The first Astrology Sign in the Zodiac, Aries the Ram


Sign: Aries the Ram
Dates: March 21st – April 19th
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Life Pursuit: Aries to live in the thrill of the moment and to lead the way for others.

Aries the Ram
Aries the Ram

Aries Zodiac Personality Traits:

The Aries is an adventurer. They love to pave the way, to go out and feel the thrills life has to offer. Many of our most famous films stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Russell Crowe, and Keira Knightley fall under this sign.

An Aries the Ram born person is both independent and yet naive, overly trusting and yet someone who will charge into the unknown without hesitation. Thankfully they also have excellent resilience and will bounce back from most challenges and upheavals without too much damage to their souls. This is a sign that is always young at heart, and like children they continue to approach the world with wonder and amazement.

Mars is the ruling planet of this sign and that makes those who fall under it forceful and dynamic; both genders will tend to be masculine and dominant and are searching for alternates that can handle that dominance and provide a good counter balance.

This is one of the most honest Zodiac signs. These are people who will listen to your problems and lay out very clearly how they feel you should deal with it. They tend to speak forthrightly, often bluntly, without the intention of causing insult but with the intention of being clear. If they give you advice and you choose not to follow it, don’t be surprised if an Aries is unwilling to entertain your problems again. Those who fall under Aries tend to have little time for those who use excuses to keep from taking responsibility for their problems and their actions.

There is only one sign that can match the Aries in stubbornness and that is Scorpio. Expect these people to be by your side, fighting with you and helping you make it to the end. They won’t give up and they expect you not to give up too.


People looking to be in any sort of relationship with an Aries need to understand, most importantly, that these are people who never stop doing and as such they may forget the small things necessary to keep a relationship healthy. It’s never that they don’t care, it’s that they are so often already off on the next adventure that they simply haven’t thought to ask, much less stop and listen to their partner. They simply assume that everything is going well, and that those around them are ready to leap off into excitement once again.

This is a childlike sign and those under it meet the day with passion and enthusiasm, positive that nothing can go wrong and little will dim this optimistic outlook. Those under this sign will never be able to hide their feelings. They cannot successfully lie, so if they tell you things are fine or that they love you, you can be assured that they mean it with the whole of their heart.

Aries tend to be very romantic and these are the people who will go out of the way to think up the most romantic dates, to plan an elaborate proposal; the ones who will quite literally ride off into the sunset with you. This sign is one made up of people who will fight for their relationships, working hard to prove their love to you each and every day.

Bear in mind, however, that this openness can lead to Aries being broken by the betrayal of a loved one. Those under this sign give their whole heart, and when a friend or lover moves on and leaves them it can take quite a while for their heart to recover. Thankfully they are rarely ever left jaded, and given time to recover will be back on their feet and able to help their friends and loved ones recover from their own heartache.


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