Love Horoscope for Sagittarius the Archer


Sagittarius Love Horoscope: The Lucky Zodiac

The Sagittarius is naturally lucky; it’s as though they have the world at their beck and call and nothing can bring them down. They are ambitious, happy-go-lucky and adaptable. They want to share their optimism with the world, bringing everyone with them off into excitement and adventures. They don’t have time for games which often means they are blunt and accidentally brutal, a trait they have to work on since it often leads to unintentional hurt feelings. More often it’s simply just a matter of saying what pops into their head without applying a filter to make sure it’s appropriate. However, their optimism frequently blinds them to reality or worse, they will willfully ignore the darker realities of life preferring to pretend they just don’t exist. This can lead to them being neglectful, lazy and selfish.  Let’s dive deeper in to the Sagittarius love horoscope. At any point you can click here to go back and read about the other twelve signs.

Explaining Relationships for Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that is a freedom lover of the Zodiac. They do best with Fire and Air. They are not always known for their fidelity and loyalty, but makeup for that with their adventurous spirit and love of truth. Sagittarius does well in love with other Fire signs, but fixed signs like Scorpio and Leo may require more commitment than Sagittarius is willing to offer. Air signs like Libra and Aquarius will keep Sagittarius on their toes; thinking and justice plane they love so much. Fellow Mutable sign Gemini may be too tricky for Sagittarius. Sagittarius will find a way if the will on both parties is there.

A Sagittarius love horoscope will know how to express both the good and bad of any Sagittarius, and learning how to deal with their positive and negative traits is important in a lasting relationship. In love, this sign is exciting and loves to find something new to discover with every new turn. They view love as a great adventure within the adventure of life and seek both an intellectual connection as well as a physical one with their partners. Unfortunately they struggle to settle into a long term relationship as they crave freedom and want to avoid any messy emotional entanglements. Once they commit they are faithful, but getting them to make that leap can be a challenge. These people are not jealous or clingy and they will reject partners that are. Friends, family and lovers will need to let the Sagittarius roam as they need to or be prepared to roam with them.

Gifted conversationalists, a Sagittarius love horoscope will be quick to point out that this does extend to opening up emotionally. They will talk about everything and anything that captures their attention, but they will avoid talking about how they feel. Be prepared to enjoy an active lifestyle with this sign. You’ll want to keep up if you want to keep them interested and they’ll be trying newer, better, more exciting activities all the time.

Great: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius

Favorable: Gemini, Cancer, Pisces

Challenging: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio

Sagittarius Women In Relationships

Sagittarius women are looking for partners that love what they love and want to get out and explore the world with them. Likewise is the Sagittarius man, and because of this he may not be an ideal partner for many of the signs looking for the more traditional man to settle down with.

A True Love Horoscope for Sagittarius Shows Their True Nature

This is a sign that teaches you the wonder of the world and a Sagittarius love horoscope should touch on the luck these people will bring to their partner simply by teaching them to view the world through a lens of optimism and freedom, rather than submission to the daily grind. Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius are the signs best suited to Sagittarius. As air and fire signs these people are best prepared to give up traditional life for a life of adventure.



Overall: They are both a double fire sign, which means there will be passion, sparks, and lots of energy. With Aries, we have a Cardinal Fire who is the initiator and the leader. With Sagittarius we have Mutable fire, which is flexible spontaneity. There will be little these two disagree on. Aries will love that Sagittarius is always diving into something new and exciting. Sagittarius will love that Aries wants to lead and make all of the major decisions. Both are very independent, they can lead to some wrinkles in fire match if not careful. Both signs are high energy and always want to start new things. It won’t bode well for long term love unless both find some common ground to get rooted in long haul.

Positive: Sagittarius and Aries match is double fire, little two disagree on. They have all of the same things in common and their optimistic take on life is contagious. They probably will be few and far between with this pair.The passion will always be abundant. This is a couple that is always up for another road trip adventure or staying home to explore the fiery passions and energy. Aries being ruled by Mars brings a lot of competitive energy to this match. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which also make this very lucky match indeed. Both of these signs view the world and its greater vision in the same way. This works very well for both mates in this relationship.

Challenges: They are very independent in own their way, Sagittarius even more so. This won’t bode well for controlling Aries and jealousy. There will be few if any power struggles in this union but Sagittarius is always getting up and going somewhere, and does not necessarily need Aries along for ride. Aries will have to watch their temper and Sagittarius doesn’t have the groundedness to root Aries like they need to. This is the biggest threat.

Make it Work: These two are natural pioneers but blaze trails differently. If they can appreciate the differences they can last long time. They need to maintain enthusiasm, passion, and energy in order to smooth out wrinkles. Aries needs to let go of their jealous side and give Sagittarius freedom they need to explore world. Sagittarius should stay home a little more to give Aries attention. The investment of time will always be worth wait. They need to give room for growth and freedom. If they each give a little bit of room on both sides of the coin, this surely be fiery match born from Stars.


Overall: These opposites attract but they don’t really have anything in common but that doesn’t mean they won’t work. Both are passionate and sensual. This will create sparks with each other from the get go. Though a lot of differences, this is what will make it work. Both will love what they learn about each other, and will be stronger as a couple over the years.

Positive: Their differences will result in a lot of sparks. Taurus is Venus or love and Sagittarius is Jupiter or luck.This match will be loving and beautiful, with sensual Taurus and fiery sexuality of Sagittarius. They will not be able to keep their hands off each other. With Jupiter’s help , this couple will have lucky streaks and breaks coming their way. This will only bode well for them.

Challenges: The shadow side of these signs can be really intense. Taurus has eyes only for one person. Sagittarius is mutable, and they are always looking for new or different, which Taurus doesn’t always like. Taurus is slow and steady, but Sagittarius certainly isn’t. Sagittarius is upset by “delays” that Taurus is causing. Taurus will become annoyed with the way Sagittarius rushes into everything. Taurus can be obsessed, which Sagittarius will not like. Taurus won’t understand why Sagittarius is so upset. When this goes sour, the fire and bull will go head to head.

Make it Work: To get this relationship to take off, each must acknowledge the weaknesses and make a concerted effort to overcome for the other. Taurus must keep jealousy at bay, especially if gives Sagittarius some freedom here and there. If a Sagittarius is kept on a leash, they will start running. However, Sagittarius must rein in their flirting and be loyal as Taurus will not let go twice. If both can give room to grow, then there will be exciting roads ahead.


Overall: This is Air and Fire combining, so it is always exciting, especially since both are Mutable. The sparks are always flying between these two. As wind catches fire and creates nothing but magic and mystery. Both bring a lot of energy to the table. This match is always filled with exciting new adventures and lots of passion. With mutable signs, the short term is fun and the long term is engagement. They are very flexible, forgiving, and excited about what will happen next.

Positive: Mutable energies are infectious. There is a lot of warm and happy moments. A lot of passion and sexual chemistry. There are a lot of commonalities between these two. They have a deep understanding and connection at the first date. They share an optimistic, enthusiastic, adventurous energy that will be happy and positive all the time. Both signs are mutable which means flexible and able to adapt to almost any situation or experience. They are forgiving, with good communication and a lot of fun filled with luck.

Challenges: While they are flexible and forgiving, they are not the most committed. This is what will take work. Air and Fire bring a lot of energy which can be overwhelming. They will need some space, freedom to take a break. They don’t need a break in the relationship, but they do need a night out or walk alone here and there. The other partner needs to honor this. Gemini’s quick tongue can hurt Sagittarius’ emotional center. At the same time, Gemini may feel restricted if Sagittarius doesn’t nurture Gemini independence. Arguments will crop up frequently other wise. Air and fire mix can create a forest fire if they are not careful.

Make it Work: When its good, it is very good. When its bad, it can get very ugly. This couple will need to nurture and cherish their common ground. Which there is a lot of. Both need and love freedom and independence. As exotic and exciting as it can be, they will need occasional breaks. If they can do it then they will returned recharged, rebooted, and revved up for another exciting adventure.


Overall: They are not the best on paper. The pairing comes with problems but if they are willing to put in an effort to embrace differences, they will find happy for some time. Cardinal water sign is an emotional center. Sagittarius is an energetic mutable fire. Their relationship is always in flux. Both have to be ok in order for this to stick.

Positive: They are very different personalities. Cancer is the Cardinal Water who loves to lead, be the boss, and create domestic center of the life. Mutable fire Sagittarius is always moving from one project, vacation, adventure to another. This gives Cancer a new experience that Cancer thought was impossible. Cancer ruled by the Moon, so it is a grounded match. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, they are lucky and optimistic, and almost always in a good mood. Feminine energy Moon being paired with masculine Jupiter can give a lovely balance. They have the same goals just different methods of approaching that can be a little bit of effort.

Challenges: Two distinct personalities that affect lifestyle and what find important. Both want long term love and that is foundation to build on. Cancer prefers long nights in and Sagittarius is the opposite. Sagittarius has a need for freedom, and will be upset by Cancer who wants Sagittarius to themselves. Conversations could seem like they are occurring on two different planets on occasion. This could get heated with sparks flying. Cancer employs emotional manipulation when not getting what they want. For Sagittarius that will only mean running in opposite direction. On the other hand, Sagittarius has tendency to run and give up a little too easily. Something that will authentically round Cancer in long term.

Make it Work: Cardinal and Mutable bode well, so they have some hope. Mutable signs like Sagittarius have tendency to go with flow easily. When problems arise and they will, Sagittarius will concede. Sagittarius may need to be okay doing this regularly, and if they are then this match has a chance. Cancer has to realize they can’t be the boss all the time. They have to hand the reins over to Sagittarius on occasion. Honesty will work better for Cancer in heated conversations more so than emotional manipulation. Embracing differences and each other, approaches will strength this bond for years to come.


Overall: This is very exciting combination. The fixed fire Leo matched with mutable fire energy of Sagittarius is electric. They seem to know exactly what the other party needs and they are happy to provide it. Creativity, inspiration, passion and fireworks means love. It is lot of fun, a lot of movement, and excitement. They do need to overcome their differences and embrace commonalities to go the long haul.

Positive: Warmth, charm, and charisma are alive with this partnership because both are Fire. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they are optimistic, energetic, and creative. Sagittarius is mutable, so they go with anything Leo likes. There will be lots of spontaneous road trips and travel plans with this pair. Both will love it.  Leo needs flattery and Sagittarius is a huge flirt, so they can enjoy some fun banter. Both love and need to be social, so they don’t usually argue about going out. Their passion is their key trait, which leads to sexual chemistry at root. There is a deep respect and exciting passion for these too, with a lot of common ground that both fire signs enjoy together.

Challenges: Both Sagittarius and Leo are  flirty. Leo won’t like it though if Sagittarius flirts with someone else. The high energy needs to be maintained to feel fulfilled which can be exhausting. Leo is fixed on one person or thing at a time. Sagittarius is more wishy washy. Leo has to give something Sagittarius can hang onto if they want it to last.

Make it Work: They are destined to do well if they remember how to meet needs. This won’t be hard because their needs are the same. Leo’s pride can get in the way if Sagittarius isn’t patient. They have to have willingness to make last. Passion is easily ignited whether two days in or two decades. Remembering the exciting sexual chemistry is important and fun way to keep connection alive.


Overall: This bodes well for the long term. They are two mutable signs, Earth Virgo and Fiery Sagittarius. They combine forces in love. On paper, it seems like more differences than common ground but mutable nature of Virgo and Sagittarius will help keep moving on. They move at different speeds. Both will need to learn a little give and take when it comes t pace of the relationship. If they can navigate bumps, then the match will be mutually satisfying with plenty of heat, sparks, and real talk that keeps it alive.

Positive: Mutable Earth Virgo and Mutable Fire Sagittarius starts off with a flexible bond. They are adaptable and help nurture common approach to life. Neither like drama, they are both flexible with their problems. Virgo’s authentic nature of real talk is sexy to Sagittarius because they want straight shooter. Sagittarius is fiery, impulsive with lots of energy for the relationship. Virgo will be excited by this, even if not on the first approach. Virgo loves new places Sagittarius wants to take them to. Sagittarius loves long nights. This will meet the need for both, as they are both rooted but love having an entertaining partner.

Challenges: This combination of fire and earth would seem impossible. Fiery Sagittarius is one that moves quickly in all areas of life, so they may not like Virgos slow and analytic approach to love. Virgo on other the hand is organized and on critical side. On occasion, willful. They will feel pressured if Sagittarius tries to move the relationship quicker than Virgo is comfy with. Virgo is a well know hermit. Sagittarius is not and will tire of Virgo’s no to going out. Sagittarius has low threshold for criticism and will flee at the sight. Virgo may find Sagittarius too flighty.

Make it Work: Mutable energies in both Virgo and Sagittarius will help keep them alive. both are flexible and adaptable but will have to do so a lot. Virgo will have the least problem with but may not stick for the long haul. Virgo will give Sagittarius more than a few second chances, Virgo has to be okay, for it to work. Sagittarius will have to be careful and they will have to communicate with real talk.


Overall: They join forces, not stopping them. Dynamic match with lot of energy and love compatibility in spades. Cardinal Air Libra with mutable fire sign Sagittarius. Air and Fire will create lots of sparks and passion and creativity to keep this union excited and happy for as long as they want. Both zodiac signs here differ in approach to life, but Libras love harmony and balance will smooth any wrinkles over. Little give and take on both sides will be needed to make this a go for long haul. Sexual chemistry between these two, hardly seem like work.

Positive: Highly compatible as relationship partners, excellent friends with each other. This is an exciting basis for relationship. This is a fun energy with sexual chemistry. This is an exciting basis for relationship. They give both parties an added loyalty and commitment future of relationship. Libra is charming and elegant and enjoys finder things. Sagittarius is attracted to all that. Sagittarius always up for new adventure. This stimulates Libra’s love for learning. Cup of love will be flowing in beautiful home when Libra is around. Sagittarius loves the sense of security Libra provides. Libra loves how flexible Sagittarius is with going with the flow.

Challenges: This is two two very different energies and qualities. Libra likes to be the boss, make decisions, and likes to be in control. Sagittarius on other hand doesn’t like to be boxed in to one way of thinking or mindset. Sagittarius is always on the hunt for a new adventure, Libra may find this flighty and wishy washy side of Sagittarius one that they don’t like. Libra likes long term relationship as well, they need their partner to feel secure. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be boxed into one option, will not be first to approach any talk that elevates relationship status. Libra could get bored waiting for Sagittarius to commit and Sagittarius could feel restricted by Libra’s need to be partnered by third date.

Make it Work: They want the match to last the long haul then they both need to make compromises for each other’s greatest needs. Sagittarius needs to feel independent, Libra likes to feel partnered. Conflict will arise if Libra doesn’t give Sagittarius the freedom they need to feel honored in the relationship. Sagittarius on the other hand will also have to meet Libra half way when it comes to relationship loyalty. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be bossed around and that’s exactly how Libra rules in most facets in life and why they are often most successful. Libra will need to find a way to balance this by allowing Sagittarius to feel control on occasion. Sagittarius will need to balance adventurous side with Libra’s love for long, sexy nights in. With their sexual chemistry between two Sagittarius doesn’t take a lot of convincing in this regard.


Overall: Lot of energy and a lot of physical steam. Dynamic combination that has a lot of sexual chemistry, adnveture, and spontaneous bursts of affection. The fixed water sign of Scorpio combination with mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. Water and fire can cancel each other out if this pair doesn’t stay on their toes. But Water and Fire also creates steam that will keep energy fueled as long as Scorpio and Sagittarius want it. Another match where no matter length, both will have a lot of fun in process.

Positive: This is marked by a lot of energy and a lot of fun. This can be just for a good time or a long time. Scorpio will hold it close to heart for sometime to come. Scorpio loves the sense of adventure Sagittarius brings to the table. Sagittarius is sexy and spontaneous. Scorpio learns lots of new things and sees lots of new places when Sagittarius is around. Scorpio is very attracted to that. Sagittarius loves glamorous and mysterious life Scorpio seems to lead and is excited to learn about intense new relationship in life. Sagittarius is very attracted to Scorpio sexual energy and will keep doing whatever can to keep Scorpio on toes. Scorpio really likes that and offers Sagittarius an emotional space to serve as an outlet for Sagittarius creativity. Scorpio really likes how flexible Sagittarius is and how Sagittarius lets Scorpio run roost most of the time.

Challenges: This is difficult thing about this relationship is that both often want different things in love. So as much as this relationship has a lot of spark, steam, and energy from outside looking in, may be one that is only meant for long haul. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and needs a lot of freedom in relationships, even when committed to someone. This doesn’t bode well for Scorpio who is known to be jealous and possessive. Traits of Scorpio isn’t easy to just pull back for Scorpio. Scorpio’s stinger may come out into Sagittarius fire on occasion. At the same time, Sagittarius and their nature to not settle down, anywhere, will tire on Scorpio after certain amount of time.

Make it Work: For the relationship to stand the test of time, it will be for both Scorpio and Sagittarius to always stay on same page with each other. Feelings can’t be hurt if Scorpio and Sagittarius are up front with each other from beginning about what they want and expect out of love. Scorpio doesn’t need Sagittarius to want exactly what they want, they just need a partner that is upfront. If Sagittarius can be straight as an arrow with Scorpio, this pair will create steamy connection neither will forget.


Overall: When combine, will be love at first sight for many that start this love compatibility journey. Two mutable fire joining to create set of sparks. Sagittarius is a truth seeker, one that uses mutable fire energy to spread magic all through out world to find truths. This is really what they love about each other. Common ground here, along with sexy and passionate dual fire sign energy will give both what and longevity to this relationship for as long as Sagittarius and Sagittarius want.

Positive: Truth seeker and lover of knowledge. Get knowledge by traveling world and trying new things. This couple will have a lot of time enjoying discovering this side of partner. Join new clubs together, take road trips together, take exotic vacation together as well. Jupiter is a lucky streak times two for relationship, which is never a bad thing. Mutable is very flexible and forgiving. When problem arise, couple will never think twice about just plopping down, talking it out and letting go. Too busy being excited about next big adventure to let petty things like grudges distract them from world at large.

Challenges: Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which rules universe. Social butterflies can go into a social group easily. Two together can cause problems. Sagittarius has no filter when comes to social conversation. First in the group to say something inappropriate. It will be seen as downright offensive to some, but that’s the truth seeking nature of Sagittarius. Most will never apologize for it either and even wonder why you are mad at them. Easy to see how would be a problem. Truth really will set pair free, question is to want to be. Toughest to commit, once do and while still flirt but loyal to core. Both will learn quickly and will need to make action plan to decide what to do when time comes.

Make it Work: passionate and inspired connection between two truth seekers. neither one likes to hold onto a grudge. This part of personalities will bode well when it comes to problems. both need to be able to talk it out and quickly and make it a thing of the past. Each Sagittarius will need to exercise gifts of flexibility with other on occasion because Sagittarius is bound to embarrass more than once. Forgiving and forgetting and embracing the beautiful blessings characterized by this relationship will be what keeps these dual fire sparks making fireworks for years to come.


Overall: Many say this one won’t fare well. If both set action plan to make work, anything is possible. Mutable Fire Sagittarius and Cardinal earth Capricorn. Both offers other exactly what need or want, just in every different ways and from very different perspectives. This is not a match that is going to launch into success over night. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn will need to but in time and effort required to make this percolate into something tastes heavenly.

Positive: Both have shared vision of long term and successful relationship. Both have something other doesn’t and needs, so differences complement each other well. Sagittarius is adventurous and big thinker that Capricorn really finds appealing. Sagittarius only sees the truth, which works for keep it real Capricorn. Capricorn has an attention to detail and work ethic that grounds Sagittarius and provides when Sagittarius doesn’t. Sagittarius really appreciates and is happy to pry Capricorn out of office on occasion for another sexy adventure. This is a case where opposites definitely attract, but when both Sagittarius and Capricorn actually give shot. Sparks here that could create a beautiful over time relationship.

Challenges: Problems come when they become overwhelmed by differences. Capricorn is looking for something stable and secure and long term right off the bat. Those are last things that Sagittarius wants to hear. Capricorn also has an eye for detail that borders on critical, Sagittarius tempers not keen on. Sagittarius good at accepting truth, when comes to someone else. Confronted with it on their own doing, run like the wind. Capricorn isn’t forgiving as Sagittarius wants. Capricorn has ambition in office Sagittarius doesn’t have. Capricorn on the other hand doesn’t understand why Sagittarius need for freedom sometimes translates into zero responsibility.

Make it Work: To see long term success, both have to learn art of compromise. Slow starting match as well, both are going to need to have patience and give chance without giving up too quickly. Sagittarius will need to be one to make compromises in area first. Definitely complete opposites to each other, but if give relationship a chance, will see differences have been sent to their lives for a reason. With time, and a little effort, Sagittarius and Capricorn out score anyone else in love compatibility.


Overall: Magical connection to those involved that scores very well on the love meter. Air and Fire combine, sparks fly. This is a very good sexual chemistry, and they are not going to be able to keep their hands off each other. The shared visions will help if they want a long term connection. The unnecessary outside flirting in play in this romance could lead to jealousies. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius will need to find a way to ensure each other feels secure and appreciated. They are able to create sparks for decades if they so choose.

Positive: There is a beautiful personal chemistry between Sagittarius and Aquarius that is evident to almost anyone that meets them, right off the bat. This match could easily become love at first sight because Air and Fire combined really do get along well. They are excited and impassioned by each other just at first glance and don’t know why. Exploring together will be marker of Sagittarius and Aquarius match. Both are interested in spontaneous and unexpected things. Both have a lot of energy to offer as well when it comes to going from one place to another to try and experience new things the world has to offer. There is a truth seeking undertone to the relationship, so both will appreciate long talks with each other. Sagittarius is turned on by the intellectual nature of Aquarius and how much Aquarius has to tell them about big world. Aquarius on the other hand will be attracted to the drive that Sagittarius has in showing the big world. There are a lot of romantic sparks and similarities between Sagittarius and Aquarius match to give it heat and steam for as long as they want it to list.

Challenges: If problems, they lie in differences in overall nature. Sagittarius is mutable, so they are a natural wander and a bit of a flirt. Aquarius is fixed and doesn’t look at more than one person at a time. Fixed signs can also be a bit on jealous and Aquarius doesn’t have time to deal with jealousy. Sagittarius will need to keep the flirting side at bay or at least directed at Aquarius, otherwise Aquarius will move on. Fixed Aquarius likes to stay in one place, which is the opposite of what Sagittarius wants to do. Sagittarius and Aquarius can come to the middle ground here, area that will cause some conflict in this romance down the road.

Make it Work: Very little advice is needed to make work. Truth seeking pair is very skilled at talking things out. To make sparks long term both need to make some concessions in some areas. Aquarius needs to pull back on jealousies and obsessive natures. Sagittarius needs to work harder at helping Aquarius feeling secure. Mutable sign Sagittarius is the flexible one and flexing will come easier to Sagittarius. The shared vision of overall peace in humanity will ensure that whatever few problem arise here don’t last long and amazing sexual chemistry.


Overall: There is a lot of common ground coming together in Sagittarius and Pisces love match. This is two mutable signs coming together in romance, and can’t get more flexible match than that. Mutable fire sign of Sagittarius shares creativity, inspiration, and passion with mutable water Pisces. Where they differ will not seem like a big deal to either most of time, since both are mutable and by nature easy going. Sagittarius and Pisces want this to last test of time, will need to have an honest conversation about that in beginning and then will be able to create as much steam as they want together as long as both live.

Positive: Lot of harmony and happy energy coming into play in the Sagittarius and Pisces love connection. With the mutable fire energy of Sagittarius we have an inspired and creative and passionate individual who seems to have all Pisces is looking for. Pisces is a dreamer and always conceptualizing about the high road world. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and always thinking and philosophizing out loud. Pisces on other hand is ruled by Neptune and thinks move about these things on internal level, but really appreciates expansive mindset that Sagittarius brings to the table. Pisces also really likes how open and friendly Sagittarius is; life with Sagittarius will always seem easy to Pisces which is what they want. Both are mutable, so though sometimes a case of opposites attract, both move on from drama and strife almost as quickly as it crops up. neither likes to dwell on anything and both Sagittarius and Pisces really appreciate that about each other.

Challenges: Sagittarius and Pisces is one match that has a lot of common ground and shared values. A lot of differences between Sagittarius and Pisces match could threaten relationship. This is a fire sign, Sagittarius has a lot of energy and is always moving and shaking from one place to the next. Pisces is opposite, more likely to find Pisces in cave on any given day, will find them bar hopping with Sagittarius. Pisces easily wounded and as forgiving as they are, Sagittarius will find draining. Slow pace of watery Pisces could put water on fire of Sagittarius spirit, which Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate. They are not known to be the most loyal and commitment worthy signs. Sagittarius and Pisces are in danger of having a partner with wandering eyes, unless set boundaries early on. Boundaries, often exact opposite of what a mutable sign wants.

Make it Work: One thing that Sagittarius and Pisces have going for them is both mutable and easygoing by nature. If decide to come together in love compatibility, likely have to be something major to break them up. Neither Sagittarius nor Pisces need to dominate, they are happy, harmonious, love balance form the beginning. Both have big dreams when comes to sexual intimacy as well, pair will never be short chemistry either. Best bet for success is when get on same page as early as possible with each other, no matter what page is and if can, certainly create some sexy steam together.


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