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Having balanced chakras is important to our overall health. While many people don’t think at all about how these energy centers help to regulate our bodies, naturopathic and energy healers know that keeping our chakra’s from becoming exhausted, closed, or even too open can lead to a number of health conditions and symptoms.  Learn more about the seven chakras here:

The Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras in everyone’s body. The run up the center line of the body from the base of the spine, through the diaphragm to the solar plexus up the throat, between the eyes and up to the top of the head. It is always easiest to imagine them on a string that extends out the top of the head with each of the colored wheels dangling in a straight line. Each chakra has different sounds, colors, scents and even foods that can help calm, balance or energize them, but how do you know which chakra’s are out of balance? Doing a quick self-health chakra test is the best way to figure out which, if any, of your chakras may be out of balance. Knowing which ones are closed gives you the ability to work on healing and opening them again.

Self-Health Chakra Test

Begin your self-health chakra test by numbering the following areas of your body: feet and legs, waist and hips, waist, chest, neck and shoulders, face, head. Keep the numbers constant and then ask yourself the following questions: What areas of my body concern me the most? What areas of my body do I dislike? What areas of my body do I like and am proud of? What areas of my body are affected by major and minor health issues? If you find that certain numbers (and therefore areas of your body) are coming up more often, then these are chakra areas you will want to look more closely at. You can further narrow your focus by asking which of the following colors you like most or least: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, or violet. Each of the chakras closely identifies with a color and so color preference can indicate healthy or unhealthy chakras.

Identify Problem Areas

There are a number of other questions that you can ask to identify what problem areas or potential problem areas you may have with your chakras and your energy balance. Because each of the chakras is an important part of balancing your energy, they are involved in some way in every part of our being. When we listen to music or look at art, how we feel affects our energy and therefore our chakras and their balance. When we are with friends, or when we are arguing with our loved ones that, too, affects our energy and balance. Keeping our emotions in balance is an important part of energy and chakra care – what we fear, what we hope, what makes us upset or happy – all those things are critical parts of maintaining our energy and learning how to remain calm and even is critical to staying balanced.

One of the best ways to keep your chakras balanced as a whole, once you take a chakra test, is to regularly meditate and do yoga. These deep breathing and cleansing activities help to settle energy and allow your mind and body to reconnect in a way that is important to whole body health.


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