Are you a very emotional person? Do you pick up the feelings of everyone in a room when you walk in? Have others called you an ’empath’ before? Can you sometimes sense the presence of other beings and creatures you cannot see? Do you have an interest in learning all you can about the unseen world around us including crystals, energy healing, psychics, ESP and all the ways in which we can pierce the veil. Do you know what it means when someone says ‘pierce the veil’?


There are a broad swathe of opinions on the otherworldly, on psychic abilities and on things both seen and unseen. Many people would say that being empathetic just meant you were being emotional but others will quickly tell you that means your mind is reacting psychically to the stimuli around it. There is a very different process between doing things emotionally and doing things psychically. When you do something emotionally there is emotion attached to it: anger, frustration, happiness, joy, etc., but when you do something psychically you are doing something from a psychic point of view. This means, not that you don’t feel emotions when it is happening, many psychics are highly empathic and that means they pick up and feel the emotions of those around them like an emotional chameleon, but instead that you handle those experiences and emotions through a totally different mental process.

How do you process from a psychic point of view? Many people understand psychic abilities as being things like ESP or extra-sensory perception and they’re not wrong. Extra-sensory perception is a little boost of just knowing something with no real way to prove that you know it. The most common extra-sensory skills are the ‘clair’s’: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience, and clairgustance. Each of the ‘clair’ senses is tied to one of our normal senses: sight, sound, smelling, tasting, and then feeling and these extra-senses help us psychically analyze a situation much the way our regular senses do. Not everyone has the ability to tap into all five of the clair senses; some may only be able to use one or two but that doesn’t mean they don’t psychically access and analyze a situation with what abilities they have.

You may even psychically feel things in your dreams. Have you heard of lucid dreaming? Or dream interpretations? Both of these are ways of psychically working through information that your brain has received through extra-sensory perception and making sense of it.

Perhaps the most important part of understanding the meaning of psychically is to understand that being gifted with these abilities isn’t’ so much about you, the person who can use them, but about those around you. When you are psychically gifted you must remember that this is a gift given to you to help heal the world; a gift that is intended to help bring whole healing to others. In the same way that an energy healer, a regular doctor and a gifted eastern practitioner can bring the physical body and the energy body back inline, those who are gifted psychically are called to help bring the mental health and psycho-spiritual minds back inline.


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