Sevens are seekers and thinkers, constantly on the search for the truth of our existence. They take nothing at face value and are always trying to figure out and understand the underlying reasoning behind everything. These are the people who know everything is a mystery and are constantly attempting to peer through the illusion to see what is real. As part of the curious nature of those born under number 7 in Numerology, it’s natural that they want to know the man behind the curtain.

Number 7 According To Today’s Numerological Beliefs

Number 7 in NumerologySevens are often introverted and shy, they are rarely truly comfortable in social settings which makes them easy to pick out of a group. They tend to be aloof and shun gossip, they ignore small-minded backstabbing. Often intellectual, their intelligence may be hidden, and instead of shining through academics, shines through imagination. Their sense of humor is often misunderstood and they have trouble with common jokes. They are drawn to the less beautiful people of the world, shun fashion and have a natural love and taste for the arts. Though they are not often interested in politics, they do have a strong sense of justice.

They explore the world off the beaten path and tend to have an off-beat perspective of the world. They will often have an interest in the metaphysical, not because they are believers, but because it has many more questions for the seven to ponder. This is more than just a lucky number, this is a highly spiritual number, though the people who fall under it are not necessarily religious. They look beyond organized religions to find their answers to the whys of life and will continue to seek those answers until the day they die often using their natural spirituality to guide their path to discovery.

These people tend to be opinionated and know a little bit of something about everything. They tend towards logic and science based careers, though they are not always honest since they have a tendency to prefer the interesting truth to the honest truth. Further, people are often uncomfortable in conversation with People born of the number 7 in Numerology because though they appear to be paying rapt attention, participants are often left feeling the seven has left their conversation behind in favor for something more interesting.

Number Seven Labeled As Being Hermits in Numerology

This number is the number of loners, and women who are sevens may be completely unaware of the attraction others feel towards them simply because the thought would never cross their mind and they certainly make no real effort to make themselves look as beautiful as they truly are. The mind of this number is its greatest tool and yet also its greatest limitation. Their imagination can take them anywhere… and yet it is naturally limited by their rationality never allowing them to truly break free of the constraints of the world.

On the downside, sevens tend to be cynical and often verbally abusive. They can be arrogant and oblivious to the suffering of others, showing a cold-hearted and cruel lack of empathy. Often the problems of others simply don’t interest them and yet when they have a problem they want everyone to stop and focus on their hurt and help them. They can be very selfish and have a tendency to be anti-social.