How to have a better marriage life for 8 born people?


They say marriage’s are made in Heaven’s and  that’s absolutely true ! They meant heavens as the our universe and the planets. Our life and our actions are interrelated with the movements of the planets.  Our action’s influences the planets, and the planets movements influences our life.  So how can a numerology number 8 born person have a better marriage?

How to have a better marriage life for 8 born people?

One of the most common and long lasting problems of a 8 born person is their married life. Almost 90 % of 8 borns in this world with non 5 names are suffering due to lack of happiness and peacefulness in their married life. The ten percent of those who still enjoy their marriage are bound to have a strong Jupiter in their horoscope which saves their marriage life. This inference has been made by me after analyzing more than 10k people’s life.

For men and woman,who born on 8,17 and 26, in order to lead a happy married life, they got to marry the person who has born on either 1, 4 , or 8 ( These are root numbers, 1 means 1,10,19 or 28 born) or person with lifepath as these numbers. When a 8 born marries the person of this number, they tend to be very communicative and share their emotions freely. One of the greatest hurdle of a 8 born is their lack of communication of their emotions. Once, they overcome this, they can lead a happy and contented married life.

If a person who’s born on 8 marries a person who doesn’t belong to the above said number, then conflicts are bound to happen. They can resolve it by keeping a same name value for both husband and wife.  At any cost, a 8 born should never marry a 9 born person, 8 born and 9 born are not at all compatible.

One of the way where a 8 born can lead a happy married life without marrying 1,4, and 8 born person is by changing their name into 5. When the name is in 5, the  8 borns can marry anyone and lead a happy life ( But still 9 borns should be avoided).

Generally, most men in the world fall in love with 8 born women. As they think 8 born woman are always a puzzle and very strange. also, 8 born woman have a childish heart and mostly very innocent and god fearing. But men take advantage of these qualities and this is where 8 born woman mostly get cheated by men, and they fail in their love relationship. 8 born woman should be careful in love relationships and should not trust the partner easily before marriage.

Another problem faced by 8 born women are miscarriage and childless marriage, 8 born woman usually marry late in their life, and sometimes they are denied a child due to their nervous system of the body. They should avoid wearing black color dresses, and should take spinach and broccoli in their daily routine. Their iron content is generally weak in their body which is a major reason for childless marriage. They should maximum try to wear yellow color dresses, which will enhance the fertility in them.


  1. Hi there,

    I am an 8 born with 8 path female. I want to say how accurate this post is for me. I am God fearing and many men fall in love with me and the one's i have let in all have cheeted me!

      • Hi sir,

        My DOB is 08-08-1982. Can u suggest me how to take things further in life as I have experienced that life has never been easier for me, whether its professional or personal. Still not married and struggling to be financially strong.

      • What if you have a life path or birthday number in 5 , paired with birth/life path? 5 is naturally attracted to 9. Ive seen this many times

        • The number 5 and number 9 do gell well as one has the authority and the other has vision. If they work as a team they can do wonder together. However there can be strong viewpoints, which can bring confrontations. If they listen to each other view and they can have happy life ahead.


    • Hi Bublee,
      I am a 8 day born and believe me whatever is written about day 8 people in this website has come true in my case. I was not aware of it all these days. Very deadly. you are a 8 day born. It is not easy to live with this number. Be careful. I have also been cheated by many people. I wish I knew about this earlier. I cud have taken remedial measures.

    • The problem with 8 and 9 comes in their idealogies, initially 8 will be attracted to 9 borns for their chivalry, courage and romanticism, but marriage is all about a long term prospect, which involves patience, trust, faith and sacrifice. Most 9 borns (99 %) are over protective and dominate woman. ( if 9 born is a woman they dominate men) They are also very suspicious who suspect more than any number born person. Their level of trust is low, which makes them constant reassurance. Hence, 8 borns will find difficult to live with a 9 born in longer period.

      • Ok here is the thing i met and fell deeply in love with a 9 nine. I loved his courage romanticism. Yes he was very protective and dominant but i liked it only because i felt it made him not feel emasculated.

        But do you think because 8 are also dominate in there own way this also makes them clash?

        • Certainly 8 domainates in certain things, 8 borns are not dominant always but in select issues they are very adamant and can never change, also they are emotional and cant stand if they are cheated or not trusted. The tendency of 9 born is on a longer run it becomes over protective which will annoy the 8 born.

      • Hi there,

        I ask about the number 9 because i wish to marry someone who is a 9. And we get along very well, and are very similar

        Is there exceptions to the rule?

          • I m born on 26 may and husband dob 27 July .we are not compatible for each according to this post and really we fight a lot..even m planning to divorce him as don’t feel we have any future together. He is very cruel to me..never we emotionaly connected to each other..becoz of him my life become miserable..want to leave him..but I have two small cuties they loved their father ..what to do no idea ..

  2. Hey i have a good idea for you……..Why not make a post on the numbers that can make you more beautiful. Maybe point out the beauty points in all the numbers Its unique and fresh idea….. Im an 8 you see we come up with great ideas lol

  3. Hey…ur write ups are truly amazing…i always look forward to read them…best part abt them is u jes dnt provide the mere analysis of numbers but also the solutions to the probable problem areas that come with them..especially for no 8. your posts have aroused my curiosity in numerology…i wanted to read Scince of fortune by Pandit Sethuraman..but unfortunately it isnt available anywhere here in Mumbai. Can u pls tell me where can I buy it ? ….And yes continue posting ur insights….they are amazing

    • Read n understand the science of numerology,
      but as per Pt.Sethuraman, To become a successfull numerologist one should be a good palmist and astrologer too.

        • Will appreciate if You start a series of articles to teach how to use own horoscope (Ascendent, moon sign,Benefic planets) to decide about name number.

          • Yeah sure i can do that, but since i am working, i devote less time for blogging, so i ll try to figure out a way to publish articles to analyse horoscope.

          • There are many ebooks available for astrology. and many million websites are there which teaches astrology. But i dont recommend them as first we have to choose which type of astrology to learn, then we have to learn only through masters. Astrology is more of a intuition based than intellect based. It needs a master who can clear out doubts when there are many combinations for a particular House in chart. A master who has at least gone through a hundred thousand horoscope. But you can read the basics in any astrology website, there are lots of books. But to predict others chart you must learn it from master. In that way you can save a lot of time.

    • Cant say using numerology alone, using numerology one can say that a 8 born person s having his last life, because they directly come under saturn. But the same cannot be said for any other number borns. We have to analyze the horoscope of other number born person and see the position of lagna(ascendant) and jupiter to determine it.

    • I need time of birth to create a horoscope and see their chart…:) But if that person is not related to you, then i wont disclose details about him 🙂 it wont be fair on my part

      • Mine DOB is 28.03.1995
        My love partner DOB is 03.08.1995
        Destiny number 1 for me and for him 8 .
        Still not get married since we live each other with so many breaks with us …
        Will it works
        Kindly Let me know .becoz i don’t have parent to decide my life i have to decide

  4. Hello Sir,

    My respects to you. You are doing an incredible job of helping so many people in trouble. I am proud of you.

    My date of birth is 26th april 1966. As we can see, the day number is 8 and life path is 7
    What can you say about this combination???

    K.G. Shriram

    • Hi Shriram,

      Its very fortunate number, moreover your name is in 23, which makes you a highly intellect and wise man. 8 and 7 makes a person highly inclined to occult, meta physical, spirituality, paranormal studies. Either you must be extremely religious man or extremely researching about spirituality and religion or both. You have natural medium for occult powers. You must discover ur powers.

      • Dear Sir,

        Yes, You are very right. My inclination towards spirituality and religion is very deep rooted. But unfortunately, I cannot pursue those interests full time bcoz I am married and have a Child as well. People around me are puzzled at my interests and some say I should have been an ascetic.

        My ambition in life is to enter public service and serve the country on national issues for the public well being. I want to make a significant contribution. I wish to know what wiil be better for me- for a person of day 8 and life path 7- Public service, Business or a career in service. Where can I be more successful and happy???? Or should I be only in spirituality and religion???

        K.G. Shriram

        • Whether its public service or business or career service, you can excel in any field if you seriously pursue, but all the time your heart will be interested in religious matters only, may be out of commitment to family you want to do service and earn money, but your real intention is not money or worldly pursuits.

    • Most of the 8 borns have committed suicide due to their depression and failures, but when they do, there is a term called waiting period, when our life ends before the expected time, our soul or consciousness stays in earth for a certain period of time before getting liberated to astral world.

    • It can vary from 48 days to some years. But not less than 48 days. If they suicide in their final period of life, then it will be 48 days approx

  5. hello, sir,
    you are doing fantastic job and i am proud of you very much.

    My date of birth is 9th October 1969. As we can see, the day number is 9 and life path is 8
    What can you say about this combination???

    Manish V Varia

  6. Dear Sir,

    I have gone through your article on No 8- Manifestation of destruction. I agree with the article almost wholly. I have gone through certain experiences myself. We all know 8 is not very lucky number.

    In that case, what makes my numbers fortunate? Is it the presence of life path number 7 or my name number which is in 23??? Or does number 8 have certain inherent positives in it???

    Warm Regards,

    K.G. Shriram

    • Your name number as 23 is fortunate here, its the number which is holding you in this material world, anyother name other than 23 or 5 would have made you to renunciate worldly things. 8 has lots of great qualities like longevity, stability, wisdom, judgement, humanitarian etc

      • Dear Sir,

        Thanks for showing how name number works in tandem with day and life path numbers. You have clarified most of the doubts I had. With your blessings, I will get going with my endeavours.

        I like to express my sincere gratitutude for your pro-active assistance in answering all my doubts. Shall be in touch with you as and when I need to have any clarifications.


        K.G. Shriram

      • Ok somethng i want to understand about 8's. I have always felt like an outsider my whole life. Even as a child i felt that i had knoewlege most children did not. But this made me feel alianated and many people then even now do not understand me… What would be the point of being wise if you are alone.

        • This is the trademark problem of number 8, You know things and get knowledge at the very young age, resulting in solitude and loneliness. Even i used to try hard to dump my knowledge and wisdom which secludes me from the youth and innocence of people of my age. But one cant help it. We have to live through it, People mis understand 8 borns throughout their life, they are the most misunderstood people.

          • Have i felt lucky in my life as am 8 born with 8 born path Yes and No! I have felt at times like luck would come bit it was always short lived. As time passed i kept hoping my whole life that if only that time would come, if only i have that opportunity when i would get it major disappointment would always come after. Soon after i stopped hoping i was losing more passion. People always spoke about loneliness maybe because they were single or spouse died or something but the solitude you experience just because you are you is something that feels inescapable.

            And then i found you lol!!! Well this Website anyway. Now i have changed my name to a 5 and again i hold on to that tiny hope that maybe i will not be alone forever judged and alienated maybe i can be free of myself.

            Taianna Camarado

  7. The first thing i am doing everyday is getting a blank piece of paper and pen and signing my new name!!! This is the most exciting part of my day sad but true.

  8. hello, sir,
    you are doing fantastic job and i am proud of you very much.

    My date of birth is 9th October 1969. As we can see, the day number is 9 and life path is 8
    What can you say about this combination???

    Manish V Varia

  9. Hi,

    You said to me in a post before that my biggest talent in life was Firmness of nature. I do not understand what that means.

  10. hi

    i born in 13th sep, i want to know is 13 is really unlucky number.i face a loths of problem in my life.i feel there is no such as thing as god in anywhear.

  11. hi

    i am born at 13th sep. i want to know that 13th is really unlucky number.i face lots of problem in my life.i feel there is no such thing as god in anywhear

  12. Hello Sir,

    In numerology, which number has greater effect on a person- Name number, Life Path number or Birth date Number. Could you give them in their order of importance.


  13. hello sir, Ur doing a great job. my date of birth is 17-05-1976, n her date of birth of his 26-7-1978 . we r getting married on 28th oct 2009. how is d marriag date.
    but our both names comes to 5 sir. if the marriage date is not good wht is d remedy, cox we cant change our marriage date. so pls help us.. im wating for ur reply soon.

    ur regards

  14. Sir,
    myself VIVEK PANDEY born on 13.04.1979 ( friday). is my name compatible with my DOB.secondly i have read in on of the websites that those who are born on 13th & friday should go for compulsory name change. is it true

    • HE who has activated his third eye (present between eye brows) is said to know past,present and future. He has attained a great spiritual level, its not easy to activate it, and not everybody can do this. only very few souls can do it, whose soul is evolved very nicely

  15. Hello Sir,

    Myself Ravi, I was born on 17th October 1983. I had an affair, rather den affair i wud say that i luved a gal frm deep of my heart. Bt it’s been 5 years since we’ve broken up. I still try to get her back. Bt she’s not respondin at all. Her DOB is 29th Sept 1985. Plz help me.

    I m in a big trouble.

  16. HI, most of the books I have read on numerology suggest that 4’s and 8’s should avoid 4’s and 8′ as much as possible, although it is not always possible, because if we ourselves increase these vibrations our life is likely to be fatalistic(Linda Goodman’s Star signs), in my studies I have found that the above two people are very genuine, so why have you recomended 8’s to marry 4’s, because I feel best numbers to marry are 1’s, 3’s, 5’s and 6’s

    • I dont agree that 4 and 8 should be avoided, the reality is 4 borns gets attracted and adore 8 borns more than any number (next comes number 1) and vice versa. Both 4 and 8 are karmic influential numbers, their idealogies will be similiar in many ways, hence they make a good pair. The reason why many astrologers ask to avoid is due to the spiritual tendency of these two numbers. 4 and 8 when married may renounce material happiness and pursue spiritual path

  17. Hi Saravana,
    I have never come across such convincing and knowledgeable predictions …that too with solutions. You are doing a great job. Please continue your noble work.

    I have a query. My son was born on 26/11/2008 ( the day of Mumbai terror attack, perrenniel rains in Chennai and sharing date of birth with LTTE leader Prabhakaran). Many say that it very inauspicious making us uncomfortable. We have named him Aryan Adithya. As per your posts, I though of making it M. Aryan Aadithya ( making it 5), but I have a suggestion from a friend who insists it to be M. Aryann Adithya ( making it 9). Dont know which to follow. Please help.

  18. Hi there..i have a prob whereby my bf d.o.b 27th march 1987 and me 26th april 1988..we r 8&9…can we go along till our marriage? his name is Surendren

  19. Hello there,

    I have been folowing your posts for a while now. I am an 8 born woman with 8 lifepath. I have been asking everyperson i have been with what date they are born on. I have noticed that now allot of times i can quess what they are after speaking with them.

    I have a question. You say in this post that 9 is not compatible with 8 at all. I have found the complete opposite. I find that i get along extremey well with 9 born or lifepath persons and dont get along at all with people of 8 numerology. With 9 i find there is instant attraction and i find the 9 born man finds me challenging and different. 8 born men though dont click with me whats ever.

    Can you tell me why this is please?

    • 9 being a Mars, its natural for woman (not only 8 borns, but all of them) to get attracted to 9 borns. Same way, all men attracted to woman born on 6 or lp 6. But the continuity of relationship for lifelong is what compatibility is all about

  20. Hello Sir,
    Your sincerity in replying to ppls queries is commendable.I am really glad that you are trying to help ppl.
    My dob is 8 march 1982 , life path 4. I have two questions:
    1. I got married on 21st of june 2009 but since december, I am not living with my husband. His dob is 30 august, 1979. His name is Kumar Abhinav. I want to know will the legal separation process be smooth?
    2. I am on an year long leave from my office since august 2009. I want a change in my career field for a more satisfying thing like research and teaching. right now I feel demotivated but will I gain my focus and confidence back soon?
    Please reply and help me in my problem.

  21. Sir

    My Name is Nagesh Prabhu
    DOB is 26.07.1983
    My Wife’s name is Parminder Raizada. But her name after marriage is Pooja Prabhu.( But she doesnt like calling her by that name ) Her DOB is 27.11.1980
    I have a daughter 10.11.2008. We lover her very much
    Now the problem is between us , we dont have a nice understanding. We always fight, quarrel etc.

    Pls let me the way out


    Thank you!!!

  22. Hello Sir, my date of birth is 16/04/1986 and i ma in a relationship with a boy who is born on 29/01/1987. Will we get married? Please help

  23. Dear Sir,

    Iam 8born with the 4 lifepath. Can you please tell me why the relationship with 8 born men are so difficult for me. There are always difficultes in my personal life. Maybe 8 born people cannot build a happy family becasue they are so alike?

  24. dear Astronlogia,
    I was having a long distance relationship for about 2 years. It is time to decide whether we want to get married. He asked me to move to his home country. It is a big decision for me and I need your advice. Please advice whether it will be a good marriage for both of us? I want to have children. My name Olesja Verbicka (17-03-1982), his name Brian Honeycutt, (08-08-1967). Best regards

  25. Hi Sir,
    i was born in 28.10.1975 and my fiance born in 08.12.1983. Our marriage has been plan to be have it on 26.09.2010. Is this a good date to get married for both of us. Is there any reason where born in 8 shouldent get marreid in 8. Please advise, need your urgent feedback on this.

    • one can marry on 26th, but life path should not be 8,5,4, or 7. These should be avoided. If one gets married on 26th, then it can either do good or bad to 8 born person depending upon the position of saturn in ones chart

  26. hi, when you 8-born, do you mean the day of birth falls on an 8? or do you mean the life path number is 8?
    i was born on a 4 day but my life path number is 8..can you give any advise on how to make my life luckier in love & wealth?

  27. Dear Astronlogia,
    I put the details of both of us in the link you gave me about the marriage report! Can you please let me know whether you got this information and how i can this report!
    best regards

  28. Respected Sir,

    My name is Nagesh Prabhu. my DOB is 26.07.1983 and my wife’s name is Parminder Kaur Raizada( Before marriage) and now Parminder Prabhu.Her DOB is 27.09.1980. Infact after marriage we have kept her name as Pooja Prabhu. But she doesnt like it.
    We have a blessed daughter SaiDurga Prabhu and her DOB is 10.11.2008
    Now the problem is We have always been fighting or arguing ever since our marriage. So I am always upset with this.
    By the way we got married on 24.02.2008.

    Kindly provide me with a solution, what needs to be done. Please.

    Nagesh Prabhu

  29. Dear Astronlogia,

    I have ordered the marriage reports on the 24th and Iam just wondering how long it might take to get it via email. It says on the website 2-3 days, unless iam mistaken. I was not able to contact you through as message did not go through. Thus, sorry to contacting you in here and i hope you can come back to me soon.

    Best Regards

  30. Hi

    I am an 8 born with 8 lifepath. I have noticed that i cannt understand 4 borns at all and they irratate me so much. The same with 8 borns. I find that 9 borns i get along with so much better why is that?

  31. I am a 8 born too. I read all your articles on 8 born and that number 1, 4 and 8 are compatible. However contrary to this, I dont gel well with 8 born males. I find them strange and selfcentered. They tend to confuse a simple communication thats I make.
    they are not reliable also. they are too calculative in everything and dont trust anyone completely. insensitive too.
    what do you have to say about this. Is it just my experience or a malefic thoughts blocking my mindset to judge right and wrong perspectives

    • Some 8 borns can be insensitive and self centered, mainly because of lack of self confidence and self belief, but it cant be applicable to 1 and 4 born too, 4 borns are sensitive in nature.

  32. hello sir
    im born on 8th july 1988 im suffring from many sudden problems not even in professional even in personal also sp plz suggest me somthing according to my number …

  33. hi my date of birth is 17 jan-1976, 10.35 PM, Ranchi and name is
    shankar malhotra. i m getting married to komal oberoi whose date of
    birth is 20 feb-1978., 6.32 AM, Bareilly. is it fruitful. how will
    the married life be. i m anxious a lot sir.

  34. Oh my God.. I’m from Poland. Martyna, aged 24. It’s soo true to the bones ALL about me as 8 born and described above: problems with happy relationships,, so much pain, problems with nervous system and the threat to be childless because of health… …And I have been always felt these strange influences from “the outside” like I was the chosen one in a strange way. Oh my God everything is so true about me. Now I know what is really going on. Please, I beg you tell me if Artur is compatible with me? He’s 19.03.1986 and I, Martyna, 26.02.1986. Do we have chances to be happy together

  35. dear Astronlogia,

    ..Oh my God.. I’m from Poland. Martyna, aged 24. It’s soo true to the bones ALL about me as 8 born described above: problems with happy relationships,, so much pain, problems with nervous system and the threat to be childless because of health… And I have been always felt these strange influences from “the outside” like I was the chosen one in a strange way. Oh my God everything is so true about me. Now I know what is really going on. Please, I beg you tell me if Artur is compatible with me? He’s 19.03.1986 and I, Martyna, 26.02.1986

    • Martyna,

      There is compatibility between you two in matters of LOVE, but if you are planning for marriage, then horoscopes of you two has to be analyzed for that. cos marriage itself is a legal commitment in astrology books, which is diff concept from love

      • Aha… But do I, do we have chances to be a satisfying marriage? I have got the charts of each other, I could send it to you on email. Because I don’t know which aspects to look at to analyze marriage 🙁

  36. Dear Sir,

    I am stuck and need help choosing the date. I feel like I have to set the date or it will never happen, there is always something in the way, I feel. Now reading about 9 & 8 i am concerned.
    I, Julia Shvedchenko was born on 27th September 1981 and my fiance Paul Traveller on 8th July 1981 which makes me a 9 and him an 8. Are we still compatible long term?
    We are planning a wedding in June or July 2011, what is the best date?
    Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it.

    • Compatibility is not seen with birth date alone, rather its seen with life path and name too. any one compatibility can be good for couple. Regarding dates, there are lots of factors to consider, which i ll post soon

  37. Dear sir,
    i would like to know what would be my life path as i my actual DOB is 08/08/1980 but some how on my birth certificate it was dated 08/08/1981. Not sure if that will make any diff.
    thank you

  38. Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 17-06-1980 and time is 6.45 am
    Tried your NUMEROLOGY CALCULATOR and got 28 and 32 as name value and path no. respectively.
    Kindly explain what does these numbers mean?? whether they r good or bad??
    Everything in my life is late and slow. Not married yet and currently sitting with no job.
    Every saturday i read Shani Chaalisa. Hope I am in a right direction… plzzz guide me.


  39. Dear Sir,

    First of all Thank You!
    Mona BK Sarkar.. is the name i have decided to use. Though i cannot completely change my name but will be slowly changing the way i sign. Meanwhile i am writing it 32 times nd will doing so uptill 3 months …though don’t know what will happen if miss writing it one day in between?

    And sorry 4 bugging you again…plzzz don’t mind

    Bless You

  40. Humble request,
    kindly removed d prev queires posted on this site(unanswered), as it defames certain ppl whose name have been mentioned. the names googled, shows this page where private issues of few ppl are publicised.

  41. Humble request,
    kindly removed d prev queires posted on this site(unanswered), as it defames certain ppl whose name have been mentioned. the names googled, shows this page where private issues of few ppl are publicised.

  42. I am a woman born on the 26, so I can subscribe the difficult marriage situation for number 8 people, having been cheated in many different ways. I have low iron and had several miscarriages, but my marriage is not childless. It is unvaluable for a number 8 woman to be extremely careful with her choice of husband, and she should not rely on his birth day – I’ll say more about this in a moment –  but investigate deeply into his life, his manners, his beliefs, his plans for the future, his temperament, psychological disposition, and relationship with his parents BEFORE she accepts to marry him. I also think the opposite is true, number 8 men should be as careful as the women, but men and women expect different things from the marriage, and the woman is likely to suffer more in a bad marriage. 

    There is one thing I would like to address here, which is the belief that number 4 and 8 give a good marriage. This is not true, but it is a common belief in India. 4 and 8 are never good in marriage, but they are very good in friendship, because they understand each other. I have observed this for many years. My own marriage with a 4 man is not good for any of us, but I am his best friend in life. I have seen this pattern again and again. I do not wish my 8 son to marry a 4 woman, but it is likely to happen because there is always a recognition and sympathy between these two numbers. But the marriage will be full of sacrifices for both of them. I strongly advice against it, even if it goes against common belief in India.

  43. Hello sir

    Read your article on number 8, and i feel so bad for being born on this number. 

    Kindly help me with regards to my life in future. 

    My name is R. Nivetha , DOB is 26.11.1991.

    I want to know if it is good?? Kindly suggest. 

    • Nivetha, you should never feel bad or regret for being born on 26th or any number, this guilt will only make things worse. Every number has its own purpose and greatness

    • 8 is a greatly spiritual number and ultimately only that can take you towards eternal bliss. Understand your purpose and pursue that. Eventually with spiritual advancement one becomes totally liberated from all karmic influence and the planets no long influence such a person.

  44. Hi.. my name is jasmeet and my d.o.b is 26 april 1989 so mu number is 8 and i have been facing disappoinments in my life not getting success yet.. does my number will effect on my marriage life too?

  45. hai sir
    my name is kaviya having birth date 8.11.1994 , if there is any problem in my marriage life. if it happens means what is the solution to get correct partner.

    • As your are born under the influence of Saturn there will be delay in everything you get. Marriage is no exception. Delay in marriage is indicated, however there is no denial. Marriage is very much promised by the stars.

  46. sir plz replay, because iam worring it to most of my life period , because my childwood life is also worse because my parents are always fighting each other , it makes me depressed, if there is any chance to be happy atleast after my marriage life

  47. Hi,

    My name is Shweta

    I want to marry a person of number 2 02/12/1988 and my number is 8 17 /01/1992 is my marriage life happy? please reply can i do marry for this person?

    • The compatibility between number 8 and number 2 is a combination for gains. First there will be attraction between both and both will be always be seeking fun and pleasure in everything that you do. However as both a sensitive and emotional, any harsh comment by either one could severely damage the relationship.


  48. My date of birth is 31:12:1986and fiance is 26:41984 marriage date is decided as 26 August 2017 is this date appropriate

  49. How bad is name 77 fir 8 born like 8.03.1980? And will my son born in september and lifepath 9 cause trouble then to me? Better name 50?

    • As your Numerology number is 26 which adds to number 8, it is the number of planet Saturn, which brings delays in life. You will get a lot but only after delays. The good things about Saturn is that there can be delays but not denials. You should keep fast on Mondays for desired results.

  50. Hi.
    I’m Kham Suan Khual ,born on 8.11.1988.What’s my life path number ?And please suggest me for my marriage life.

    • You are born under number 8 and Planet Saturn. You are smart, charming, energetic. You possess great quality of helping others. You take time in building relationships, but once you do they last life long. However marriage front can bring delays and obstacles. You should do proper matching of the horoscopes for getting happiness on this front.


  51. Hi sir ,

    Can mean my bf get married? I’m very worry.

    My bf is born on 16/1/1986 (name: ong boon peng) (ppl call him :justin)

    Me born on 8-7-1988 (name: lee phei yin) (ppl call me Valerie or phei yin)

    Are we compatible?

  52. Hi sir ,

    Can me and my bf get married? I’m very worry.

    My bf is born on 16/1/1986 5am (name: ong boon peng) (ppl call him :justin)

    Me born on 8-7-1988 1.52pm (name: lee phei yin) (ppl call me Valerie or phei yin)

    Are we compatible? What is the auspicious date to get married

    • Looking at your numerology chart we see that you are born under number 8 and your boyfriend is born under number 7. This is an average relationship. There is surely lot of attraction between you both but there is also ego problems and strong likes and dislikes, because of which there would be conflicts, arguments. You can do great if you work as a team. However it will not be easy to think alike. Marriage can be considered if you are willing to share each others joys and sorrows.


  53. Thanks for your reply . This is very accurate. I know we are not compatible cuz I read pandhit’s book and also what you wrote in ur webpage.

  54. Guess there will be no solution.m, because numerology is almost like a fate, when you are not compatible , means it is not compatible no matter how. 🙂

  55. sir, actually my date of birth is 8.11.1994 in school certificate. but now only i know that i born on 2.00 to 4.00 a.m on 8. 11.1994 . so they indicated my date of birth as 9.11.1994. is it correct or my original date is 8 or 9. if it is 8 means if my marriage will get delay i know that. but it could be happy or not, as per the time my date of birth is 9 means what is about my marriage life and future. kindly make me the replay

    • If you are born after 12 midnight, you should consider the next date. Therefore if you are born on 8th and 9th night after 12 midnight, your date of birth will be 9th November 1994.


  56. kalai
    sir, all the symptoms to me is like number 8. because all the things in my life is delay only. all the relationship are also very fake to me. sir please replay me about the marriage life . if it will good and happy to me.

    • People born under the influence of number 8 have a delay in marriage. The marital life depends upon proper matching of the horoscopes. Do proper horoscope matching for a blissful and happy marriage.


  57. Hello sir

    My DOB is 17-10-1995 and i m in love with a girl and her DOB is 11-08-1996…are we compatible? If not then can you tell me about my married life and career.

    • You are ruled by Number 8 and your girlfriend is born under number 2. The 8:2 relationship is not an easy one. Therefore is no doubt that there will be a strong psychical attraction, but mentally you will be far away. This will not be an easy relationship.


    • You are born under the influence of Saturn and your partner is ruled by Moon. You both are devoted, loyal, sincere, however, you need to understand that you both can never think alike. There will always be strong likes and dislikes between the both of you. It is important that you respect and understand each other to take this relationship forward.


  58. I am 8 born man and my bday is on 08.12.1992 and am talking with 8 born woman and her bday is on 08.11.1993 can u suggest how would be the compatibility for marriage relationship. Am very curious to know

    • This match would be a perfect union or a perfect rebellion. Although you will have many similarities but you both will be so powerful that you could be best friends or best enemies. It is not an easy relationship because of strong personalities of both. It is best to focus on each other’s strength then weaknesses.


    • Your compatibility is a between two extremes, yet you have similarities which bring you close towards each other. You are compatible because you both will be tactful, compassionate and sensitive. You both always want to improve things around you and also love peace and harmony. Avoid ego issues and you will have a good life ahead.


  59. Hi
    I am born on 27/06/90 and my girl to whom i wanted to get married born on 17/08/91 can u suggest me how would be the future of our married life
    I told her abt 8&9 compatiblity but she says she don’t believe in this
    Or u plz suggest us caution to do so

    • Yours is a relationship of odds as you have nothing in common. Despite this, you tend to have a strong attraction towards each other. This attraction will remain fresh and grow with time if you are able to give and receive love. Respect towards each other is important. This is not an easy relationship as you will have ideological differences. The success of your relationship will depend upon care, compassion, and love for each other.


    • You both are ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn. An 8-8 relationship is a good match because they share lot of similar views and ideas. If they work as a team they can do wonders. However they do can get ego clashes and that is not good for their long term relationship. If you both keep your differences aside and work on common missions you will have good marital happiness.


      Navneet Khanna

  60. Sir, my DOB is 26 Jan 1994. And the boy I wish to marry 9 may 1995 .. what can u say about the compatibility and prospects in the long run.. my mother a strong believer of numerology says about this 8 and 9 thing esp 8 wife and 9 husband and she advices me against it..

    • Number 8 is ruled by Saturn and number 9 is ruled by Mars. Saturn and Mars are very contradictory energies, therefore your relationship will not be easy and so if you move forward with marriage, be prepared to give a lot in this relationship. That is true for both. You need to take your positive forward and leave the negative behind for this relationship to work.


      Navneet Khanna

    • A native born with number 8 is ruled by Saturn and the native born with number 9 is ruled ruled by Number 9. Saturn and Mars are contradictory energies. Therefore you both will need to put lot of efforts for the relationship to work.


      Navneet Khanna

      • Sir, my family isn’t in favour of this relationship, and I have my doubts too .. so I m always in a dilemma as to what step i should take.. do u think this combination is worthy enough to go against my family’s wishes and make them agree somehow? I doubt the happiness it is going to bring.i would love to hear ur comment about this sir.

        • In your birth chart we see that Saturn rules the 7th house of marriage. Saturn is placed in the 8th house which is not good. 4 planets are placed in the 7th house. Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury. Ketu aspects the 7th house. Your horoscope is weak for marital happiness. Therefore marital happiness would depend upon proper matching of the horoscopes.


          Navneet Khanna

  61. Hello sir this is about my uncle.. he is an 8 born too.. 17-4-1979. He isn’t married yet.. are there any chances of his marriage in the near future?

      • DOB 17-4-1979
        Time : 3.15 pm
        Place: Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
        Could u please tell about married life? Not yet married.. when can the marriage happen? Will it happen?

        • Looking at your horoscope we see that you are passing through mahadasha of Moon and antardasha of Venus. Saturn rules the 7th house and Saturn is conjoined with Rahu which is never good and the reason for delays and obstacles. You are also in the period of Shani Sade satti. Doing the remedies of Saturn will help you getting your results.


          Navneet Khanna

      • The chart is indeed weak for marriage and that is why there has been delay in marriage. Possibility of marriage is there in 2019. Need to do remedies of Saturn to get the desired results.


        Navneet Khanna

  62. Hi sir…my fiance birth detail-8-1-1988 2:20 am.. Agra.. and mine is 27-10-1987 5:40am..Jaipur.. ..will it be a good relationship?? Lots of hurdles and obstacles r der.. What to do sir? the relation was started since 26 Nov 2016…

    • Yours is a relationship of odds. Although there will be nothing in common, yet you will have great attraction. This attraction can stay and grow provided you keep it exciting and fun. You both have great ideas and full of energy, if you bring this energy in your relationship, you relationship can grow many folds. Challenges are part of every relationship. What is important is honesty, trust and companionship.


      Navneet Khanna

  63. Dear Sir,

    I am actually confused regarding my marriage. My parents have choosen 2 boys out of which i have choose one. Rakesh DOB 27.08.1988 AND OTHER ONE IS MAYANK 02.12.1988. MY DOB IS 17.01.1990.

  64. Hi Sir, Im born on 8.1.1984 my name is in 41 which was changed as per numerology.please let me know partner preference date n which date I should get married is best.?

  65. Sir I am born on 18 Nov and my name is Shivani he is born on 8 aug his name is monu we are going to get married on 9- Feb… How will our relationship work??

  66. after changing my name number 5 also facing the issues now both are separated ( name number 32 full name number 50 ) my date of birth details 17-06-1977 , bhimavaram , andhra pradesh , time 5.45 A.M wife birth details 24-02-1985 chittoor, AP time 16.00 why facing hurdles ?

  67. Sir, my date of birth is 08-03-1989 and my husband’s date of birth is 17-04-1987. We both are fighting every time and we have many personal problems. And we don’t have kids. Kindly suggest me the right solution for us. Will be waiting for your reply. Thank you sir.

  68. Good day sir I was born 8 sept 1987, my path number is 6. And I want sum up my name to 5, please how perfect will it be.

    My regards Buchi Jude

  69. I am madly in love with a guy who is 8 and even I am 8…Yes we do fight a lot but I don’t want to leave him…what should I do?
    Pratik : 17/05/1989
    Dhwani: 17/06/1992


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