion.

Taurus and Leo
Taurus and Leo are a pairing that works on quite a few different levels. Both prefer the best life has to offer and both are hard workers. Taurus prefers to be reserved and will happily provide all the support and devotion that a Leo so desperately needs. Knowing that a Taurus wants only the best is a huge compliment that Leo’s definitely enjoy – after all, it’s so nice to be reminded that you are the best. Leo will give back with passionate and loving devotion.

Gemini and Libra
A comfortable and evolved Gemini is able to be open, friendly, straightforward and communicative which works well with the Libra who prefers honesty and fairness over those who are shallow and divisive. In a Gemini and Libra relationship Gemini provides protection from the injustices of the world, helping a Libra come to terms with the unpleasantness of things and encouraging them to make decisions in the safe environment of their home to help build the Libra’s confidence in their inner voice.

Cancer and Cancer
While few signs pair well together, a Cancer pairs perfectly with another Cancer. These people understand one another on a different level; they know how best to support each other, they can create a loving shelter in their home, and provide that ever-so-necessary sensitivity when sharing feelings with one another. Both enjoy small, intimate gatherings, and neither will get bored when the other decides they just aren’t up for a big party on a Friday night.

Leo and Sagittarius
Loyal but occasionally crass, the Sagittarius provides Leo with an audience that won’t stifle or compete with them. Plus, they know how to keep the Leo’s deepest, darkest secret – that more often than not they have terrible problems with self-confidence. And a happy Leo is always very giving – with a little reassurance they will happily let their Sagittarius wander knowing that loyalty will bring them home.

Virgo and Pisces
While Pisces may struggle with opening up and can easily become self-destructive, Virgo’s gentleness of spirit can help them overcome their fears and find a sanctuary in the relationship. Likewise, the Pisces can easily tell when a Virgo is heaping too much destructive perfectionism on themselves and get them to take a step back and refocus their energy in a more positive way.

Libra and Aquarius
Libra love partnerships and puzzles while the Aquarius loves to create puzzles and usually needs a partner. Both are excellent listeners and can come together to solve the mysteries of the world. Libra’s desire to keep peace can handle the occasional flightiness of an Aquarius and is the most likely sign to be able to bring an Aquarius back to the table with their excellent diplomatic skills.

Scorpio and Pisces
Pisces can pick up the subtleties of the Scorpio without asking them to open up and be vulnerable. This gives the Scorpio the time and space they need to feel safe. And the passion driven Scorpio possesses a deep analytic intuition that can help them read through any emotional barrier a Pisces and stop them from becoming destructive to themselves.

Sagittarius and Aries
Born to study the world, Sagittarius loves people who are interesting and different, like Aries. Plus, Aries don’t like to be tied down and will happily travel with a Sagittarius, providing them the opportunity to see a Fire sign in a variety of environments and situations; a temptation that will never lose appeal for the Sagittarius.

Capricorn and Aquarius
Both signs are born to work, are both ambitious, both tend to be resourceful and can be very independent. Aquarius can help get Capricorn involved in more humanitarian goals, while Capricorn is able to think their way out of any problem and their solution is always the epitome of grace under pressure.

Pisces and Libra
Libra’s are known for wanting fairness and equality while a Pisces is a dreamer who needs a safe place in which to indulge in their dreams. The Libra can create this sanctuary and in return a Pisces partner will rarely, if ever, put them in a situation where the Libra will have to choose between justice and their heart.

Remember, the sign that is the best in the zodiac depends on you – who you are, when you were born, and what your life has been like. No one sign is better than any other sign. Each of us has been given blessings and challenges that we are charged to overcome.


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