Chakra Energy – How to Keep It Energized


Chakra energy is used to energize the chakras. We can use energy from our thoughts, the sun, food, visualization, gems and minerals, color bathing, aromatherapy, music and dance, toning and sounds, solarized water, syntonics, art, even how we decorate our house and what clothing we wear to help build chakra energy and keep our bodies balanced. Keeping our chakra energy balanced is very important as unbalanced chakras can lead to physical symptoms of illness. Our chakras connect our spiritual and energy body to our physical body though the regulation of the flow of energy through our body. If our chakra energy is not balanced it is because a chakra is closed or blocked. Chakras can be closed or blocked by stresses such as emotional or physical stress. In addition to physical illness, you may also experience mental distress or anxiety when chakras are blocked.

Chakra Energy: The Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras in the body, the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar-plexus, the sacral or naval, and the root. Each of these chakras moderates a different type of energy and each of them is associated with colors, scents, and even foods that can affect it in a positive way. When chakra energy is blocked you use these things, as well as meditation and the other energy boosting options listed above, to help open the chakra and return to a healthy state.

The Energy Breakdown

The Base or Root chakra is red in color, found at the base of your spine and regulates grounding energies. When it is blocked you may become paranoid and fearful. The Sacral or Naval chakra is orange in color, located at the base of the spine and regulates sexual and emotional energy. When it is blocked you may suffer from emotional problems such as obsessiveness and guilt. The Solar Plexus chakra is colored yellow and located above the naval in the chest. It also regulates emotional energy and when it is out of balance you may feel anger, frustration and as though you lack direction. The Heart chakra is located within the heart and is colored green. Many feel that this is the chakra that energizes the soul. Blockages here can manifest as immune system problems, or lack of humanity. The Throat chakra is turquoise in color, located within the throat, and regulates the energy used to synthesis the physical with the spiritual. When it is blocked you may have trouble with creativity, honesty or general communication. The Third Eye chakra is indigo and located in the center of the forehead. It’s job is to regulate inner vision and our wisdom, including intuition. When it is blocked you can struggled to have any sort of flexibility and may suffer from depression. Lastly is the Crown chakra. It is either violet or white and located at the top or crown of the head. It is the central hub of our understanding and acceptance and when it is blocked we tend to suffer from psychological problems.

Keeping our chakra energy flowing regularly and evenly is important both to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


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