What are the lucky dates for Love Proposal ? Online Numerology Tips


Lucky Dates to Propose a Girl – Online Numerology Tips

This  post is the continuation of the previous post on Love compatibility using numerology, In this post we will see some online numerology tips about the most favorable days when it comes to proposing a gal.  So what are the lucky dates to propose to your significant other according to numerology?

The concept of love proposals may vary from persons to persons, but there are some vital things which needs to follow on the eve of proposal day. In this post we will see those vital online numerology tips for person born on number 1 to 9 in numerology destiny.

For person born on 1,10,19 and 28 of any month, the best date to propose  a woman would be days that comes to number 1, also life path which comes to 1 in numerology.

For person born on 2,11,20 and 29, the date to propose a woman would be days which comes to 7, like 7,16 or 25 and life path 7  in numerology.

For person born on 3,12,21,30 of any month, the days that counts to 9 are the ideal ones, like number 9,18 and 27th of any month or life path as 9 in numerology.

For Person born on 4,13,22,31, its the date which comes in 6 series, like 15,6,and 24. The same applicable to life path 6 in numerology too.

Person born on 5,14,and 23 have best chances when they propose on dates like 9,18,and 27 with life path also 9. 9 is  very favorable for 5 borns in numerology.

6 borns who are born 6,15 and 24 are ruled by love planet called venus, and their best best is none other than dates coming to number 6 in numerology.

7  borns and 2 borns are synonymous when it comes to choosing the date, and hence its dates which comes to number 2 are the ones which are ideal for a 7 born in numerology

8 borns like 8,17 and 26 generally have a stormy time in love, and they can sail it off smoothly if they choose to propose on dates which comes number 1 in numerology, which includes even the lifepath.

9 borns and 5 borns share the same rule like those 2 borns and 7 borns in numerology, 9 borns can expect the best result if they propose on dates such as 5,14 nd 23.

Although different dates are required to propose for different birth numbers, the most day ideal day to propose a woman and expect her to woo back is Friday. If anyone has an emergency to propose a woman, then they have to choose Friday right away, as its the day of Venus.

Another important numerology tip: Never propose your love to woman during Full Moon Day and  New Moon Day.



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