Psychic Vampire – How to Identify Them


A psychic vampire is a person that drains your ability to feel and the energy necessary to keep yourself emotionally grounded. These people are often ‘high maintenance’, thinking only of themselves as they slowly drain you of all your energy and motivation to care for the people around you. Very often those who are empathic find themselves surrounded by psychic vampires because their seeming unending supply of sympathy and empathy serves to feed a psychic vampire for quite a long time. No doubt there have been people in your life who seem to drain your very will to live with their constant need to take and take from you. These people are psychic vampires, also known as psy vamps or energy suckers, and you should take steps to protect yourself from them.

Protect Yourself from a Psychic Vampire!

The first step to protecting yourself from a psychic vampire attack is to understand the types of psychic vampires. Narcississtic vampires tend to lack empathy and will withhold affection from you if they don’t feel that they are getting enough out of you. This lack of returned energy leaves you depleted and exhausted. Victim vampires are those folks who constantly see everything in their life as the result of the world being ‘out to get’ them. They will wear you out with their constant complaints and yet never take steps to correct their problems. The ‘Drama Queen’ vampire tends to blow every little thing out of proportion and needs your constant reassurances that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Few energy vampires are aware that they are draining away your energy. They aren’t bad people, just exhausting.

How to Identify Vampires

Identifying which people in your life are psychic vampires is the next step. Take note of how you feel after different interactions with others. Are you dizzy? Exhausted? Do you feel tense or confused? After dealing with someone do you feel irritable or depressed? Do some people make you feel sick or cause you to have trouble sleeping at night? These are all signs that someone may be a psychic vampire. Once you’ve identified who these people are you can begin to take steps to protect yourself.

Begin by limiting the amount of time you spend with these people. Always set a goal of just a few minutes at a time and provide ways to ‘escape’ their company so you can ensure they don’t drain you. Work on establishing clear and firm boundaries with these people, even if they are only boundaries for yourself. Once a psychic vampire is no longer getting an adequate ‘meal’ from you they will begin to look elsewhere for their ‘food’ and will leave you alone. Work on maintaining a good, healthy relationship with yourself to ensure that encounters you have with psychic vampires don’t leave you completely drained. A regular habit of meditation, healthy eating and exercise will help keep your energy levels stable. If you have grown up in a household of energy vampires or have recently left a relationship with a psychic vampire consider seeking the help of a therapist to help cleanse you of the negativity and exhaustion that these relationships can leave behind.


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