Death Tarot Card Meaning


Death tarot card is one of the most misunderstood and terrifying cards in the tarot deck. Many people see it in a reading and panic thinking that it means someone, probably them, is going to die! But this is absolutely not true. The death tarot card rarely (if ever) means that actual physical death is on the way. Instead, the death card means an ending and endings always mean new beginnings! Getting the death tarot card in a reading is actually one of the most positive cards you can have show up in your reading because it means that you are about to come into a new beginning and should be ready for change or transformation!

Death Tarot Card Meaning

What Does the Death Tarot Card Mean for Me?

The death tarot card often portrays death on a white horse holding a black and white flag. He is dressed in armor to show that he is invincible, his horse is white because white is pure. Death is viewed as the ultimate purifier, giving everything in life a chance to be reborn fresh and pure!

Death is ruled by the zodiac sign Scorpio which is the sign of sex, death and taxes. It is also tied to the number thirteen which is a sacred number in astrology.

All astrology cards have two orientations, they can be upright or reversed or upside down. When death is upright is symbolizes the end of a major phase of your life or the dark night of the soul coming to an end. It is always a sign that something new and positive is coming in your life and when the phase ends, and the door to that part of your life closes, you will enter a new phase full of love and light. An upright death is a sign that you should be prepared for this ending phase and ready to open your heart to the new possibilities that will be coming your way. It is also a warning not to resist. If you try to resist this change you will cause yourself pain that will be emotional and potentially physical as well. If a death tarot card appears in your reading, use your imagination and creativity to try and visualize new possibilities for your life so that you can be emotionally open and prepared for new, constructive and exciting changes in your life. Simply put, Death doesn’t mean you will be in a coffin; it could mean the death of an old, toxic habit; you can learn more about that on our page here:

Reversed Tarot Card

When death is reversed or upside down in your reading, it is a sign that you are on the verge of this new and exciting moment in your life, but that you are holding back and resisting the change. It tells you that you are holding onto the past, and carrying harmful energy that could hurt you. It is a sign that you are refusing change and so you have stagnated and are stuck in limbo. This card when it is in reverse is telling you to relax and let go, allow the universe to bring about the change in your life that it feels you need. Let go of what is holding you back and accept the blessings coming your way.


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