The Hanged Man


The Hanged Man shows a man hanging by his right ankle, upside town, from a bough of the World Tree. The roots of the tree reach into the underworld while it supports the heavens and between these two realms of the spirit hang this man who is believed to be suspended here willingly. On his face is a look of peace. His left foot is free and he willingly holds his hands behind his back. His pants are a red depicting the passion of the human spirit and body, his shirt a blue that represents calm. His intellect is represented by the yellow of his shoes, hair and halo. Upright he is defined as sacrifice, waiting, contemplation and perspective.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man tarot card meaning is one of understanding that sometimes sacrifice must be made for the greater good and to move forward. Whether this sacrifice is a form of repentance or just shedding ourselves of the past, this is a necessary step in order to move forward. He can also represent those that are highly spiritual and understand that sacrifice is necessary even when others disagree. This is a card of waiting – and a sign that you must pass through this period in order to achieve success or come upon the right opportunity for growth. Wait, says the Hanged Man, the right moment is coming.

If you are single then the Hanged Man tarot card meaning is a reminder that love cannot and should not be rushed. You cannot control how others feel and constantly throwing yourself into situations where you try to force romance will just leave you frustrated. Instead, you should spend this time working on yourself and trying to be the best partner you could possibly be. If you are in a relationship then you may need to sacrifice something you want in order to help your relationship move through a rocky patch and come out the other side stronger. Remember that the Hanged Man is a call to wait – hold off on big discussions or taking things to the next level for now. A better moment will come along.

You may feel uncertainty at work about how things are going or what you should be doing and the Hanged Man is telling you that since sometimes you must just wait for things to resolve that perhaps it would be a good time to step back, relax and refocus. Take a vacation and make sure you’re walking a path that brings you fulfillment and happiness.

The Hanged Man Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Hanged Man tarot card is very specifically referring to a period of time in which you feel as though you are giving much and getting nothing in return. Things seem to be at a complete standstill. While upright the Hanged Man is a call to wait, reversed he demands action. Your period of waiting is over and he, like you, is coming down from this place of contemplation and beginning to take action in his life. Avoid making unnecessary sacrifices when this card is played in reverse. They will do nothing to help you.


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