The first Astrology Sign in the Zodiac, Aries the Ram


Sign: Aries the Ram
Dates: March 21st to April 19th


  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Element: Fire
  • Root Power: Initiate action
  • Positive Traits: Courageous, determined, ambitious, adventurous
  • Negative Traits: Impatient, moody, impulsive, abrasive, aggressive
  • Likes: Comfy clothes, physical challenges, leadership roles, individual sports, competitive games, road trips
  • Dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use their talents, sharing, being ignored, word “no”
  • Good Day: Adventurous, passionate, energetic, encouraging, unstoppable, devoted, heroic
  • Bad Day: Self centered, arrogant, stubborn, proud, impulsive, reckless, jealous
  • Turn offs: People who try to stop them from their goals
  • Lucky Color: Bright Red
  • Lucky Number: 1, 8, 17
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Flower: Honeysuckle
  • Basic Trait: “I am”
  • Quirk: Freak out over random things
  • Advice: Slow down and think twice before acting
  • Life Pursuit: Thrill of the moment
  • Secret Wish: To be #1
  • Known For: Hero complex and bluntness



The Ram is based on the Golden Fleece story. This tale is all about the hero ready to save the day and carry powerless people on their back. This is the power of the Ram: to carry and support others. Like the tale, an Aries willingly shares their power and strength with others. When they are unable to, their energy comes to an abrupt stop and fear wins. In this way, an Aries wants to share their warmth to inspire others and must do so in order to feel complete and challenged. The golden fleece in the story is shiny and attractive to all, creating opportunities for betrayal and challenge. Unfortunately, Aries shares in this appeal and risk.

Day to Day

Aries are headstrong; they are ruled by their head and lead with their head. They charge head first with speed and focus. They possess a youthful strength and energy regardless of their actual age. They are usually one step ahead, love challenges, and are quick to assess problems for solutions. They quickly perform any assigned task. They refuse to be pushed around, strongly believe in themselves, and champion others. They absolutely love the thrill of the hunt.

As such, Aries is the leader of the pack. It is in an Aries’ nature to take action, sometimes before they think it through. They will always initiate a new idea or plan, they just might not see it to completion. This sign looks for competition and always wants to be first in everything. They love speed and look to be dynamic always.

This is a childlike sign and those under it meet the day with passion and enthusiasm, positive that nothing can go wrong and little will dim this optimistic outlook. This coupled with their blunt honesty results in an easy ability to inspire others. They are a vibrant and talkative sign. They are go-getters who love to venture out. Their upbeat, magnetic personality entices others to follow.

Deep rooted inside an Aries is a sense of insecurity. Aries have an intense drive to succeed, which results in putting too much pressure on themselves. This pressure can manifest itself in self doubt that is rarely visible to others. To overcome this, an Aries utilizes its natural optimism and enthusiasm.

Aries have a tendency to fiercely hold onto their own opinions. Unfortunately, this means that an Aries can be inflexible and does not always know when to stop. If confronted, an Aries will usually behave childishly and throw a temper tantrum. They can be self involved and impatient, as well as irrational and hasty. When challenged, an Aries can appear aggressive as they often point their frustration to other people.

Aries will play as hard as they work. They will not hold onto the past, but they also will not give up without a fight. This is thanks to their stubbornness. An Aries also loves to spend money and live in the present. They also like to be the center of attention. They have innate sense of entitlement that sometimes appears as selfish or overly focused on themselves. They can be bossy as well as unstoppable.

Impact of Element, Quality, and Planet

The Fire element inspires Aries to liberate themselves and others from oppression. They are destined to be trailblazers. The cardinal quality results in the leadership of self and others. Combined, cardinal fire keeps pushing Aries to further their goals. The cardinal quality also results in Aries prizing originality and initiating a winning idea.

Mars is the ruling planet of this sign and that makes those who fall under it forceful and dynamic; both genders will tend to be masculine and dominant and are searching for alternates that can handle that dominance and provide a good counter balance. Mars lends its assertiveness, drive, and determination to further energize Aries. This leads to Aries always being able to summon the inner strength to outlast others in action. As a result, Aries is considered one of the most active signs that is unafraid of a fight.


An Aries is an extremely generous, good friend. They will always protect and standby the people they are close to. They will build long term friendships with those who are energetic and brave.

They are always upfront and let others know where they stand. This is one of the most honest Zodiac signs. An Aries has the deep ability to respect and understand others opinions and choices. However, they do not like taking orders, especially if they do not like them. They love to surround themselves with a wide range of different people and make connections. They are caring, always looking out for others, protecting and encouraging them.

These are people who will listen to your problems and lay out very clearly how they feel you should deal with it. They tend to speak forthrightly, often bluntly, without the intention of causing insult but with the intention of being clear. If they give you advice and you choose not to follow it, do not be surprised if an Aries is unwilling to entertain your problems again. Those who fall under Aries tend to have little time for those who use excuses to keep from taking responsibility for their problems and their actions.


Aries men want to play the game by their rules. They love the chase and a good challenge. They prefer when others play hard to get. This Ram loves to play knight in shining armor.

Aries the RamAries women are fearless and energetic. They are in love with adventures and want to constantly be on the move. They prefer when others appeal to their independence. These women are extremely passionate.


The Ram will always go for the gusto and take bold action on their feelings. They are courageous in their relationships and always energetic. Those under this sign will never be able to hide their feelings. Aries will express their feelings with no other thought and shower their partner with affection. There are times however, where this can be excessive. Bear in mind, an Aries openness can lead to being broken by the betrayal of a loved one. Those under this sign give their whole heart, and when a friend or lover moves on it can take quite a while for their heart to recover.

People looking to be in any sort of relationship with an Aries need to understand, most importantly, that these are people who never stop doing. This may result in Aries forgetting the small things necessary to keep a relationship healthy. They cannot successfully lie however, so if they tell you things are fine or that they love you, you can be assured that they mean it with the whole of their heart.

Aries tend to be very romantic and these are the people who will go out of the way to think up the most romantic dates, to plan an elaborate proposal, to quite literally ride off into the sunset with you. This sign is one made up of people who will fight for their relationships, working hard to prove their love to you each and every day.This sign is highly passionate and best with air or other fire signs. Aries needs a partner who can calm them when they are burning. They are highly compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.



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