Dates to avoid for Marriage


Today’s post will feature some important facts about dates which influences the marriage life of a person. Marriage is an important event in one’s life, It not only acts as a legal medium to facilitate human species continuity but also as a prime karmic removal of a person in his life. Saint’s say that ” Marriage is the greatest karma removal factor in ones life” The fate of one’s marriage clearly shows the level of karma one has accumulated in their previous life.

Men of wisdom, thus advocates that marriage is very essential in one’s life. But, sadly, today’s world witness a huge decline in marital bliss and the percentage of couple’s heading towards divorce is increasing constantly.

There are certain dates which should be completely avoided for marriages. The major dates to avoid are 5,14, and 23. These dates should never come in life path as well as date. Also, 7,16 and 25. Life path should not be 7, whereas date can be 7,16 or 25. But even that, it should not be used for person born on 7,16, 25 or having life path 7.

In my numerology analysis experience, 99 out of 100 couple’s, who are both 7 borns, marrying on dates like 7,16 or 25 have been deprived of child birth. Its because, the date 7 consists of electromagnetic wave of Planet Ketu or South Node, and date 16th, the earth receives em waves of Sun, Venus and Ketu, and on 25th its Moon,Mercury and Ketu. In all these three dates, the presence of em waves of Ketu makes a great impact in the chances of progeny for a couple.

As i said in my previous post, each and every planet emits em wave to earth, and the prana we inhale is a mixture of these waves, along with the waves emitted by human beings. The em waves emitted by Ketu is toxic in nature, and it can harm the sexual fertility rate of male and female. Thus, a couple born on 7, when gets married on dates coming 7,16,25 are at the risk of infertility.

Apart from number 7, Number 5 should also be avoided in marriage. Number 5 which is mercury is considered to neutral/Null planet and also said to be eunuch planet in Hindu mythology.  Marriage is a bonding and a union of body and soul, thus when couple gets married on dates like 5,14, 23 (most importantly life paths) the marriage become null and void. Thus 99 % of couples getting married on life path 5 tend to divorce or live separately.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks. I read the reply, but seriously I want my bhabhi to be bestowed with kids. How long we will have to wait for the progenies to open their eyes in this world?
    Sarvesh Chowdhary (Name No. 59) born on September 26, 1973 (LP 37);
    Shalini Srivastava (Name No. 47) born on November 1, 1972 (LP 22);
    Married on April 19, 2000 (As you said, the marriage date sums up to number 7).
    Please do hint me on this.

  2. My date of birth is 5.10.1974 and her date of birth is 31.12.1982. Is that it is very suitable for me to marry her.

  3. Dear Mr.karthick;

    I think the compatibility of the both of you is quite good, because the both of you have destiny number 9.

    In my experience, people with same destiny number get along well together, as long as their birth date dont contradict.

    As 5 gets along well with all numbers, my opinion is that you will have no big problems, and compatibility is good.

  4. Dear sir,

    Frist of all thanks for writing such wonderful advise,

    i want to share one thing with you , i got married on 16th may 2005. after my marriage i met 4 couples, who had same marriage dates (16th may 2005) we 4 couples are facing problem in conceiving , even there is no such physical problem with all the couples. I strongly believe in astrology and i keep reading all the informations , today when i have read you article, i felt so surprised. even my heart was saying that something was wrong in the date . therefore i am registring my marriage on 29 th june 2010 & i thought that i will consider this date as our marriage date. is i am doing correct? as i haven’t taken advise from anyone , thats why i was so happy to read your article, till time i was following my heart .

    Now i am confuse pls. help us & pls. suggest that what we should do or when we blessed with child.
    my dob is 1-feb-1979 and my husban is 9-june-1973.

    i am waiting for your precious advise

    Shalini Rawat

    • Shalini,

      marriage registration date is considered to be legal marriage date, marriage is a social and legal event, the date of registration is the legitimate date. Hence you can consider that without a doubt.

  5. helllo sir ,
    thankin for givi wonderfull advice
    my date of birth s 17 -3-1989 and his 20-5-1989 and wat ill be prefect date for our marriage . eagerly waiti for ur reply
    thank u

  6. helo sri,
    thanks for givin wonderful advice
    my name s b.vandhana , dob s 17-3-1989 and name no s 30 and his name m.j. shriraam , dob s 20-5-1989 and name no 24, tel us wat ill be perfect date for our marriage
    thank u

  7. sir i wana learn numorology .how can u help me in this . please let me know about some good books that can help me.

  8. Hi, I have a question, which date would you suggest to be considered best for marriage, the muhrtha date or is it the registration date? The reason being if we get married in life path number of 7 and do the registration in life path number of any number except 5 or 7, will we lead a happy life? Please I will be waiting for you response thanks so much….since you said that is the legal date


  9. Hello sir, its me again. I am getting married on December 1,2010 and the life path number is 7 so i am really worried about the date and when I told them to change for some reasons but they are keen on that date however if I register in a better date after marriage would we live a much better life because me personally i don’t like the number 7 that’s y i am asking this………I am not sure if the registration date more important than the muhurtha date sir????

    My date of birth is January 7, 1985
    His date is June 15, 1980

    Thanks sir

  10. Dear Sir,

    im kiran kumar c born on 09.09.1977 at 5.45am, i have a proposal of a girl called vani who is born on 12.12.1980, can u pl tel me about the compatcablility, and also dates on which i should marry and dates which i should avoid.
    waiting for your reply,
    Kiran Kumar C.

  11. I am confused. You mentioned couples who marry on dates such as 23 have less of a chance to have children. Does that mean 23 as the day of the month? or 23 as the total number of the marriage date added up. We married May 23, 2008 which seems to add up to 2. My husband is a 9 and I am a 6.

    • The life path should not be 5, life path as 2 is fine. but of date is 23, then the effect is considered by the time of marriage, if the planetary hour on 23rd is ruled by mercury, then its not good.

  12. we got married on 23/10/2001… birth date is 17.09.1976 and his one is 8.5.1977………….u r completely correct…we r living apart…..i m trying hard but we can not make it to live together …..any thing i can do to correct the date?

      • Namaste. I read with interest this blog. I got married on the 18th December 1991 which becomes a lifepath no 5. My husbands name adds up to 37 = 1 and mine add up to 55 = 1 ( I have changed my name twice before. My original name equals to 56 and a name I changed after is 54) . Do I need to change it to be 37 as well. Ever since our marriage our life has been turbulent and yes, we are separated most of the time as he has to travel alot for work and his rather active “social” life. It is taking a toll on us and the children. My hope is to safe my marriage and my family. my birthdate is 20 my lifepath is 2 and my husband’s birthdate is 11 and his lifepath is 4. Your advise is most greatly appreciated. May God bless you.

  13. hi,im Logu i got married on 18/2/2010….. my DOB 12/8/1982 and her DOB 24/7/1983… the marriage was correct or to modify to some other date..????????

  14. Dear Sir,
    i am Praveen
    I got married on 13th November 2011, my birth date is 08/07/1981 & my wife birth date is 05/05/1981.
    sir kindly give your advise about my future and these dates are good or bad,
    sir am facing problem, please guide us.waiting your reply sir.

  15. Hello,
    My dob is 17/10/1988 and his is 26/9/1986. We are planning to get married in June or July 2017. Kindly suggest few appropriate dates for the wedding.
    Thank you

  16. Sir,
    My social marriage date is 10/08/2016 & registered on 8/08/2016 I m afraid are those defective dates or not please suggest, we r living in distant relation due to job location and couldn’t arrange to stay together due to financially weak.
    Mine d.o.b. is 08/08/80 & his is 03/10/86 plz plz reply so that relation could be stronger, & peaceful,& get longer life

  17. I got married on 17,10,1999. I have been suffering through a very unhappy married life. I think the worst number for marriage is 8 or 17 or 26.

  18. My name is Govardhana, DOB 14.07.1987 and her name is Saranya DOB 30.10.1990.
    We are in love for almost 10 years. We dont want to get into problems post marriage. Please suggest the best marriage dates.
    Awaiting for your advice

  19. dear sir
    my name is ashwini k h(lakshmi) date of birth is 20-03-1988=4
    and my husband name is kiran kumar c r date of birth is 18/10/1981=2.
    marriage date is 14/08/2014=2.
    one baby is aborted after 3 months .and now we are trying for have good and healthy baby. is it possible to have good baby.can i have the healthy baby or not????????????/
    plz reply me i am waiting for your reply.
    waiting for good solution also

    • Thanks for contacting us, There will be delay but progeny happiness is indicated. You should do remedies of Jupiter for expediting results.

      1. Recite Mantra “Om Brim Brihaspathe Namaha” 108 times daily

      2. Keep fast on Thursdays


  20. I am Mala..
    I am getting married on 07- 02-2018=.2
    They have changed my name as SAKSHI.. My D o b is 22-11-1990=7
    My fiance name is kiran his d o b is 01-04-1991=7 our’s love come arrange….i wanted to know whether decided date is correct or not… If not correct.. Plz suggest any solution …!!!!
    Thank you

    • In 2018 there will be many dates of marriage, which are auspicious. Therefore you need to specify which month you are looking to get married. Just for your information, there are no auspicious Marriage dates until 02 February 2018. Thereafter there is Holi, which is also another unfavorable period for marriage. Much better dates are in the second half of 2018.


  21. Hello Sir,
    My birthdate is 02 May 1991 and my to be husband’s birthdate is 27 October 1991. Could you please suggest a good marriage date in the second half of 2018? As someone said 18th December 2018 which adds to 5 and after reading your article I do not wish to get married on this date. Please reply at your earliest, awaiting eagerly.

    • 18 December 2018 is not an auspicious date for marriage, you can look at the following period.

      October: 10 to 12
      November: No dates
      December: 10 to 14
      January 2019: 15 to 20 and 23 to 31

  22. My name is Sujata. My life path no.z 7 and my husband’s 1.. we got married on 25/3/2013… Now as u said in this article v r having problems wid parenthood. Our first baby boy was still born. Second baby girl had serious genetic disorder. Now she is also no more.. plzzzzzz plzzzzzz sir advice us what to do.. as far now I have lost a single hope on dis lyf.. should get remarry or eat v have to do to get a healthy baby.. plz advice.. awaiting for your reply… Plzzzzzz sir…

    • Many times there is some Karmic dosha in horoscope which delay and even deny things in life. There is no point in going through this harassment again and again. You can look at adopting a child.


  23. My name Manisha Mishra and husband name is Ankur Saini. My DOB is 31.01.1991 and husband is 21.11.1990. We got married on 22.02.2015. our life path marriage total no is 5. I am very depressed after reading your article that life path no 5 separates and all in most cases. We are trying for a baby and lot of medical issues are coming. please suggest us please guide us.

  24. Hi I am getting married and I am torn between 2 dates. May 31, 2019 & June 1 2019. Which date is best? I was told 1 days can lead to lack of love and selfishness.

  25. Hello and Thank you.
    My Dob is 17 Feb 1995 and my fiancé’s Dob is 06 Jul 1992. Can you please advise me what wedding date would be auspicious for us in June of 2019. Am confused and worried. ?

  26. Sir I got married on 5th Dec 2016 ,,,ur absolutely correct… Am not happy with my husband or in laws from the day I married. Lots of clashes now v are staying separately……. 2 of our families are trying hard to make us together but not possible wat can I do now

    • As you have not provided the birth details of yourself and your husband it is very difficult to predict your marriage future. You should keep fast on Mondays for benefits.


  27. My name Manisha Mishra and husband name is Ankur Saini. My DOB is 31.01.1991 and husband is 21.11.1990. We got married on 22.02.2015. our life path marriage total no is 5. I am very depressed after reading your article that life path no 5 separates and all in most cases. We are trying for a baby and lot of medical issues are coming. please suggest us please guide us.

      • Manisha Mishra – DOB 31.01.1991, Timings 06.05 Pm Place New Delhi
        Ankur Saini – DOB 21.11.1990, Timings 06.20 am Place Muzaffarnagar, UP
        love has lost in our relationship because of my mother in law. I m fed up with this relationship and wants to move on now please suggest me if i should move on or stick to it.

        • Looking at your chart we see that your marital house is very weak with Rahu, Saturn and Sun in the 7th house which is the prime house of marriage. Your 7th house under the Rahu- ketu aspect is never good. There is a strong possibility of separation in your chart, however you need to know that marital happiness is not promised even in the next marriage due to weak 7th house. Things are challenging till October 2021. Doing remedies given below will help.

          1. Keep fast on Mondays


          Navneet Khanna

          • Sir

            We love each other a lot then why this separation. Sir please suggest something that can stop this mishappening in my life. Are there any chances for me to get a government job so that i can stand myself in future. Please suggest sir. Also are there chances for a baby in my relationship or not?


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