Numerology for Bruce Lee (Jun Fan)


Bruce Lee is a world renowned martial arts master, who is a cult figure in all parts of the world for his trademarks Kung Fu style called Jun Fan Gung Fu. Lee immortalised Kung Fu in his short career of movies which turned out to be legendary movies of martial arts. Lee’s original name was Jun Fan which he used  legally throughout his life time, his style of kung fu is called Jun Fan Gung Fu, and his school of martial arts called Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.  What can Bruce Lee Numerology tell us about his past?

The name Bruce Lee was used in his movies as a part of western culture. Lee was born on Nov 27th 1940, who is a 9 born and 7 has a lifepath which makes him a warrior by birth, passion for fighting and martial arts and also philosophical and spiritual path due to 7 as life path. Now when we analyze his career as a martial artist, its very significant as he is a 9 born – a martian by birth. Mike Tyson too was born on 27th! and many warriors and fighters belong to this number. His lifepath has 7 makes him spiritually inclined and greatly controls his powers from becoming destructive in nature.

When we analyze lee’s name, his birth name was Lee Jun Fan which comes 57 in numerology, which says the person will attain enormous fame in short span of time and suddenly the growth comes to stop! also lee used his birth name Jun Fan in regular use. Jun Fan in numerology comes 26 which is a number to be feared and run away when used in name. 26 creates enemies and causes fear of that person, lee must have many enemies and 26 is noted to cause sudden death by accidents and enemies.

His sudden demise has lot to do with his name Jun Fan. Lee was born on Dragon year, dragon hour and his astrological charts signify the same with many fire planets, which clearly states his short journey in this world.



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