Chakra Meditation


Chakra meditation is a type of meditation that is done to help bring balance and relaxation to the chakras. Our chakras are the energy vortexes or wheels in seven different sections of our body that help to guide and control the flow of energy through our different systems. Each of the chakras commands a different area of not just the physical body but the spiritual body and the psyche as well. When our chakras are balanced, neither blocked preventing energy from flowing easily nor over-active and forcing too much energy out too quickly, our body is in harmony with itself. If a chakra is out of balance we will fall ill, feel sluggish, and may have problems with our mental health such as anxiety and depression.

Different Types of Chakra Meditation

Each of the different chakras has colors, scents, essential oils, foods, sounds and even mantra’s that help to open and balance them. But there are some general steps in chakra meditation that you can take that will apply to all the chakras. First, you will want to get into a comfortable sitting position with your spine straight but not stiff. You want to be able to relax and channel that relaxation through your whole body. It’s best to start with your feet and work your way up to the crown of your head, waiting until each section of your body is fully relaxed before trying to move on to the next one. Once you are relaxed, focus your attention on your breath. You want to naturally move into a steady and deep breath, but don’t force yourself. Forcing yourself to achieve a ‘meditative’ breath will simply tense your body back up again. Your mind may wander. Do not judge the thoughts that come to you. Allow them to pass on and bring your mind back to focus on your breaths as you steadily breathe in and out.

Practicing Meditation

As you work on your breaths and become more focused you will want to start visualizing the oxygen as it comes into your lungs. Visual its journey as it passes into your bloodstream and nourishes your body. See it as it helps your body remove toxins and then visual exhaling those toxins as you breathe out. When you are ready, begin visualizing your heart as it beats, pulsing your life giving blood through your body in a perfect circuit. See the connection between your breaths and this critical part of your existence. When you are ready, begin to allow yourself to see the air you breathe as energy. Picture it as a light yellow color. Allow it to surround you and seep into your aura, as it does so visual your aura as it grows stronger and brighter. Control the infusion of this energy in your aura, let your aura’s strength grow slowly and steadily rather than in a big, unsustainable rush.

Chakra Energy

Once you have established this foundation for your body, begin visualizing the swirling centers of energy, your chakra’s. Begin with the root chakra in your lower back. As you breathe in, picture it’s clockwise flow of energy, feel the energy from the very earth rising up and infusing the chakra with a steady, grounding supply of energy. Allow this ground energy to move up, chakra by chakra, in a steady and connected stream of energy. Do not rush through them. Allow each chakra to fill up with energy before moving on to the next. Each of them should be able to energize the chakra above while maintaining their own energy and not being depleted by the exchange. When you are ready, open your eyes and continue to remain seated and relaxed. Pay attention to how energized you feel and thank your body for working with you.


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