Capricorn Rising


When you look at your horoscope all you’re really getting is a reading on your sun sign – the most famous of the parts of your zodiac. However, there are two other very important parts, your moon sign and your rising ascendant. Your rising ascendant is the part of your zodiac that explains how you are going to interact with the world around you and what your soul’s purpose is here on earth. It’s also the best description of the personality you show the world and what people can expect to deal with when working with you.

Capricorn Rising

Those with a rising Capricorn have the hardworking, organized and capable nature of a sun-sign Capricorn but are also struggling with an almost overwhelming uncertainty about what it is they actually want to achieve. In their younger years this dichotomy can sometimes be crippling, but as the rising Capricorn gets older and gains more experience in the world they will find that these two sides of themselves balance out and reach an equilibrium.

The rising ascendant Capricorn is ruled by the planet of Saturn which gives them exceptionally patience and intelligence. There isn’t a task out there that you cannot master given time. However, you will also struggle with pessimism and anxiety tied to your beliefs in your ability to get things done.

As Saturn moves through each of the sun signs it brings a unique twist to these characteristics.

Capricorn Rising – Saturn in…

Aries: The rising Capricorn with Saturn in Aries appears to need no one but themselves and will often go to great lengths to avoid confrontations. Fear of failure tends to keep them from opening up to others and may even cause issues with jealousy of those who seem more confident and at ease. Even though these people are really very warm and caring, they struggle to show this and instead come off as cold and unfeeling.

Taurus: People with Taurus in their zodiac tend to struggle with change. Once they have set on a path it’s nearly impossible to convince them another way is better and that is absolutely true with Saturn is in Taurus for the ascendant Capricorn. These people fear losing their financial freedom and will work hard to make sure they’re as secure as possible. In their younger years they can struggle to connect with others, but as they age a wonderful sense of humor begins to shine through and they learn to communicate much more efficiently.

Gemini: Saturn in Gemini gives this rising Capricorn a perfectionism that can, at times, be a bit of a problem. These ascendant Gemini communicate best in writing rather than in speaking and can struggle to let things go before they are perfect. Once they do let something go they will take any criticisms to heart, though others may not notice because they hide it so well.

Cancer: A sense of duty to family and loved-ones drives the rising Capricorn with Saturn in Cancer this tends to make them cautious of letting new people in because they know they will go to great lengths to care for them. New relationships are something of a struggle as they hold others at arms length for a time and struggle to reveal their vulnerabilities.

Leo: Where in many other signs a planet in Leo would be a call for big expressions, with the ascendant Capricorn, Saturn in Leo is instead a sign of self-consciousness. These people feel as though everyone is always watching, as opposed to seeking out the spotlight. They are hard workers, but prefer to stay under the radar until their work is complete at which point they definitely approve of appreciation for all their hard work.

Virgo: Order, perfection, and a complete lack of chaos are what these rising Gemini seek. They struggle when things feel out of control. They are compulsively polite and may take issue with those that forget their manners, seeking to control the world outside their sphere of influence in order to reduce as much chaos as possible. Hard workers, these ascendant Gemini must resist the urge to get too focused on perfect or they’ll give up in despair.

Libra: The ascendant Gemini with Saturn in Libra will often find themselves in the position of a leader or role model for others. They are known for fairness and diplomacy, having an innate respect for order, authority and rules. They also struggle to create work-life balance and must teach themselves to take time to relax.

Scorpio: With all things quality over quantity is the name of the game for a rising Capricorn with Saturn in Scorpio. They will always choose the better relationship over a group of friends, the job that hits the most points in their own personal list of must-have’s, and they struggle to open up to others.

Sagittarius: Don’t be surprised if these rising Capricorn are constantly needing to take a break from others. These ascendant Capricorns often find themselves shouldering more than their fair share of responsibility and yet still struggle with fear of failure that causes them to need frequent breaks from the expectations of others so they can restart and reset.

Capricorn: A rising Capricorn with Saturn in Capricorn will inevitably struggle with jealousy and envy of others, in particular their wealth and status. They must resist this urge and understand that their own talents and worth cannot be weighed on the same scale as others. They are, in fact, loved and appreciated for the extreme levels of patience and fortitude they offer others so graciously and these are talents no money in the world can buy.

Aquarius: Those with their Saturn in Aquarius are the rising Capricorns known for a deep appreciation for tradition and ‘the way things should be’. They are highly responsible and will keep their ideas to themselves rather than rock the boat and upset the status quo.

Pisces: An ascendant Capricorn with Saturn in Pisces cannot and should not be rushed. They need to find their own style, their own goals, and their own passions. They often travel many roads and gather many different experiences before finally settling down with their goal.


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