Numerology and Health


Numerology not only help us in making our life better and fortunate, but also it helps in maintaining a healthy body and soul. The richest man is the man who has a perfect health, everything is secondly only to health. But these days, its very hard and rare to find a person who is perfectly healthy, some or the other disease or illness surrounds a man, he is always carrying a sickness with him where ever he goes, the word diseases and illness has been synonymous to every one as we have failed to live our life in harmony with nature.

Numerology and Health

Now, after all the crimes we did to nature, we are certainly cursed by the sickness and disease. But there is still a way to get out of it and make ourselves free from this curse, at the same time let us not forget to follow our old roots of preserving nature.

The universe is beautiful and all the living organism in this universe are related to each other by an unknown benefactor. Its a mystery world. You and me are not different, we are very much alike! the Prana which you breathe is the same i too breathe ! Our destinies are intertwined by this cosmic source, that’s why happiness,suffering,joy,sadness,cry, and the way we love is all same! and even death is inevitable for all of us. All illness and diseases are results of our actions, Our in the sense, not only You, but also me and the others in this world. You are punished for my sins, and i am punished for yours. This is the way the world works. This is the law of Nature. Now what does numerology have to do with our health?

Numerology is all about numbers, numbers are all about planets, planets are the prime indicators of our sun solar system, we influence them, and in turn they influence us! By making a beneficial planet to influence us, we can get rid of many diseases. A proper name for a person, and a right date of operation, or treatment can save many lives. For e.g.  9 born person’s should never get an eye treatment or an eye operation done on date’s such as 2,20,29,11 and also life path coming 2. The chances of them losing their eyesight is nearly 100 % if they go for any eye operation. Generally its not only for 9 borns, but for everyone. But for 9 borns it affects them very badly. Like this 9 borns should not get treatment or operation on dates such as 1 and their series. For  6 born’s date’s with number 3 is unlucky and viceversa. 7 borns should avoid date’s with number 8 as it will affect their health. This is same for 2,4,7, and 8 borns also. More to continue in our next post.



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