Spiritualism is the belief that the dead and other spirits have the ability and desire to communicate with the living from their side of the universe. Spiritualists see the spirit world or afterlife as an ever evolving plane. They believe that we are able to pierce the veil and contact these spirits, that these spirits are more advanced than we are because they have passed on to a higher plane, and that because of this they have access to knowledge and insight that we can use to improve our lives. Many attempt to connect to a spirit guide. A spirit guide is a spirit that is frequently contacted by spiritualists for spiritual guidance.

What is Spiritualism?

SpiritualismWhile spiritualism has a wide variety of beliefs and ideas, most spiritualists share some basic ideas about it. Spiritualism requires a belief in the soul, and that the soul continues after the death of the body. Spiritualism requires a belief in communication with the soul, and that it learns, grows, and improves in the afterlife. Spiritualists believe in some sort of infinite intelligence, though the identity of this god is up to the individual, and they believe that the natural world is an expression of this infinite intelligence. Lastly spiritualism demands that you take personal responsibility for your actions and circumstances because spiritualism believes that you have the tools to change your life. Spiritualists believe in cause and effect, that whatever you do that is good you will be compensated for and whatever you do that is evil you will receive retribution for, so it is best to always live your live in love and at one with those around you. This leaves you open to eternal progress for your soul, always able to evolve above and beyond that which you are to become the best that any spirit could be.

How Long Has It Been Around?

While spiritualism has been around almost since the beginning of time, modern spiritualism received it’s beginning in 1848 with the Fox sisters Margaretta and Catherine who lived in a home in Hydesville, New York. Their home was shared with an unseen entity that was responsible for frequent noisy knockings. They established a way of communicating intelligently with this presence and through their willingness to share this experience with others mediumship became something everyone was talking about. Modern spiritualism was born!

Spiritualism transcends the ideas of established religion. While spiritualists believe in a god, the name of the god is not always defined and it is up to the individual spiritualist to determine how they view that infinite intelligence. Spiritualism seeks to look beyond the ritual and rites of religion, and to instead communicate with the soul and other souls. It is a way to look beyond the veil and understand our reason for being, our purpose in the universe. It is a chance for us to improve ourselves by understanding what lies beyond and being guided by those who have seen the other side.

The symbol of spiritualism is the sunflower because it represents the desire of spiritualism to turn all of humanity towards the light of truth. The goal of spiritualism and spiritualists is to help others successfully navigate life using all the tools available to them, even those beyond the grave.