Magical Love Spells


Love spells are one of the most sought after magic spells that any spell caster may be asked to perform. The reasons for this are easy to understand, after all, don’t we all want love to be in part of our lives? It’s important, however, to realize that love spells are very powerful and if performed incorrectly or for the wrong reason, or even with the wrong intentions, they can be very dangerous as well. It’s far too easy to create a spell that seeks to take the free-will from another person and that takes a spell and twists it. Many spell casters believe in the rule of three, that any energy they send out into the world via a spell will return to them three times as strongly. This can mean that any negativity, such as wanting to take someone’s freewill away, will return and hit you three times harder! Spells should always be done with the desire to harm no one and rather than focusing on one person, should instead be intended to bring the love the universe intends for you to have into your life.

Types of Love Spells

There are a variety of love spells out there: marriage spells for a healthy marriage, spells to get over a lost love, potions to attract love into your life, rituals for learning how to love yourself, spells to help heal and rejuvenate a marriage, and sex and libido spells to help improve your life in those areas. The most popular spells, however, tend to be love spells for singles. These spells are the easiest to cast the wrong way, and yet also the easiest to cast the right way. As long as you don’t try to force one person into falling in love with you, then you’re good. Instead, focus all your energy on putting your desire for love to come into your life out into the universe and trust that the universe will respond to your request with the love that is right for you to have in your life.

Love Spell Supplies

When you are ready to cast a love spell you will want to gather some supplies such as candles, paper and a pen, and incense. While you can cast a spell during any time of day, love spells tend to be more potent at night. Take the time to ritually cleanse yourself. Take a hot bath, use oils and bath salts that refresh your body and cleanse your mind, spend your time relaxing to center and focus your mind. Once you’re through with your bath ritual, set up your candles with one in each of the four cardinal corners. Gather your energy around yourself, focus your attention on your intentions. Chant the intention over and over quietly, then make an offering with your incense and the candles. Send the spell out into the universe with all the focused energy you’ve built behind it. The more energy you put into the spell, the more effective it will be. Let the candles continue to burn down completely, then gather the remnants into a bag and bury them. Repeat this every couple of weeks for a month or two just to reinforce the energy behind it.


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