The Meaning Of Minor Arcana Reversed: Wands


The wands reversed, when included in a tarot card reading, help to provide a deeper and fuller understanding of what the cards are trying to tell you. The Minor Arcana reversed wands are one of the greatest reasons that you should include reversed cards in your tarot readings!

The Meaning Of Minor Arcana Reversed: Wands

Minor Arcana Reversed Wands

Ace of Wands – This is a card focused on accomplishment and career, it is a warning to keep yourself focused so that you avoid becoming ineffective and find yourself in trouble.

Two of Wands – This card tells you that a pleasant surprise is on the way and that you should take a few moments to think a few positive thoughts, send positivity out into the universe and be thankful for all that life has given you!

Three of Wands – Another positive card, this one tells you that your chance for a vacation or much deserved rest is on its way. Things are looking up in your near future!

Four of Wands – The four of wands is another super positive card! It is a sign that a celebration or other joyful event is soon to be heading your way!

Five of Wands – This card is a sign that you are experiencing open conflict or competition at work and reassures you that you don’t have to deal with this problem on your own. Remember to trust and believe in yourself. Trust your instincts, but move cautiously and wisely.

Six of Wands – This card is a sign that something you’ve been working on or waiting for is finally going to be coming to fruition despite delays and setback! It’s a warning not to let fear hold you back from achieving your goals!

Seven of Wands – The seven of wands signals anxiety and tells you to uncover the cause of anxieties in your life. Guard against indecision and take action. Remember, sometimes if you wait to act you will never act at all.

Eight of Wands – The eight cannot be fooled. This card is calling you on that guilt you feel and is telling you that you need to let it go. You cannot change what you have done in the past, only how you behave in the future. Learn from your mistakes.

Nine of Wands – This is a card of gentleness towards yourself and towards other people. Remember that everyone gets tired, we can’t all be strong all the time. Be sure to extend grace and understanding to yourself and others until you can regain your strength.

Ten of Wands – The ten tells you that you are feeling tired and over-stretched. It is a warning to stop and take a break. Now is not the time to try and push through your feelings of exhaustion. Give yourself a chance to recover.

Page of Wands – This card may symbolize a person, but is also a card of confusion and indecision. It is a warning that you may be called upon to help someone make an important decision and indicates a need for focus.

Knight of Wands – This card may indicate a setback or delay but is still a positive card in a reading. It is simply a call to have patience. The end will come and will be good!

Queen of Wands – This card is a call to help others who are having problems. Provide support to those around you in whatever way you can!

King of Wands – This card signifies high energy, and a need to be lenient with others who might not be able to keep up with you. It’s a positive card giving you a pat on the back for your kindness and understanding!


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