Air Signs


Air signs are creative, intelligent people who are seeking compatibility with others based on intellect rather than on a physical or sexual attraction. The air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, have a great love of thought and ideas, they love to debate and have a very creative way of thinking. These folks love to talk, they love to consider all sides, even the strangest sides, of each argument and situation and often come up with surprising insights that no one else could have considered. In general, people have been known to describe those born under an air sign as aloof, analytical, prolific communicators through all different forms of media, cooperative, curious and full of ideas, intellectual and very sociable.  Read more about zodiac air signs here:

Air Signs

Air Signs and Relationships

Despite Gemini, Libra and Aquarius all being air signs, each of them requires their own unique approach when it comes to relationships. To begin with, each of the signs is a different type of air sign: Gemini is a mutable sign, Libra a cardinal sign and Aquarius is a fixed sign. Mutable signs are a bit like astrological chameleons. They can see both sides of a story and adapt themselves to a situation as necessary. Gemini love to talk and need to know that their partner is listening. They don’t do well in relationships with quiet partners, but will thrive and blossom in a relationship with a partner that inspires their creativity and engages them in conversation.

Excellent Zodiac Communicators

Even though these signs are considered to be the great communicators of the zodiac, it can be hard to get a real understanding of them. Each of the three signs is capable of taking a position different to what they truly believe, especially if they feel that it will lead to an even better conversation. While you may find that they are getting all sorts of information out of you, when you walk away from a conversation with an air sign you will likely find that you learned almost nothing about them! Don’t be surprised if an innocent question that could be simply answered turns into a discussion on the meaning of life and what our role is in the universe. Air signs are always thinking big and they love to engage those they care about in their big conversations. How you think about a subject is even more important to someone who is born under an air sign than how you feel!

Analytical Traits

Air signs are folks who think with their heads and not with their hearts. This can be difficult for some of the more emotionally driven signs to cope with, but this doesn’t mean that they’re stuffy and don’t like to have fun. Quite the contrary, air signs love to get out into the world and try new, adventurous things; after all, you can only learn so much through books and movies. The best way to explore and understand the world is to get out in it and learn by doing! No matter what, any relationship – friendship, romantic, or otherwise – is sure to never be boring when you’re spending time around an air sign.


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