Do Cancer and Leo Have Matching Signs?


Leo is ruled by the sun and Cancer is ruled by the moon, when Cancer and Leo come together it can be a beautiful relationship. Just as the sun and moon support one another in the sky, so do Cancer and Leo in a relationship. Both crave attention and love to show emotion, and in each other they can discover an enduring and rewarding relationship filling the voids in one another’s lives. Both are incredibly loyal and even possessive which can fill Cancer’s need for stability and security while providing Leo with a companion that will constantly soothe their need for compliments and admiration.

Leo and Cancer Are Both Lifestyle Compatible

The comforts of hearth and home are integral to both Cancer and Leo feeling happy. They both crave the security of a well-kept home and a close-knit family. Leo keeps everyone active and busy, while Cancer provides the emotional and intuitive support everyone needs to deal with the day to day. This couple provides a dynamic home life that, while never boring, is also never overly stressful or dramatic as long as Cancer and Leo take time to be sure they are communicating well and understanding one another’s needs. Plus, Cancer never needs to worry that a Leo will put their career or life outside the home ahead of Cancer and their home life.

One of the most important things to making this relationship work in the long term is for Cancer to remember that Leo needs to be the center of attention for everyone they are around, but most importantly for those they feel attached to. This means that Cancer will have to curb their desire to put everyone ahead of themselves…they must be careful that they put no one ahead of their Leo. Without the comfort of knowing they are the center of Cancer’s universe, Leo will become anxious and irritable.

Cancer and Leo Are Not Without Issues!

This relationship is not without its difficulties. Cancer and Leo represent feminine and masculine energy, respectively. Plus, Leo is a fire sign while Cancer is a water sign and their approaches to life can lead to some difficulties. Both are strong personalities with a tendency to take charge in the areas of life in which they are most comfortable and that can rub the other the wrong way unless they take the time to communicate and express themselves carefully. Both Cancer and Leo must take care to reassure one another that the relationship is important and that they are committed. This will help smooth over rough patches. When it comes to romance they will have to learn to compromise. Cancer tends to want to stay close to home, inviting close friends and family to visit while playing host. Leo loves to head out on the town and make a scene. Finding a happy in-between is critical to their relationship health which is the whole point of finding a good Zodiac match in the first place.

The Dynamic Duo of Leo and Cancer in Relationships

This is a dynamic relationship that works harmoniously if both partners make the effort. Remember that the sun signifies life, while the moon cultivates that life and helps it grow. The energy between these two signs can accomplish great things!


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