Number 81 in Numerology


We have seen about the number 18 and its effects in numerology. Number 81 is the mirror image of number 18.  The quality of both number 18 and 81 are same. They are destructive in materialistic nature and constructive spiritually but 81 is not warlike number. Their functioning is different. Compared to number 18 this number will not cause failures in love relationships or unsuccessful marriage for woman. The political or ideological misunderstanding caused by number 18 and the resulting war is absent in number 81. but number 81 can cause spiritual misunderstanding as a threat to the individual. The presence of number 80 (+1) in this number adds some mystic flair. Since number 80 is both dangerous and saint like number, it offers power and gift to the number 81 individual only to use it for selfish and wrong purpose. Thus the fall of individual rather than system is signified by number 81 as we see here.

This number is lucky for certain business types, especially manufacturing oriented business involving metals. Number 81 is a perfect square of 9. It is also used in tantra as a symbol of power to counter enemies. You can use your knowledge of the number 81 in numerology to benefit the rest of your life. It’s always a good idea to keep your eye out for good and bad numbers as they cross your life.


  1. is 81 good for cooking related business ? My mom wants to start her Cooking classes/Workshops, and the name comes on 81 using the calculator on your website. if we add extra ‘a’ it comes on 82, what will be the best name for my mom’s venture : 81 or 82 ?

    she is 8 born, I saw your 8 born (life path 7) posts, and just corrected her name on number 32 and then she started getting cooking ideas, and now she wanted to start her cooking class/workshop.

    so congrats and thanks to you , because of changing her name to 32, now she is looking happy at the age of 51. Plse suggest which number we choose for her business 81 or 82 ?

  2. if your dob is 18 then how one can avoid relationship problem? does 18 name number is related to relationship trouble only or both?


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