Choosing an auspicious wedding date


There is a saying marriages are made in Heaven! the true meaning of this quote means heaven as the zodiacal belt of our solar system and not in some fairy tale paradise. In ancient days, Heaven is a term used for space and its constitution like planets and constellations. Sages rightly propounded that marriage is a karmic phenomenon and its decided by the heavenly influence on an individual. Such is the importance, as marriages are widely celebrated phenomenon in eastern culture and the sanctity of marriage is considered with utmost reverence. Love and Marriage are entirely different phenomenon at least to the law of universe. Love is liberation whereas marriage is karmic bondage of soul. That’s why love disappears or becomes a boring experience for most couples after marriage. To avoid this, eastern culture understood the importance of karmic function behind marriage and wanted to make it positive experience for couple. This resulted in seeing the ideal planetary conditions to get married known as Muhurat or Auspicious time for marriage for a couple.

Choosing an auspicious wedding date

Before going to worst wedding dates, first lets see why such thing should be avoided. In today’s world, marriage has been treated like a fast food affair, decisions are made in flash and ends in flash. People give importance to fancy wedding, glitz and glamour but fails to understand the importance of marital longevity and happiness. They care more about how to PR their marriage rather than deciding to get married on a good and auspicious day. First, when you decide to get married, you should have at least 6 month’s time frame to choose the ideal date. The best wedding dates according to Numerology are not found in a week or month, it may take 3 or 6 months at least. In those days, people check best dates for whole year and they get hardly one or two best dates. So 6 months is minimum search limit for dates.

Choosing an auspicious wedding date follows these 3 rules:

  1. Look up in panchangam or ALMANAC. In India, we refer it as HINDU ASTROLOGICAL ALMANAC. which has the wedding dates for the whole year. usually you may get around 30 – 40 wedding dates for the year. these dates are good for wedding for a particular location. you must see almanac for your location of marriage. almanac are location specific
  2. After getting the first set of dates from almanac, check for strength of the moon sign for bride and bridegroom called CHANDRABALA, this should be auspicious for both. and then strength of moon’s constellation for both. this called TARABALA.
  3. Once all these three are satisfied in a day, look the numerology of the day though i have given it on 3rd in list, it is the most important factor. Some times all things are satisfied except numerology compatibility, so it is must that numerology compatibility is satisfied. Care should be taken that date does not be number 17 or 26 as day numbers or life path as 5. Life path as 5 should be strictly avoided even though it is considered as best day of the universe.

After above things are satisfied for both BRIDE AND BRIDEGROOM, fix an ascendant on that auspicious day, and on your auspicious wedding date to get married. Usually, an auspicious day doesn’t indicate the whole day, whereas a range of time like one – three hours ideal for marriage. so you have to plan to get married in that time frame.

Ideally, if you look up all the ideal dates in almanac in a year and check for above rules, you will get only one or two or maximum three dates for a year. Finalize the one and get married. In this way, you can never be separated from your loved one ever.


  1. Sir…I always read ur articles in this site and I really want to appreciate for all your hard work and detail & accurate postings. People like us would like to know more things in detail on Numerology. This is the best site I have ever came acrossed on Numerology..I do believe in Numerology..The post on Number 8 is awesome..Yes, its a karmic number and gives us results based on our karma’s in past or present lives..I am number 8 born and struggles a lot to get good/positive results..Even if some good things happens, some bad things are hidden inside which come out after certain period of time and then I am not able to enjoy what I have got or achieved; still remains unhappy, though most of the time dont get positive results or there is always a delay some or other way or by anymeans to get a result in my favour.
    I have contacted one known Numerologist but would like to have a 2nd opinion on deciding a gemstone..
    1) I am born on 26-12-1982 as ruled by Double Saturn. He told me to wear an Amethyst which is said to be an alternative for Blue Sapphire which is very strong. He also told me an Amethyst would prove me beneficial in terms of health,wealth,Mind,Body and soul. Yes, I have also read some articles on net regarding an Amethyst but would like to have your opinion sir.
    2) He suggested me a name change in name number 1 but changed my actual name. I dont want to change my actual name but it should be in name number 5; as you have suggested in your post.                                    
    3) Also, would like to know what is the best possible way to contact you ( Email ID, Mobile Number) for personal name change or to get a personal name change report? I stay in Mumbai and would like to contact you.. Can you help me out with this..I will appreciate.. (I have not written my name here, just to avoid as its a public post)


  2. Hello, please help me with date for marriage in march 2017. My name Kusum Lata, DOB- 12/07/1986 time of birth 8 am place of birth is narnaul haryana. my partner’s DOB: 27/08/1982 around 8 am, place of birth is jaunpur UP. We want to get married in Delhi


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